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eBay Integration Facts That Will Make You Truly Happy

Thomas Posted On - August 11, 2017

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End to end integration initiated in favor of all top marketplaces like eBay can enhance the quality and productivity of seller performance many times over. However, certain inherent fears about approaching the process often leads selling entities, especially the smaller and newer sellers, to avoid the process completely or make half hearted attempts that are usually useless. Following are certain facts about eBay integration whether with other marketplaces like Walmart, Sears, Amazon etc or shopping carts like 3D Cart, Bigcommerce, Shopify etc. that are assured to make approach the process with a smile on your face…

  • All dependable ecommerce solution providers offer a wide variety of integration solutions. Therefore, you can always exercise your right to choose. AT present, specific solutions are available for small sellers, midsized sellers, large entities, fixed price sellers, auction sellers, hobby sellers and more.
  • Yes… you can customize your integration approach as well to suit your business requirements and budget. Customized solutions usually include features and tools that you specifically mention and that too at a specified budget limit.
  • Tools and software solutions are often flexible that grows with your growing business. Developers ensure leaving ample scope for you to add features of your choice as and when you need them. This way, you don’t have to pay excessive amounts of money at the very onset for features in your integration solution that you may not require for months or even years together.
  • Professionals are always prepared to help you with the A to Z of the integration process. Be it shopping cart integration like 3D Cart eBay, or integration with other marketplaces and processes, professionals can handle all and more in minimum possible time and that too with ample assurance of flawlessness. This works wonderfully in favor for sellers that don’t possess any prior experience in the matter.
  • Almost all e commerce solution developers that offer end to end eBay integration support usually allow their clients to access 24 / 7 customer support facilities through mails or calls. The support facility allows sellers to report issues if any or request more services to boost their integration efforts/
  • Affordability in eBay integration or syncing services including all top marketplaces, shopping carts and comparison shopping platforms is not a myth. A little investment though can help you gain instant head start in competition which is a blessing you will need while performing in eBay.

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5 Ways eBay Stores are a Boon To Sellers

Daniel Posted On - December 31, 2016

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Opening a store in eBay can be a blessing for sellers in infinite different way. Here are 5 of the most irresistible advantages of opening eBay stores that has been inspiring thousands of retailers to push their endeavors in this direction…

Free trial –

If you wish experience what it feels like to open a store in eBay and the advantages that pour out of it, you can always go for the 30 days free trial and make experience the benefits firsthand. If you are convinced with the advantages, you can go right ahead and kick start your efforts lest, think rest the idea till you are confident that you can manage an establishment of you own.

Assured increase in profits –

This is one of those glorious aspects of opening stores in eBay that you can never overlook. Sellers have experienced an average increase of 25% or more in their monthly sales along with regular inflow of repeat customers that ensure bringing in continuous purchase motivated traffic. If you offer excelling purchase experience in terms of value and services, sky could be the limit as far as inflow of revenues is concerned.

Brand promotion becomes blissfully easy –

eBay store has always been the best means to promote your establishment and / or your brand. With your own website and personalization features, you can always wield the power to create a unique identity of your own which in itself can offer ample boost against rigid competition in this marketplace.

Own search engines and promotional tools –

Did you know that stores in eBay have their own search engines that are considered to be one of the top features to die for? This feature is responsible for attracting high volumes of purchase motivated traffic that eventually leads to massive sale and profits. Top it with a host of quality promotional tools, you have a power packed package for long term profitable performance.

Choose your store type –

If you are a small seller with limited budget, you can always start with the basic store which will cost very little and offer optimum benefits to maximize traffic and conversions. This dispels all wrong notions about eBay stores being compatible with large sellers only.

However, whether you sell on eBay or whether you sell on Sears, Walmart, Amazon or anything for that matter, you will always have to focus upon proper integration to get maximum benefits from your efforts. Store integration solutions for eBay is available at affordable prices with top ecommerce solution developers and are very easy to approach as well.

