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How one Amazon store went from zero to $1000 profit in less than a month?

Thomas Posted On - February 24, 2017

sell on amazon store
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Making riches on Amazon is dream of many. However, only a handful of people have really managed to pull this off, while the rest struggle with marginal return. If you sell on Amazon, you would know just how difficult it is to climb through the competition on this marketplace and to woo the customers with not only a remarkable product but a striking price.

Yet, even with all the challenges, there are stories – real, believable and practical – that shows making quick sales on Amazon is quite easy if you’re smart enough. Here’s how one Amazon store managed to go from zero to making $1000 in profit in less than a month—6 proven ways on how you can boost your Amazon sales easily-

1. Optimizing the Amazon store

Over 55 percent on online shoppers in USA begin their product search on Amazon; meaning, this marketplace has emerged to be a default product search engine, taking over even Google. So the first task at hand is to optimize the Amazon store to rank better on its internal search engine. Few important SEO steps include using relevant keywords in the product titles and descriptions, providing as much information about the product as possible, pricing the products competitively and encouraging buyers to leave reviews.

2. Engaging with the potential customers

Directly communicating with the target audience is the surest way to increase the conversion rate. Reaching out the potential customers from the front, engaging them, addressing their individual needs and issues, this not only boosts immediate sales but also builds lasting relationship between the seller and buyer, often triggering word-of-mouth marketing. Social media platforms can be of great help to initiate direct conversation.

3. Blogging

Blogging is perhaps one of the most underrated marketing strategies on the retail scene. Amazon sellers must have their own – either free or self-hosted – blog that reach out the target audience and communicate with them personally. Although write-ups can result in direct sales; if not, they build a long-term relation between the two parties that promises better return in the future. Also, blogging plays a significant role from a SEO perspective. If done well, it can easily boost store’s visibility on search engines and, hence, the sales.

4. Investing in Facebook advertisements

One of the biggest differences between the successful Amazon sellers and the not-so-successful ones is that the former group don’t shy away from spending on paid promotion. Facebook advertisement program, much more targeted, can help Amazon store owners reach the relevant target audience in a relatively short period of time and offer better conversion. In fact, if done well, the paid advertisements can boost immediate sales easily.

5. Pricing product a cent less than the competitors

Pricing the product is the most important part for Amazon sellers. From helping products rank better on search results to affecting direct sales, the right pricing can do wonders. The flawed part, however, is that Amazon sellers often have to be the “cheapest” to appeal the search engine and customers. Being strategic here is the key. Instead of thoughtlessly lowering the price to appeal the mentioned two and axing the profit margin, the sellers must look to offer their products at a cent less than their competitors to have a winning edge.

6. Hiring professionals for additional assistance

Often, for many online sellers, hiring professionals and outsourcing additional help is a distant idea. However, if hit all the notes correctly, the decision can help climb the vendors from making zero to $1000 profit in the quickest possible time. Today, some of the top e-commerce solution providers, aside from facilitating seamless integration of API Walmart and Amazon with other marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines, are also offering managed services. Helping vendors handle backend tasks – including order fulfillment – with much more efficiency and quickness, this can indirectly boost sales and revenue.

These are 6 ways you can increase your profit—6 ways that has helped Amazon sellers go from making zero to $1000 profit in less than a month. Now you know, hustle-up and do what needs to be done; take your Amazon store to the next level and enjoy high-flying profit easily.

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6 High-converting marketing strategies for online sellers in 2017 [PART 2]

Daniel Posted On - February 6, 2017

marketing strategies for online sellers in 2017
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Jump to [PART 1] of 6 High-converting marketing strategies for online sellers in 2017

  1. Hunt for niche influencers

Influencing marketing is possibly the most underrated approach in the online retail market. But if all the chords are hit the right way, this practice can bolster your sales easily—and that, in a quick span. So look around for top influencers in your niche market (bloggers and social media personalities) and approach them from the front to promote your products to their audience. Some are going to review your products personally, while others will charge you for the ‘good words’. Also, you’re going to hear lots of “NO”. So stick to your plan and be persistent. If things go perfectly, few top names might agree to help you in pro quo.

