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Technical issues are bothering eBay sellers in U.K. and U.S.

Steve Burns Posted On - June 10, 2015

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Recently an eBay spokesman has revealed that some eBay sellers of UK as well as U.S. were facing a typical technical problem which did not allow them to create or modify new listings.

The spokesman further added that though the problem still remained undetected, they were trying to tackle the issue as fast as possible as it was badly affecting the consumers residing in different regions including the two countries, U.K. and U.S. He also mentioned about their sincere wish to provide regular updates on their systems board.

However the spokesman remained silent about any further information regarding this. But after this declaration, eBay U.K made an announcement about the same problem. On their site they have mentioned about this technical malfunctioning and apologized to their customers by saying that if they face a problem in the key area of their site and fail to complete their purchase, they need to try later at some time. It was also declared the retailer is trying to resolve the issue at their earliest.

No doubt this has affected many consumers and they have clearly expressed their frustrations in, a special blog designed and meant for eBay sellers of U.K. There are several complaints from readers who faced this problem and were unable to post new listings.

Although the blog said only a few people are experiencing this difficulty, not all but still the negative impact is not being less any way. People who are affected by this technical issue will naturally react quite seriously as it is creating lot of inconvenience for them.

Some comments on the blog saying, “Can’t list anything,” or expressing despair by writing “Great fun watching the busy uploading arrow spinning round for hours at a time lol,” are more than enough to make the retailer feel seriously annoyed.

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In-store shopping is being replaced by m-commerce in an amazing percentage!

Shrikar Khare Posted On - June 1, 2015

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Analysts anticipated the year 2014 to come to an end with special advantage for the retailers supported by mobile commerce websites and apps. It is already a fact that the current year was quite significant in terms of many mobile milestones. And it will lead to more advancement in this area in the coming year.

A study conducted by an application performance management firm, Dynatrace, formerly known as Compuware APM, has revealed that 37% of total U.S. consumers using smartphones and tablets, are already determined to shop heavily from their mobile devices instead of visiting the retail stores during this holiday season,

The research report further revealed that in this season, 42% of mobile users have made up their minds that they will opt more for mobile shopping than last year’s holiday season. In the month of October, Harris Poll conducted the survey on 1,353 U.S. consumers using smartphones or tablets or both the devices. Most interestingly, 25% of mobile users disclosed a strange fact they quite often they purchase various items using their mobile devices even if they are standing in front of the retail stores.

So it is well understood that the present condition is creating a great pressure on the retailers. Unless otherwise they prepare themselves for mobile shopping trends, it will become really tough for them to survive in this market situation as their rivals will beat them in competition by incorporating mobile friendly retailing systems. The director of omnichannel strategy at Dynatrace, Erwan Paccard, has highlighted the same fact.

If you look around you will also easily realize the continuously increasing importance of mobile, smartphones and tablets in retailing as more and more people prefer and depend on these devices for their shopping requirement than going to a physical store. Even standing close to a retail shop also is not attracting them to go and visit it once.

At this outset retailers should immediately upgrade their systems and imbibe the new mobile retailing culture which can only save them from being perished.

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Response to customers’ tweets rises up briskly among retailers

Shrikar Khare Posted On - May 26, 2015

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According to a popular e-retail journal index, E-retailers on Twitter these days are not wasting a minute’s time to respond to shoppers’ complaints at the social media platform. The index tracks the performance of the top 100 retailers in response to their respective customer-service related posts on Twitter.

The index found out that more than 60% of response to customers’ complaints tweets at Twitter occurred within an hour, from the top 50 e-retailers at the social media platform during the period extending December 4- December 11. This is quite a significant jump from the index for the month of November, when just 49% of merchants replied within an hour.

The average response time across the December index is reported to be 4 hours and 6 minutes, with Best Buy ranked No. 15 in the top 500-guide of the internet journal. Best Buy is one of the 23 merchants among the 50-most mentioned retailers known for their effective and dedicated customers’ services handle and had replied the tweets of shoppers’ within five minutes and 12 seconds on an average.

