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Everything You Need To Know About Product Reviews In A Nutshell

Shrikar Khare Posted On - August 14, 2016

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Why do you need good reviews?

A good word or two, a pat on the back or more, a salutation, a few hats off… performance reviews in any form and for anything whatsoever is always welcome. When it comes to e commerce, reviews are one of the most potent ways to build an unshakable reputation in the marketplace sellers are present in. a lot depends upon good reviews including product ranking or even a place in the buy box (in Amazon or any other marketplaces that supports such layouts).

However, there are 3 undeniable reasons why sellers should aim to get product reviews as a part and parcel of their long term selling strategy …

  • Firstly, reviews convince buyers about product quality, nature of delivery etc. If buyers are convinced by what others have to say, they are certain to go ahead with their purchase.
  • Secondly, reviews can increase or decrease the impact of your listing. Say for example, a handful of bad reviews can cause buyers to scrap a certain listing and relist the product for a fresh start.
  • Thirdly, it is not new for products with good reviews to feature first in search results.
  • em>Common hassles with review generation…

    One of the most common hassles of review generation is that most customers don’t feel the need to leave a review unless there is something really good or bad to share. More often than not, it is the latter. Stories about delayed deliveries, damaged products, late response from sellers while catering to exchange / return requests etc are very common. In very simple words, to get product reviews that are essentially good can be very challenging.

    em>How to generate good organic product reviews…

    Generating good reviews may be a trying process but it is not impossible either. Here are three of the easiest ways that can win desired results over a short period of time.

  • Communicate politely – ‘Dear, so and so… we understand that your product so and so has been delivered. Please share your experience so that we can improve our services’ etc can win the softer corner of the buyers. Communicative messages as such can be sent via SMS alerts, mail or even through notifications in the buyer’s marketplace user account.
  • Build a review hall of fame – It is basic human nature to nurture the desire to be heard. If you build a review hall of fame on best user experienced, many buyers can feel motivated to leave a good and helpful word or two.
  • Use review aggregators – Using product review aggregators is the easiest way to get reviews with least hard work. These tools are available affordably with many third party sellers and are just as easy to use.
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