  1. Infographic marketing

Number says Infographics are liked and shared on social media platforms 3 times more than any other type of content. And as we move forward, these visual contents are going to enjoy much more attention. So create infographics to promote your products or talk about things in your niche market. Approach it as a normal blog but only much more visual and crisp. Today, you will find many tools available online – most of them free – to help create beautiful infographics rather easily.

  1. PPC Advertisement

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisement, particularly on Google, is a tricky business that, if not mapped well, can yield low ROI. However, things are much easier on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms with heaps of easy-to-use tools available for the users. Conversion is high with a relatively lower Customer Acquisition Cost. So if the sales are down and other strategies aren’t really working out well, don’t shy away from PPC.

These are 6 high-converting marketing strategies the online sellers must pay attention to – other than just caring about the internal search engine of the marketplaces – to beat the high market competition and boost sales easily.

However, things are easier said than done. With their schedule already overflowing with so many tasks to handle of their multiple storefronts, online sellers really save less time to live, let alone mapping the mentioned strategies.

So what do they do if they sell on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and so many other platforms?

Amazon, eBay sellers: Make time for marketing strategies

Signup to multi-channel e-commerce software solution! Helping vendors handle everything on a centralized platform – right from products setup and feed optimization to inventory management and order fulfillment – with its seamless integration of various marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines, you can save plenty of your time with these solutions by your side. Meaning, no more spending hours and days understanding Walmart partner API and no more problems syncing eBay and Amazon.

So, look around and signup to a good e-commerce solution— and save your time (and yourself from all the tedious manual work) to plan winning marketing strategies for your online stores.

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4 Steps To Decide If You Are Ready To Sell On Amazon

Steve Burns Posted On - December 30, 2016

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Progressing from selling on your own website to selling on Amazon can be a massive leap that many enthusiasts dread to take. More often than not, the common argument that is posed by this lot revolves around the ‘I am not ready for Amazon yet’ debate. In the process, the sellers tend to lose out on possible avenues of growth and profits that are best when availed at the earliest.

Basically, there is not much that you need to sell on Amazon. You don’t have to be a millionaire or generate sale by the thousands or millions every month. If you start small, it does not mean that you will be pushed back in terms of visibility. If you have little inventory, it does not mean that Amazon fulfillment solutions or warehouses will not support your cause.

There is a practical and cost effective solution for every issue that may appear burdensome to shaky enthusiasts, which need to be understood and approached at the right time. When it comes to determining the right time, here are 4 steps that can help make up your mind as to whether you are ready for this marketplace or not…

You have stock to sell on a monthly basis:

If you have already been selling in your website for a few months or years, it is indicative of the fact that you have stock to sell on a regular basis. Unlike eBay, Amazon prefers sellers that assure continuity in their efforts. Therefore, with stock to sell every month, you can be convinced that Amazon will have a decent place for you.

You are prepared to face competition:

If you have already bagged sale for your products in your own website, you can be confident that you are prepared to handle competition in Amazon as well. All it will take in your part is to ensure high quality performance based optimized listing in the marketplace and rest will be good to go. In Amazon, it does not matter how big or small you are in volume. If your listing is up to the mark, you can win the race to maximum visibility with only 10 products under your umbrella.

Integration is not ‘just a word’ for you:

If you understand the impact of integration and what it can do in favor of Amazon stores and individual ventures, approaching the platform at the earliest should be your next productive goal.

You are ready to invest before reaping revenues:

Lastly, if you are ready to invest in improved operational processes for smooth, healthy, streamlined and faultless performance especially by engaging professional assistance, you can be rest assured that you are ready to experience a productive future in Amazon.

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How to Deal with Terrible Reviews and Ratings While Selling On Amazon eBay

Thomas Posted On - December 26, 2016

magento ebay integration
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Selling in top marketplaces like eBay and Amazon is not without its share of uncertainties. There have been numerous occasions when sellers in these marketplaces have experienced rude shocks in the form of horrible reviews left by buyers for often unreasonable reasons. While our wise ancestors have rightly said that certain things in life need to be taken with a pinch of salt, poor reviews and ratings certainly don’t come into this category.

This is mainly because Amazon and eBay are recognized for taking purchase experience in the part of buyers very seriously and any mishap in the process is dealt with iron fists. Consequences can range anywhere from losing search ranking to receiving warnings or even scrapping of listing that has earned the poor review. On many occasions, buyers leave horrible reviews for reasons that the sellers cannot be blamed for.