Three other top-100 retailers responded on an average in less than ten minutes. They are: HSN, ranked No. 26 with 8 minutes and 4 seconds; Nordstorm ranked No. 24 with 8 minutes and 22 seconds and the Urban Outfitters ranked No. 48 with 9 minutes and 31 seconds. The response by Nordstorm and Urban Outfitters are reported to be significantly more impressive, given the fact that retailers received around 31.1 to about 37.7 mentions in an hour, respectively. HSN had received around 8.6 mentions a hour.

Though, Mike Schnieder, director of growth for Conversocial, says that fast response times narrate only a part of the scenario. He remarked that actual resolution is the primary factor, pointing out the fact that a company can respond to a low-quality response quickly that does not necessarily satisfy the customer.

While at the other end of the scenario, as many as four retailers among 50-most mentioned that it took as long as a day to respond. OfficeMax, ranked No. 12, took an average of two days to reply, despite the fact that it had received an average of only 4.4 mentions per hour. Other retailers which took more than a day to reply were Oriental Trading, ranked No. 93 with 1 day and 8 hours, Ascena Retail Group ranked No. 86 with 1 day and 5 hours and Office Depot ranked No. 9 with 1 day and 5 hours.

The index also tends to examine the @mentions percentage that the Top 500 retailers respond to. Such as six merchants had replied to at least half of their mentions that are Nike, ranked No, 64 in the top-500 guide, replied to more than 70% of its 8.9 mentions every hour; Microsoft, ranked No. 92, replied to 55.7% of 5.1 mentions in an hour; Sears Holdings ranked No. 5, replied to around 55% to its 3.4 mentions every 60 minutes; Amazon, ranked No. 1, replied to around 55% of its 30.9 mentions an hour.

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How E Retailers Pushed Valentine’s Day Sale 2015

Shrikar Khare Posted On - May 22, 2015

Valentine Day Sale
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Irrespective of the impacts of evolution, the cozy custom of gifting on special occasions is sure to never get out of style, especially in the Day when the world is painted red and pink. 14th of February has taken over the globe by its charms and it is very unlikely that its impact will see a setback anytime soon. Top the love shades with gifts from the heart, and there you have a perfect Valentine’s Day that is sure to be memorable for years to come. Making the most of this opportunity are the E-retailers who see this day as one of the most potent occasions to push their sales.

With possibilities of getting millions of hits, e retailers ensure being the early birds as far as commencing uncompromised e-commerce marketing strategies and campaigning is concerned. This is also the time when the E Retailers are seen to introduce and implement the best of strategies in order to beat and rise over competitors. And yes, attractive rebates did form a part of the deal. A chunk of the hullabaloo was seen happening with the top online flowers and gifts shops that came up with their creative best to make the best of the 2015 Valentine’s Day spirit.

For example, Inc. which is one the leaders in online flower and gift delivery, had been seen to offer a whopping 25% off on the total bill amount, if they shopped on certain chosen dates. And yes… they ensured that their campaign was amply visible. Amazon too did not stay far behind. By introducing schemes like announcing about 90$ off on its most prized product, Kindle, it attracted a herculean traffic. While Amazon was too busy to comment on their star strategies at that very moment, its master strokes were vastly obvious at the end of the shopping surge.

Considering the fact that everyone wants to save cash, this offer motivated a chunk of enthusiastic buyers to go straight ahead and grab the deal. Busy as things got for these proactive leaders, at the end of the day they made sure that their business was on an irreversible growth track.

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Know the eCommerce tips to boost your online holiday sales!

Stephen Posted On - May 22, 2015

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Holiday season is a time when all retailers look forward to earn a fortune. No doubt this is the most favorable time to fill the gap you have in your commercial record because it is assumed that online sale only in U.S. will reach $72.4 billion.

