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Amazon comes up with a Pinterest-Inspired Feature called Collections

Steve Burns Posted On - August 21, 2013

Amazon planning to sell Fine Arts Online
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With the growing rage of the social media site, Pinterest and the visual impact it is making, the big shots in the retail industry is trying to incorporate that social commerce essence in their mode of operation. Inc. has come up with a Pinterest-like feature called Collections. This new feature facilitates the process of pampering the e-shoppers to catalogue products that other consumers can check out and even use their spending power to buy, so much like the pinning process in Pinterest.

Online Marketplace

How this New Feature can help?

A consumer or an interested buyer can access ‘Collections’ by glancing at his account, which is located in the upper right hand corner of Then he just needs to go to “Your Collections.” Once he clicks, he can scan through the consumer’s collections and keep a vigilant eye on shoppers’ collections as well. “Collections” the new feature mirrors the look and feel of the Pinterest, the social network.

The New Feature for the e-Buyers

The interested e-shoppers who have the inclination to buy more and more can add products to their collections. All they need to do is click the “Add to Collection” button on product pages. Amazon has spelt out that all the product pages do not have this button without specifying on the numbers. However, the consumers have the option to drag a collect button to their desired product page so that they can successfully add a product to their well-sketched collections.

The Thematic Feel

The buyers who have a fetish to shop their choicest products can organize their collections in tune with the various themes like “My Style,” “Want List” and “Possibilities”. The consumers have the scope to have a category of their choice, which they can add. The management of their “Collections” can de deftly done by the consumers who can edit and remove items. The Amazon account page makes the organization and management of the collections, an easy process.

Making the e-Shopping Process Smoother

Once a potential buyer clicks on product images in ‘Collection,’ it sends consumers to Amazon product pages and then he can dive into shopping via clicks! It is the level of engagement on the part of the consumer which has made Amazon Collections to be the latest buzzword. Amazon Collections has received positive reviews from the aces in the e-commerce field.  It is a masterstroke on the part of Amazon to add this social feature which is just like the eye-grabbing topping over its commendable product database.

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Pinterest is Bringing Back Some of its Features in Design Update

Steve Burns Posted On - July 22, 2013

Pinterest is Bringing Back Some of its Features in its Design Update
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With the social media fever rising high like never before and people becoming Facebook-maniac and busy tweeting, the relevantly new kid on the block, Pinterest should not be given a miss. The visually appealing digital board is the favored cupcake of the business owners, who are actively becoming the pinners. Like the prevailing game of the rule, when you scale the popularity chart, you tend to offer more. So Pinterest in order to let its momentum going went for a redesigning, where it changed some of its existing features. The revamping of the site did not go well with its loyalists and after a major backlash; it is restoring some of its features in the recent update.

PInterest made known the Visual Power of Social Media

Like in the search results page, it is the video links which the users tend to click because of the interesting appeal of the videos and it proves the success of this combined visual and aural medium. With Google’s algorithm updates, the webmasters are resorting to incorporating quality content as it is the need of the hour where words should bleed, hooking the attention of the target audience in a niche. It is Pinterest, which made the business owners to realize the impact of the visual medium. Pinterest, which is synonymous with the pinning of high-resolution images that catch your fancy, it is the medium the e-sellers choose to showcase their wide variety of products and the buyers step in to lock in their memories the products of their choice.

The Features being restored in the Site’s Design

Pinterest did not only make the tongues wagging with its potential and eye-grabbing look, it made the big shot Ebay to have a Pinterest-inspired design. When Pinterest went for a redesign in March, its loyalists became a disgruntled lot. The old features like “via” links and @-mention functionality is back to satisfy its users. Since it is the combined effect of social media which is making the users to be soaked in the urge to share and engage themselves socially, Pinterest is walking that extra mile to add some of the familiar features that are big hits with its rival social networking channels. For instance, predictive search and Facebook-style notification scroll in the upper right hand side of the site is going to be added in Pinterest to offer an enhanced experience to the users.

How do you Get it?

The pinners who want to abide by the present trend to “pin it” will have to face nothing disappointing, in terms of the pleasant user experience. The “get it now” button at the top of their feed will easily make the pinners to opt for the newly designed mode. The e-sellers should find out the best ways of engagement in Pinterest so that they are able to exploit this resourceful social media platform and develop their business. The latest Pinterest design and the decision of putting back the old features show that how eager it is to offer that ‘extra’ to the pinners and hold on to them.