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4 Most Promising Marketplaces Multichannel Sellers Cannot Ignore In 2016

Stephen Posted On - July 16, 2016

Most Promising Marketplaces
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There are a few e commerce marketplaces that sellers aiming for multichannel ventures must consider for the sake of a brighter future. Some of these marketplaces may not feature somewhere in the top, but have proven very fruitful for many merchants who have managed to launch their best efforts in these platforms…

Amazon & eBay

Amazon and eBay still wear the crown of best online marketplaces for sellers in 2016. There is no way in the near or far future that these platforms are going to pass their crown down to any other marketplaces irrespective of how promising they may be. Be it with respect to unique visitors, gross profits, trustworthiness, scope across the globe, seller advantages, product categories, millions of choices or most importantly, best prices and offers, these two platforms remain unbeatable.


Coming up as the next most promising online marketplace for sellers, Newegg has far more to offer than electronics. While it is true that this platform may have started as the best place to look for devices at good prices, it now includes a range of other product categories including clothing and accessories, home and beauty and many more. The commission rates seem very attractive at 8% to 15% depending upon what you sell. The scope of making profits in Newegg without having to launch over the top efforts is a massive possibility.


Making its way speedily towards the top 10 online marketplaces of 2016, Japan based Rakuten is on its way to win over the world. With innumerable product categories supported to the teeth, reasonable fees and significant ease in operational integration, there is no reason why sellers should not include Rakuten in their multichannel agenda. At the same time, with Rakuten, making products available to the eastern markets can get really easy.


Sears is a very trusted name in the USA, and is applauded for the different selling options that it offers to third party sellers in this platform. Commissions and monthly charges for the platform is also very supportable and remains within 40$ whether for fulfillment services or basic selling. The commissions do seem to get to the higher side in certain product categories, ranging from 7% to 20%, but at the end of the day it appears to get balanced.

At all times it is imperative for the sellers to ensure proper integration with the platforms so as to further operational ease and cut down costs.

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Can Sears Fulfillment Really Challenge Fulfillment By Amazon? Here’s What Sellers Have Predicted

Daniel Posted On - April 12, 2016

sell on sears
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It was a little over a couple of years ago that Sears had rolled out the option of Fulfillment by Sears as a competition to FBA, which happens to the top favorite among e commerce sellers looking for high quality order fulfillment services. The plan is to offer enterprise level fulfillment and logistics solutions along with the basics that include picking, packing and shipping for the sellers that sign up for the services. Sears FBA also assures no minimum volume of inventory / business to qualify for this updated service which can be considered as a breather for smaller sellers in this platform. Generally, it all looks very good and gives sears sellers a reason to think ‘why bank on Sears FBA when FBS is a valid option.

Sellers however, have taken a closer look and formed their own verdict about this innovation which is more mixed that outright positive or negative. Focusing on the similarities, FBS seems be framed across the model of FBA in many ways. Aspects like storage fees, packing etc seem to be the same with mild differences here and there when the breakdowns are looked into meticulously. The breakdowns have also made the sellers aware of the fact that Sears does offer a certain degree of cost advantage compared to FBA. Say for example, the marketplace commission for certain categories of products, order handling, shipping, weight handling, pick and pack fees etc are also slightly lesser than FBA. Even though the cost comparison may come down to nothing more than a few cents here and there, but it certainly does offer a mild upper hand.

The differences of FBA and FBS usually lie in the trust factor of Sears as a platform which according to many sellers is not doing as good as it should. Customer reviews as far as receiving the wrong products or damaged products after being shipped through FBS had been flooding the review networks for a considerable period of time which has been raising serious doubts about the same. Many sellers have also gone on to say that they feel FBS to be more sketchy than believable which has been thwarting the attempt to make the shift. But, irrespective of all this, it is true that Sears fulfillment is affordable and has a lot of potential to get better with the passing days making it very easy to sell on sears for all. Also considering the fact that integrating with FBS can be easier than establishing FBA integration makes it worth a try.

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