To best utilize this situation, reports confirm that retailers have taken help of the following guidelines in the past season and will continue to do so going forward:

While making plan for the holiday season marketing campaign keep it in mind that 47% of the total shoppers in U.S., prefers online retailing. And 44% of regular shoppers will opt for buying gifts only online. For these consumers free shipping facility matters a lot. So always highlight your free shipping offer while you campaign for the Christmas time.

Also keep in mind that 74% of the shoppers will search online to make wish lists and two out of five consumers will look for best deals on the net. Not only that another44% will choose the items online and will wish to collect it from the retail store. All these factors should influence your campaigning style.

It is also very important to note that in last 12 months 30% consumers have made purchases based on their social network feeds. This holiday season it is found from the popular social networking sites that 59% will go for a purchasing decision if there is a discount offer. On the other hand 58% said rewards and loyalty points will definitely influence their respective purchasing plans.

Interestingly 56% consumers have admitted in Facebook and Twitter that their buying decision will be regulated by daily deals offered by various retailers. But incase of exclusive products 52% said they are interested to buy such specialty items on social networking sites. So don’t forget these vital factors while you are creating a campaign on the social networking sites you are aiming to.

Mobile devices are playing an extremely important role in shopping these days. This holiday season also will at least 84% shoppers are expected to use their handsets before they are shopping or during their shopping. A study already reveals 69% will use their smartphones for this year’s holiday shopping.

It also disclosed that one third consumers are comfortable in getting information about various deals through their mobile devices. And one out of three shoppers prefers to get the necessary information via their mobile devices in stead of getting it from a sales person in the store.

As a result analysts are coming to a conclusion that in this holiday season it is likely that 33% of total sales will come from mobile sales. Take this information into your account during making your sales strategy and also keep alert that 25% consumers said easy-to-use mobile websites will be one of their most important criterion while choosing a particular retailer.

There are some other factors too. You need to be well aware about the consumers’ shopping behaviors. It is found that 50% shoppers keep a close track about different retailers’ varieties of deals and discount offers. And 28% of shoppers usually have the trend of spending 50% of their total shopping budget at the Black Friday weekend.

Furthermore, 80% of online shoppers and 71% offline shoppers declared they obviously get influenced by marketing e-mails carrying various offers and deals.

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Rating: 0 (from 0 votes) Raises $140 Million In New Funding – Here Is How It Will Impact The Venture

Daniel Posted On - May 1, 2015
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If you really come to think of it, there are very few e-commerce marketplaces that can compete with Amazon as far as offering an unending array of products in attractively low prices is concerned. Taking a closer look, Amazon does not also have too many competitors who can challenge its’ top position in the world of eCommerce.

However, has managed to brain its way through the standards set by this leading e-commerce marketplace and has come out with a strategy that can overtake Amazon by the following few seasons. Spearheaded by Mark Lore, the founder of and, one can only expect the stratagem to cause revolutionary changes in the present success ladder.

The aim of is to offer products at far lower prices than Amazon and their approach to achieve this goal is to lower the membership fees of the seller to 50$ per year putting it in sharp contrast with merchants selling on Amazon paying 99$. This in the long run may inspire further rebates in the part of the seller to the end customer, which is expected to be anywhere from 10% to 15% lesser than the costs offered in Amazon.

Revolutionary as this may sound, requires funding to achieve this herculean goal. The current raising $140 million in fresh investments is aimed in this very direction. From uncompromised marketing to supporting and expanding operations, CEO Mark Lore has also envisioned constructing a never-before trading system for consumer products. In addition with the $90 million which it had previously gathered from investors like Google Ventures, Goldman Sachs & Co. and Norwest Venture Partners, is presently the most valued e-commerce startups of this century.

However, what matters more is ‘staying’ the most valued e-commerce venture. Competing with Amazon will not be easy and the membership structure does not look all too supportive of the end expected result at this very moment. Nevertheless, the whopping half billion dollar budget for implementing marketing and associated plans, may just end up surprising those who have presently seem settled with the status quo.