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Pinterest Enabling Consumers Discover Walmart Products Faster

Steve Burns Posted On - July 4, 2013

Why the E-Sellers are pinning their Hopes on Pinterest
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The social media landscape is constantly on a changing mode and it is the rolling out the product pins by Pinterest, which is making the e-shoppers go crazy. The online shoppers who pin in the network can make the pre-purchasing spree more endearing. Via the pinning act, where the shoppers can get the products and information about the prices, online buying becomes a much easier process. With the growing demand of the visual medium that is Pinterest, where users have the right to make the specifically themed boards more stunning, the pins are like the organizational tools.

The Excitement of Discovery Shopping

The realm of online shopping is getting noisy and busier with the showrooming trend, with the rolling out of the price data tools by the retailers, the concept of crowdsourcing in terms of the delivery of the products – things have been going like a storm. Now this feature of product pins that Pinterest has come up with brings to the forefront, the concept of discovery shopping.

It is an established fact that the highest concern of the e-commerce merchants began with the search queries that the online buyers would use when they are in the hunt for the plethora of products. In the face of fierce competition, even the top guns in the retail domain want to make the stream of customers flocking to their website, wider. Now it is also the exhibition of the power of the crowd of the web, who are helping shoppers to find the products of their choice. Walmart seems to have started benefitting a lot and it is Robert Yau, the director of product management of Walmart’s e-commerce technology and research arm, who has come up with some delightful inputs. It is the opinion of the customers like how Pinterest helped them to find their choicest products that are offered by Walmart at the best prices.

Walmart’s New Website Design for Tapping Social Media Potential

With the indomitable growth of social media, the retailers- be it the established ones or the ones wishing to make a mark and revamp their sales growth are all willing to tap the potential of social media. Walmart is no longer in the planning phase but has gone for revamping its site design, to make it appealing to the e-buyers. The “trending now” section in the new design of the site offers a glimpse of how Walmart is connecting to the e-shoppers with the lure of social media and how it is benefitting the smart online buyers. Clicking the trending tab, an interested buyer gets the dynamic snapshots of the Walmart products that are currently on higher demand and are regarded as the perceived trend based on Pinterest pins.

Pinterest helping out E-Commerce Retailers

Pinterst is in a mission to make the pins more useful for the e-retailers and the online buyers. It has plans of coming up with more category-specific pins. It is getting into business association with the top retailers, like for instance, Netflix, that has made Pinterest to come up with movie pins containing the cast information, ratings and crucial facts from films pinned from Netflix.  Pinterest has been delivering quite a lot in the sphere of online business. In terms of ensuring steady traffic to the sites of the e-commerce web merchants, Pinterest has been playing quite a crucial role. It is visual appeal of the medium which has made it to climb high in the popularity list among the social networking channels. The average order values for shoppers from Pinterest stands tall at $80.54, which is more than Facebook, which is $71.26, followed by Twitter with $70.17.

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Why the E-Sellers are pinning their Hopes on Pinterest?

Steve Burns Posted On - April 19, 2013

Why the E-Sellers are pinning their Hopes on Pinterest
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The social media buffs are increasing at a rapid pace and social engagement is becoming the hot trend that online businesses must cash in. Though it has just been three years that Pinterest has peeped into the social media sphere, this visually stunning bulletin board has been successful in pulling quality and steady traffic. The online retailers, eying for visibility, can bank on this social media platform to let their vast array of products find the required exposure. Facebook and Twitter are the other social media giants that are helping the e-businesses to flourish. Facebook and Twitter are more about spreading brand awareness, helping in consolidating the brand image in a respective niche.

Visual Impact is the Key

The e-sellers always come up with the best and innovative marketing strategies so that they are able to reach out to the target audience segment in a better way. Pinterest with its thematic boards let the e-sellers to pin the images of their wide variety of products, share videos and content that are eye-grabbing. The high resolution images act as a trigger for the users, making them not only to check out those products with acuity but take a step ahead to hunt down those for effective buying. Visual effect becomes more communicative than words with the neat categorization of the products in the different boards reflecting separate themes.

Pinterest works more like a Digital Catalogue

Whether relaxing on the couch with a laptop, MacBook or seriously browsing the web to find the best products of their choice, the nature of the buyers varies. This in turn, affects their buying behavior. The e-sellers can have a higher rate of conversion when they have the potential buyers hooked to Pinterest. The visually stunning topical boards often acts like an online digital catalogue that the interested buyers love to rummage through for taking wise buying decisions.