On these circumstances the seller Amazon / eBay must keep their calm and approach organic solutions to deal with these reviews. Here are a few measures that can be adopted for safe review handling…

  • Never bad mouth, threaten or challenge the buyers who have posted the reviews even if you know that they are wrong. Amazon and eBay are recognized for ‘buyers are always right’ approach and any attempt that could compromise their interests any further can be dealt with very seriously.
  • Contact the buyers in an extremely professional and polite manner to explain what exactly went wrong. If the buyers get back with their issues, you can be certain that the problem was genuine. If not, you can be assured that the review was posted by a scam buyer who can be a competitor trying to defame you.
  • If the case surrounds scam buyers, then both Amazon and eBay sellers can approach support services for the marketplace and request removal of the review. The process is usually very comprehensive and many sellers have already been benefited with the same. at all times, the measures must be taken at the earliest so that your listing is not scrapped or pushed to invisibility.
  • If the buyer concern is genuine, act immediately and address the issue by offering extended apologies followed with replacement of the product and if possible, a gift voucher or something worthwhile for free.
  • Ecommerce solution developers who offer quality integration services like Magento eBay / Amazon etc also possess tools and support services for review management which should be approached and integrated with at the very onset of your venture.

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    5 Steps To Sell On Amazon And Walmart Harmoniously

    Stephen Posted On - December 11, 2016

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    Amazon and Walmart can form a very productive liaison in the world of multichannel e commerce only if the process is approached properly. Being two equal competitors, each of these marketplaces have established specific rules and regulations that are often conflicting and can make the process of harmonious operations tough and challenging for sellers performing in both. However, the past year has witnessed a phenomenal increase in the number of Amazon sellers in, some of whom have disclosed their secret to blissful integrated selling…

    List products that is suitable to the platforms –

    Both Amazon and have their individual sets of popular products that tend to sell out faster with loyal buyers. So, when it comes to listing in Walmart, it is not necessary to import each and every item that you sell on Amazon to this marketplace as well. All you need to do, is to start with the most popular products and enjoy quicker sales and greater profits at minimum investments.

    Never breach price policies – has very strict pricing policies that Amazon sellers need to abide by at all times. The former insists on the lowest prices in all listed products in comparison with all other marketplaces in which the concerned seller may be present. Keeping up with the pricing requirements between these two marketplaces may often call for the usage of advanced tools and software solutions that can keep sellers abreast with changes that can happen by the minute.

    Integrate the two marketplaces –

    You can never sell on Walmart marketplace and Amazon harmoniously if you don’t have the platforms integrated. Basically, Walmart Amazon integration can call for some professional involvement and expenses considering the intricacies involved in the process. however, has tied up with certain very well established e commerce solution developers that have made it phenomenally easy for sellers to approach integration in the first place.

    You can use FBA for order completion in both –

    FBA is a blessing as far as maintaining high quality order completion is concerned. If you use FBA in both platforms, it may reduce confusion associated with maintaining two different channels of order completion to a significant extent.

    Use tools and software solutions from reputed providers for advanced services –

    Amazon and Walmart are ever evolving platforms which experiences progressive changes in algorithms and associated matters very frequently. Using advanced tools and software solutions can help sellers stay in tune with these changes without having to succumb to sudden shocks and surprises, thereby aiding smoother and error performance over a prolonged period of time.

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    Fortify Your Amazon Selling Endeavor With These Infallible Guidelines

    Daniel Posted On - November 30, 2016

    Amazon Cyber selling
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    There are about a thousand different strategies applicable to a thousand different sellers when it comes to ruling Amazon in terms of growth and profits in the face of raging competition. However, there are certain factors guidelines that are uniformly pertinent for all irrespective of their nature, size, volume and experience. These guidelines in fact, should be followed at all times to gain the best edge in this relentless marketplace…

    Integrate with seller central with third party assistance to bridge inherent gaps

    Whether you like it or not, you are required to start your efforts in Amazon with the seller central, and the seller central is not complete or all inclusive in any way. You will have to put in a whole lot of manual efforts in acting upon operational basics unless you use third party integration assistance to bridge the gaps.

    Determine the types and nature of softwares you require for basic operational processes

    Seller support softwares are indispensable while selling on Amazon. However, you need to choose your solutions depending upon the nature and volume of your business. What works for others may not be perfect for you making it necessary to do some research on suitable options before approaching the same.