ChannelSale now integrates with marketplace. Merchants with pre-approved accounts with this marketplace can sign-up to the marketplace plan and have their product listings automated and their inventory synchronized on Feel free to email or contact us on +1 866 709 9495

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Which To Choose While Selling On Amazon – Sponsored Products Or Product Ads

Daniel Posted On - April 13, 2015

selling on Amazon
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Amazon is undeniably the largest and the most accommodating e-commerce marketplaces of the present times. This is one of those very few platforms that offer unparalleled benefits to sellers in infinite different ways each of which are aimed at improving the performance of the latter by leaps. In this respect, Amazon product ads and Amazon sponsored products can be mentioned as two extremely potent options when it comes to boosting visibility before target audience / customers and thereby increasing the possibility of conversions. While both of these Amazon solutions have proven ample usefulness, choosing the right option may further the efforts of the sellers.

Basically, Amazon Product Ads is a solution where the sellers can display their products in Amazon without having to sell in it. This has multiple benefits starting with the fact that Amazon is one of the most visited e commerce marketplaces and it is just about assured that the concerned seller would be exposed to millions of target audience per day. So, while the Amazon product ads show on the search pages, when the buyers click on the ads they will actually be diverted to the website of the concerned sellers than make the purchase from Amazon itself.

On the other hand, the updated Amazon sponsored products program is more refined in its approach in helping sellers gain visibility. This program includes features like automatic targeting, simpler seller usability and greater visibility. However, what may be considered a drawback is this program is the necessity for the sellers to be ‘sponsored products eligible’ and the chosen products must be buy box eligible. At present, there are only 6 countries where sponsored products are available and the advantage is spread only to 30 product categories.

Keeping the fact in mid that each of these programs work wonderfully in favor of the e-commerce marketing endeavors of sellers, the list of features in itself makes it amply clear about which to choose and which not to. Basically, there could be nothing better than selling on Amazon. If however, sellers cannot make a direct approach, eligibility for either of the two programs can be of massive help.

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How e-retailers negotiate with customers

Shrikar Khare Posted On - March 19, 2015

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Of late, online shopping has become has become more or less like the to-and-fro negotiation process that does its rounds in the Turkish Bazaars, where consumers have the liberties to negotiate at a few particular sites.

Amazon’s Make-an-Offer

For example, top U.S. marketplace- Amazon, launched the ‘Make-an-Offer’ button which allows customers to negotiate the prices  for uncommon merchandises, such as sports souvenirs, rare coins and fine art materials.

The e-negotiation process

For instance, when a shopper wants to buy an Edmonton Oilers Jersey autographed by Wayne Gretzky, he has two options-either add to his cart instantly at the seller’s stated price of $99,000 or ask for a lower price. The consumer can also utilize the option to negotiate by suggesting a price which he can do by clicking upon  the Make-an-Offer button, located at the right hand side of the product page. Hence after, the seller either accepts or rejects the customer’s offer or may be even come up with a counteroffer. The process continues till both the buyer and the seller reach a concurrent point of price for the product.

Smaller hands in the line

Even better fact in the scenario is that smaller retailers are too, joining the band wagon. With the aide of technology vendors of the likes of  PriceWaiter and FreshPlum, they are getting into this negotiation game too, gradually.

The Beyond Stores started using the PriceWaiter’s technology way back in 2013, in order to negotiate with consumers. Mark Ginsberg, the managing director at the retailer said that allowing buyers to negotiate prices for the products they buy, attracts more and more consumers and makes them indulge in a research process for the purchase. Ginsberg further added that the nicest thing regarding PriceWaiter is this technology allows retailers to create an impactful in-store contact with shoppers and aide them negotiate with buyers in any normal bricks-and-mortar retailer way.

How consumers negotiate

The consumer has the provision to click the Make an Offer button to offer a different price than the advertised price. This button is located just beneath the advertised price on the product page. Hence after an e-mail is sent to those five employees of Beyond Stores who manage the PriceWaiter platform part-time.  The employees at Beyond Stores might accept the price or may even suggest a counteroffer. The average time taken from the submission of consumer’s price to the sale is at least five hours.