Social Engagement

The e-sellers have got a better picture of social engagement and interaction. The online business merchants share a rapport with their target audience in Facebook and Twitter, paving the way for online branding. This is because these two social media sites have been there for a while. Facebook is the chosen platform for many web merchants, aiding them to create brand awareness and exposure. However, e-businessmen are still grappling as to what should be the best method that they can apply to win over the social media buffs who love to “pin it”.

Gauging the Purchasing Behavior of the Potential Customers

  • The individuals who spend a considerable amount of time in social media and get glued to Pinterest, help them in creating a visual encyclopedia. The interested users lock the products safely that have tickled their fancy on their minds
  • The users treat Pinterest as a medium via which the buyers make their wish lists of products that they can easily search, scan and buy later
  • The glanceability factor has made Pinterest to soar high in popularity and it is a great influencer making people to communicate, share, interact and remember
  • Pinterest is said to reshape ecommerce and rightly so because this visually appealing social media platform has a more materialistic and commercial appeal, attracting the attention of the buyers

The Social Sales Number got to Catapult

The web merchants are learning the rules of the game when they are venturing into social media. For making a brand to go viral, the e-sellers must get into the game, know the hangouts of the customers, connect with the customers, solve their queries, share with them effective tips and suggestions and create a likeable social profile. Without indulging in bragging or straightway getting into hard sales, an e-seller should nurture his network of customers who have a strong social presence, without nurturing his products always.

The social sales number is only going to rise up when social engagement will lead to conversions. Some of the top brands had to shut down their Facebook web stores as it could not observe higher sales. The process of facilitating online sell is what the social networking platforms must pay attention to, so that direct buying becomes easier for the interested purchasers. Pinterest should be thinking on similar lines so that the products that they come across in Pinterest can be bagged conveniently in a direct way and in quick time. Though social sales is not going to happen overnight, it is about building credibility of a brand that inspires trust via shared experiences. This, in turn, leads to repinning , commenting, greater interaction in Pinterest of the users who are armed with a higher purchasing power.

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How can work for Online Sellers

Steve Burns Posted On - February 4, 2013

How can work for Online Sellers
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The visual bulletin pinboard or Pinterest has made its mark as one of the best business platforms. Exploiting social media for driving quality traffic to e-commerce shops is the trend that the online business merchants must cash in. The recent surveys carried out in 2012 shows that Pinterest has scored over Facebook in terms of converting prospective buyers to potential ones. For observing an increase in traffic to a web store and to generate higher revenue, Pinterest can work wonders for the retailers. Majority of the users has a knack of sharing their purchases in social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and the like.

Adding the Personal Touch to your Profile

In terms of design, Pinterest looks like a digital corkboard where the users share images, videos, tips and engaging content. The boards are called the themed pages. In order to get business from Pinterest, the retailers should not be too preachy and formal. There are no separate profiles for individuals and companies in Pinterest, so adopting the informal tone in the profile you create can help your business. For instance, add that human touch to your profile picture by adding your snap and not the business logo. It is the informal, friendly way of interacting, repinning, liking and commenting which can make you popular, making more online shoppers to flock to your web store.

Decking up the Themed Boards

Dressing up the visually stunning digital board in the right way, matters. As a retailer, you should not choose too may boards and fill it up with few images. Choose the number of boards that you actually require and dress it up eye-absorbingly, full of appealing images. It will create a positive impact in the minds of the users. They will keep a tab on your pins and follow your board, ensuring higher chances of conversion. Effectively engaging in product category management for better exposure of products in the various categories will make your online business to move in the right track. You can bank on ChannelSale for the high-quality e-commerce marketing solutions it can offer. The soaringly popular categories of Pinterest are home décor, art, fashion, food & drinks with the others following suit.

Creativity Counts

As a retailer, the way you choose the engaging topics, inspiring names and use your creative ideas matters in nabbing the attention of the users. Make use of the bookmarklet tool for pinning images. The high-definition, pretty pictures or videos only will not suffice if you cannot come up with catchy taglines, headers to go with the digital content. For instance, if you have a clothesline, snazzy snaps of the fashionable gear that you sell with men and women posing in different angles, can be put up on the board. Infographics can weave in magic if your business involves detailed analysis, reporting and presentation of facts substantiated with figures.

Participation and Interaction

Good business merchants never brag about their products and services and they do not get into the direct promotional mode, always. You would not love to be tagged as a pushy marketeer, so not only be absorbed in pinning the images of your own products. Participate, appreciate and interact so that the users will be able to laud the fact that your presence in social media is not only for your own business. It is not about establishing comradeship with your competitors but interacting with those who gel with you in terms of the thematic content of your business.

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