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4 Factors That Add Quality To Organized Order Management

Stephen Posted On - December 1, 2016

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Many ecommerce newbies are still unaware about the factors that make up the super structure of management of orders irrespective of where the orders may be generating from. Whether in marketplaces, comparison shopping sites or affiliate networks, understanding the entirety and aspects that add quality to this critical operational process helps sellers gain an inevitable edge in competition while winning return buyers over and over again.

Basically, there are 4 major factors that complete and add quality to organized order management

It starts with receiving orders and notifying the buyers about the same

While it is true that the process begins with buyers placing orders, and this is the first step that kick starts the requirement for managing orders in the first place, notifying the buyers about reception of orders keeps the latter in tune with the movements happening in the part of the sellers. This directly contributes directly towards enhancing trustworthiness of the latter.

Order handling and its speed

Order handling basically refers to picking, packing, labeling and readying the product for shipping. While it is imperative that the quality of the process remains impeccable, it is also necessary to maintain speed in the same. Top performing marketplaces usually specify order handling and shipping period to not exceed more than 48 hours at the most. Respecting the matter of speed adds quality to the process which further contributes to winning trust of buyers.

Shipping and in time delivery

Shipping and delivery through reliable means forms a critical part of order management per se. However, when quality has to be catered to, sellers need to ensure shipping their products earlier and ensure that product reaches in good condition before the specified date. By ensuring quicker shipping and delivery, sellers are very likely to gain higher ratings and reviews which can further their endeavors in the respective marketplaces.

Managing returns and refunds if required

Returns and refunds forms a very important part of the super structure of order control and needs to be approached faultlessly and quickly so as to enhance purchase experience. Integration with marketplace APIs like Walmart API, API etc can help in the purpose.

There are certain order fulfillment solutions that are designed to automate the process of returns and refunds leaving very little in the part of sellers to take care of. For those who are using solutions that don’t cater towards this end, it is best to use software solutions, tools or plug ins for the same.

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5 Things To remember When You Become Walmart Marketplace Seller

Stephen Posted On - December 1, 2016

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He who maintains best selling approach in, is he who has the last laugh. This is perhaps the easiest way to sum up the questions queued up enthusiasts before they make their debut in this marketplace of opportunities. More often than not, sellers that are way too thrilled about the benevolence of in their favor tend to forget or deliberately ignore the flip side of the deal.

As has been expressed by those who have had firsthand experience in this matter, it is more important to ask how to manage selling in this platform than how to become a Walmart marketplace retailer. This is mainly because the process of becoming a seller in Walmart is far easier than managing presence in this marketplace profitably. Following is a very list of critical essentials that have been summed for immediate seller advantage…

You have to put Walmart first

This applies to multichannel sellers to the last word especially those who have presence in Amazon as well. Walmart prefers that all sellers performing within the platform would consider Walmart with primary interest which should reflect in their listing, pricing patterns and associated matters.

You have to establish faultless order management

Just like Amazon and eBay, also displays a no nonsense approach to order control in this platform. Quality of order handling and completion determines the quality of buyer experience to a great extent and no top marketplace would want to leave it to chance. usually checks approach of sellers towards order control before giving them a go-ahead in the marketplace.

Maintain good approach to generating positive reviews and ratings

You have to bring in good reviews and ratings and your efforts to generate the same has to commence from the first day on. Walmart bases its seller ranking on the direct experience of buyers which means that a considerable lot of seller success depends upon good reviews and ratings.

Optimization is imperative

Competition may be running at a lower scale in, but this does not mean that optimization of feed is not essential. It will be a matter of months before the number of third party sellers in this platform rises to thousands and sellers with poor or no optimization will get pushed to the background.

Be a traffic attractor

Last but not the least, sellers who have gained entry to need to be major traffic attractors. This is perhaps the reason why this marketplace prefers Brand owners and category leaders than startup small scale retailers.

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