PriceWaiter is featured on most products of Beyond Stores. The exceptions arise only in when the retail store offers the cheapest prices possible on certain items, as per the monitoring of prices that Beyond Stores does internally. Certain brands, too, are not included owing to contractual reasons.

E-negotiation boosting revenue generation of retailers

This strategy has been noted to be working effectively. Around 44% of the accepted prices offered convert into sales, and also as much as 26% of the counteroffers generate into sales. While shoppers are said to be requesting an average discount of around 16%, Beyond Stores provides an average of 12% discount. During the initial three-months of using the PriceWaiter technology, Beyond Stores had an upsurge in sales by as much as 25.4% and a conversion increase by 22.8%.

Beyond Stores is reported to have sold a whopping $7.6 million online in the fiscal year of 2013, which is a remarkable 375% increase- from a mere record of $1.6 million in the year 2012.

The freemium model- Most used e-negotiation platform

PriceWaiter works on the model called ‘freemium’. A few merchants, including Beyond Stores have been using the basic version of the technology that comes around with no costs. Customers have the provisions for adding up features at a certain cost, ranging 1.4%-2.9% of the value on transaction basing on the volume of the retailer. The highest-volume customers need to pay a lower percentage whereas the lower-volume customers are required to pay a higher percentage.

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Best Buy is experiencing a continuous growth on web sales.

Daniel Posted On - February 23, 2015

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Recently Best Buy Inc. has declared their online sales have increased by 20% in the third quarter of the current fiscal year. The total revenue from this web sales amounted to be $601 million altogether. They further claimed that out of an aggregated $7.99 billion of domestic sales, 7.5% sales were completed through the web. When this figure is compared with the last year’s record it shows a definite 6.4% increase.

For the overall growth in web sales, the executives are broadly pointing towards two main reasons respectively: generalized improvements of websites as well as digital marketing and rolling out of ship from store capabilities. In fact, Hubert Joly, CEO of Best Buy has specially stressed on this ship-from-store factor which he thinks is primarily responsible for the growth in web sales.

Joly has also added that the retailer’s average value of online order increased year over year which helped them to get more traffic directed towards their site. But for this, he has credited the retailer’s contribution by making greater investments in the field of online marketing.

As a result Best Buy is focusing a lot in online advertising. AdGooroo, a search marketing firm also released a data which indicated this retailer is on top list in terms of investing on paid search during the first three weeks of the month of November.

Further he said that there is an increase in click-through rates e-mail messages to on Best Buy’s consumers. This is being backed by retailer’s endeavor to improve its personalized capabilities.

Best Buy, the 15th rank holder in Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide, is also initiating other improvements on its website. Best buy outlet section is one of them. The company has said it will bring greater convenience for the online consumers. Now they will be able to check more number of open box inventories, available for sale.  Not only that, they also included that, the consumers will have a greater shopping experience as they will enjoy a faster check out process including wider capabilities of its other features like wish list etc.

is the ideal platform that can help you manage your products, inventory & orders centrally through their web-based user intuitive platform. 

Built by experts who have studied and emulated the best practices of online selling business, ChannelSale is an answer to the seller’s quest for the right online multi-channel e-commerce platform. Some of the services offered by ChannelSale are product feed optimizations, product listings on the marketplaces/ shopping sites, order fulfillment, real time inventory management and detailed performance reporting. ChannelSale enables direct users, re-sellers and agencies to handle multiple channels with a single software interface. It eliminates repetitive and unproductive work, so sellers can focus on driving more business. ChannelSale offers convenience and it is a far more economical way to manage any retail business across different e-commerce websites.

Contact us on or reach out on our direct number +1 866-709-9495. We’re available 24/7.

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Know the data quality tips to be successful on Google Shopping.

Daniel Posted On - February 21, 2015

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E-commerce market is expanding in a rapid growth rate. Automatically competition is also increasing in a equally high ratio. All the e-retailers are feeling that pressure and trying to sustain in this market by putting their best efforts in many ways.

To be successful in selling products online you must have well defined product data.  If you are planning to sell something on Google or simply want to sell an item on Amazon or want to highlight your products through any channel online, an all inclusive, well planned inventory data with detail descriptions will come to your help.

For this, you need to fulfill round up information about your product. If there is gap in providing information regarding the products and the items you are selling online, it will seriously hamper the conversion rate. So be sure you are furnishing every required detail.

To check, whether you are missing out any data, you can always depend on automated software or a data feed manager. But there are still many attributes which is not possible to be optimized this way. But hey may have a strong effect on your online transaction as well as on search impressions.

Here are those important factors:

Incomplete data create a huge problem. If there is an empty data column it may negatively affect your conversion. Automated software can not correct it. So put special attention on this. First check if all the information is available. First be focused on the required column then be specific on prioritizing other related information.

Next, you will have to pay attention about the factor related to a broken link. Incase you have some links in your data file that do not work it will create a serious problem for you. Google will not accept items with such feed that do not function. And if there is a considerable number of these broken links then Google will exclude all your products from search.

Product images of the items displayed on site play an extremely important role. Your inventory file should carry the right sized images whenever you are sending the files to Google. The main reason for this is, Google is extremely particular about its recommended size. It is also to be kept in mind that Google does not allow any water mark or promotional texts on the product images. So it should be free from this. Apart from this, you must pay special attention towards your product Ids so that you do not face any problem regarding this in terms of duplication or any other factor.

About ChannelSale

ChannelSale enables online merchants to reach more customers across 200+ online marketplaces, comparison shopping engines and affiliate networks to help build their following, generate loyalty and increase revenues.

Built by experts who have studied and emulated the best practices of online selling business, ChannelSale is an answer to the seller’s quest for the right online multi-channel e-commerce platform. Some of the services offered by ChannelSale are product feed optimizations, product listings on the marketplaces/ shopping sites, order fulfillment, real time inventory management and detailed performance reporting. ChannelSale enables direct users, re-sellers and agencies to handle multiple channels with a single software interface. It eliminates repetitive and unproductive work, so sellers can focus on driving more business. ChannelSale offers convenience and it is a far more economical way to manage any retail business across different e-commerce websites.

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Majority of top 1000 e-retailers offer free shipping during holiday season.

Daniel Posted On - February 20, 2015

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When it comes to free shipping, an observation says, 64% of the renowned 1000 North American e-retailers were offering this facility on their homepages during the Thanksgiving Weekend. It has also been recorded that there is a slight increase by 3%, in this trend when compared to the last year. But most of the retailers offered this benefit to their customers who purchased within a range of $9.99 to $3,000.

In general, various types of retailers unanimously highlighted the free shipping services irrespective of their sizes. A study revealed 33 out of first 50 retailers and 28 among the last 50 stressed on this. It was further studied that 276 e-retailers were ready to provide free shipping service for every purchase without any fixed price slab. But most of the marketer dealing with well known brands had different criteria. Such as, determined it to $9.99, went for $15 and declared the same amount to be $19.

On the other hand, the companies that announced a higher rate were, and who decided to fix the minimum purchasing value to be $3,000, $1,999 and $1,500 respectively.

Within the top 25 names seven companies had a requirement of minimum order threshold which started from $35 at, and ended to $99 at Similarly, when evaluated from the bottom of the list, it was found that may be minimum threshold in this level is fewer but it contains a larger dollar value. Here, the lowest and the highest markings were declared as $60 at and $1,999 at

Most interestingly the 377 e-retailers in a list of Top 1000 had varied parameters for minimum orders which allowed their customers to enjoy free shipping. If

189 retailers fixed it to be $70 or less, the remaining 188 declared it as $74.95 or more. Similarly, some 55 companies may have decided it to be in the range of $20 and $40, while 114 wanted it to be between $42 and $50. These facts automatically revealed that there were huge differences among the amounts declared as thresholds for free shipping services.

However, 26 companies, out of the top 1000 ones also declared a free-shipping cutoff date, so that the consumers can avail it in time. These dates ranged from 8th day of November at and to 16th day of January, 2015, at This apart, few exceptions were also there like, who fixed their cutoff date for free-shipping as 19th December and ensured delivery by Christmas Eve.

Many e-retailers also offered free returns shipping to every consumer whoever returned one package. Among the top 50 companies, six followed this strategy. And towards the bottom 50, 12 accepted this rule.

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ASOS shows a positive growth record in fiscal 2014

Daniel Posted On - January 15, 2015

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Recently ASOS Plc, the renowned apparel retailer of U.K., as well as the 22nd position holder according to the Internet Retailer 2014 Europe 500, faced a challenging situation due to many reasons, though it had a good sales record in 2014.

Nick Robertson, the CEO of the company said, the factors played a prime role behind this were, a significant investment in the company’s warehousing, expanding business in China, the venture of strengthening the pound and top the fire at the Barnsley warehouse in the middle of the year. All these together negatively influenced the sales that resulted into decrease in the profit by 14%.

Robertson also mentioned that though they experienced a tough situation, the company always has a really strong customer engagement. Not only that, it also has a highest ever record in average order frequency, including conversion and average size of the basket. He also declared that the management is quite excited about their 8.8 million active customers, which indicates a notable increase by 25% when compared to last year’s facts and figures.

In the 2014 fiscal year, the company has a positive record in terms of E-Commerce sales as a whole, including U.K. online sales, international sales, average order and value added tax.

In the same year, the company also has a record of investing 15.1 million pounds in the field of technology. It initiated launching of Android and iOS mobile commerce apps in Australian and U.S. versions.

Furthermore, ASOS is now targeting to add localized apps in various other countries within a near future. The names surfacing on top happens to be France, Germany, Italy and Spain including Russia.

Not only that, in fiscal 2014 only, it has incorporated new checkout and order processing functions. This covers the continued process of re-plat forming the web sites, by which the company will be able to share the content and the product category pages across the globe. ASOS highlighted result of it which will obviously include a wider range of languages along with the devices too, with an expected greater response at international level. And most interestingly, within next two years company is also planning invest another 75 million pounds for further technological advancements and up-gradations.

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The man behind Google’s same-day delivery joined hands with Uber

Daniel Posted On - January 14, 2015

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Most interestingly Tom Fallows, the man behind the same day delivery service of Google Inc, has recently joined Uber. As we all know Uber is a well known organization that offers various types of cabs and vehicles including town cars and ride shares online.

Although the management of Uber did not say anything about Fallow’s joining it has been noted that after Fallow’s joining, they have taken a calculative move by entering e-commerce landscape. Now they have started offering a specific service for their customers.  It will make all the Uber users enjoy the benefit of ordering grocery items exceeding 100 items at a time via mobile apps.

Once the order is made the groceries are delivered to their mentioned destinies by an Uber driver. No doubt this is an innovative idea that has drawn attention of Inc. the giant retailer, including the postal service of the country and Google, the organization where Fallows worked earlier.

According to Fallow’s LinkedIn profile, in 2010 he joined Google in the capacity of product manager. He took the initiative of creating Google Trusted Stores. This was an extremely effective and popular system that provided important information to the consumers.

Through this system consumers could easily track the process which is followed by Google while rating different sites in different areas including details about returns and shipping times. It also declared rebates if the customer service could not fulfill the desired standard.

Not only that, Google Shopping Express was also introduced which is presently identified as Google Express, the same-day delivery service.  In March 2013, this service was first introduced by Google in the San Francisco Bay area and now it has become expanded to other cities like Chicago, Boston and Washington, D.C.

However, Fallows recalled how much he enjoyed working with team Google while helping them to form Google Express. He said initially it was a creative concept only which took the shape of a national level service with thousands of paying members and a huge number of merchant partners. Google also provided a statement where their former employee has wished them to see their prosperity reaching new heights.

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Retailers have become fast in tackling customer issues on Twitter

Daniel Posted On - January 12, 2015

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As Twitter has become one of the most popular social networks across the world, it is also playing a significant role in connection to retail sector.

As a result, quite often consumers take the advantage of twitting to express their experience about retailing including publishing complaints about various situations.  Most of the times, a large number of retailers treat these complaints on an urgent basis and respond at their earliest.

Internet Retailer has used their exclusive Conversational Index to track the rate of responses received in time and found 49% responses among the 50 e-retailers who came in the list of most mentioned names, occurred within a time period of just one hour after the customers twitted about their dissatisfaction. This figure is recorded during a fixed time span November 12 to November 17 of this year.

This exclusive Conversational index played a significant role in making a correct analysis about how the 100 renowned Retailers mentioned in the Top 500 Guide 2014 are reacting on customers complaints.

The study revealed that about 70% e-retailers coming within ‘the most mentioned’ category responded within two hours. Contradictory to this, in the month of June 2013, a similar study revealed that only 26% e-retailers responded that speedily while they tackled consumers issues.

Conversocial’s director of growth, Mike Schneider, has observed that all the response time has become really very fast. And all the e-retailers have become prompt in answering their customer’s questions and come up with quick solutions to every problem, as this has become the trend these days.

From this analysis it is also screened that there are few retailers who are not dealing with the complaints as quickly as others. These laziest retailers among the same list of 50 most-mentioned names are Gilt Groupe Inc. and Office Depot Inc., respectively. The first one holding 59th position usually takes 28 hours to reply, and the latter the 9th position holder takes 25 hours, on an average to reply.

Apart from this, there are three more e-retailers within this ‘most-mentioned’ list who strategically never answer back to such tweets. These retailers are L Brands Inc., Ralph Lauren and Media and Coach Inc respectively.

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Amazon is no more offering the cheapest price always!

Daniel Posted On - January 10, 2015

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It has been studied and analyzed by various price-monitoring services that Amazon no longer happens to be offering the lowest price these days. The primary factors that influence this trend actually lie in the root cause of implementing scientific evaluation of market analysis.

The top ranking retailer according to Internet Retailer Top 500, still considers price as one of the main consideration but at the same time they also want to take the advantage of more strategic dealing by which they can timely undercut the rivals or can win sales by selling their brand image, or on the basis of availability of stock and other additional facilities like free shipping etc.

However, this strategic change of Amazon’s pricing policy has influenced other retailers to a remarkable extent. In the current holiday season, it has been noticed that, many major Retailers are trying to match the Inc.’s prices. On the other hand there are various other web-only-retailers who are fighting to capture market in different ways instead of trying to compete on pricing offered by Amazon or other top class retailers. .

Recently, Ugam Solutions, a well known online price-monitoring service conducted a study on reputed as well as popular North American retailers and found in 2013, in terms of offering lowest price quotes, Amazon won on 37 out of 50 items. But this year the same figure has changed to be 23. But it is not indicating any set-back. It offers the best selection of various most-wanted products in various types and categories.

Although Amazon does not offer cheapest prices always they always get a longstanding belief of customers across the world that they have the best deals. Apart from this, this giant retailer is exceptionally competent in assessing market apart from mechanically analyzing data. Quite often, apart from pricing, consumers look for other criteria. In this regard, they highly rate and prefer Amazon for their efficiency at every level including timely delivery etc.

It is also assessed that Amazon is not competing that aggressively on price platform for some other reasons also. In certain product categories it has entered into the agreements with luxury brands, that it will go for restricting price competition regarding their products in order to encourage them sell on their website.

At this outset when there is so much discussion about it, Amazon did not make any comment about it. But L2’s McLean perhaps rightly assessed the situation by saying that whatever may be circumstances, Amazon still remains to be the biggest competitor on price, with an unbeatable lowest price online record on 95% of various cosmetics products sold through their website.

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