    Use fee calculation tools and profit calculators before pricing products

    It does not matter if you are a voluminous seller or a small startup, using profit and fee calculation tools and softwares is more than imperative. These simple yet super smart solutions are designed to help you get an exact idea of how much fee you will have to pay in Amazon and how much profit you will make per listing at a price that you feel is apt for your product. These softwares can further help you reach an optimum profitable price for your products before your listing goes live.

    Advanced optimization is a must

    Whether you are selling on Walmart marketplace, or Amazon, you will at all times need to have your listing optimized the best possible way. Optimized listing is critical to gain visibility to top performing marketplaces and can be your lifesaver in the toughest of times. Optimized listing is the first step taken to reach the buy box and no sellers should let this gateway to glory pass by in vain.

    Use FBA if you qualify for the same

    FBA is one of the best ways to enhance visibility of your products in Amazon while gaining an edge in high quality order completion. If you are worried about costs, using fee calculators will help you determine profitability accurately.

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    5 Reasons You Must Employ Professional Help For Walmart Selling

    Daniel Posted On - November 30, 2016

    Walmart selling
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    With the sudden rise of Walmart e commerce marketplace as a remarkably potent platform for visibility and growth, year 2016 has witnessed a sudden rush of willful enthusiasts to establish setup as soon as possible. The idea is to gain footing before competition takes over, as is the case with top performers like Amazon and eBay.

    Considering the complexities in the why’s and wherefores involved in the process of establishing presence and selling in, ecommerce gurus have advised qualifying entities to approach professional assistance at the very onset. Here are 5 good reasons why calling for professional assistance can help the latter sell on Walmart marketplace with better chances at a more profitable future…

    Professionals can help with faultless setup and integration

    Connecting with Walmart API and integrating with basic operational set up for improved performance from day one, is possible when experts are approached for the purpose. This can help sellers to comfortably navigate around trial and error approach that can compromise a healthy startup.

    You can go live faster than expected

    Going live in Walmart marketplace usually takes around 4 weeks or more. When approached without experience, the process may take longer. With the assistance of professionals though, the process can be condensed significantly, while being amply shielded from errors that is often the cause for delays.

    Managing a multitude of multichannel operational basics can get blissfully easy

    Say for example, you are a multichannel seller and you sell on Amazon and Walmart at the same time. These two platforms are known for being very productive and often conflicting in terms of prices in similar products listed in both marketplaces.

    With professionals handling your multichannel integration efforts with Walmart marketplace, you can bring the entirety of your ecommerce spread into one single user interface and that too without having to move a finger for the purpose. Newer and less experienced sellers can benefit the most from professional involvement in this respect.

    Walmart has already partnered with reliable experts

    The fact that has partnered with certain very reliable third party e commerce solution developers that have earned sizeable reputation in the market already, sellers will not have hunt around for the most suitable solution providers at all. Basically, if you choose one among the official integration partners, you can be rest assured that your venture is in the best hands.

    Affordability can be maintained through the process

    Last but not the least, setup and integration partners are known for maintaining affordability with respect to the quality of service provided. This is a reason good enough to make your approach.

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    5 Things That Can Impact Your Race To The Amazon Buy Box

    Stephen Posted On - November 25, 2016

    amazon buy box
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    If you have been lusting for gaining a place in the buy box some way or the other, you are probably an enlightened seller who understands the importance of this window of opportunities. However, you also need to understand that the eligibility criteria for the Boy Box in Amazon are still elusive to even the best of performers in this platform. With a few good years of trial and error, sellers have come to understand certain factors in Amazon selling though, that can impact the race to the boy box significantly. 5 of them can be mentioned as follows…

    Listing optimization

    Optimized listing, especially organically optimized listing is the primary criterion for search engine visibility. From titles, to images and descriptions along with competitive prices that are dedicated to offering the best purchase experience to buyers are critical in this respect.

    Enhanced value of listing

    Value of listing basically refers to factors like minimal or no shipping / handling charges, extended return period, instant refunds and associated matters that enhance dependability of sellers in Amazon and cater to the cause of customer satisfaction completely.

    Your views on FBA

    FBA has always been a phenomenal factor for winning the race to the buy box. When you choose FBA as your order completion facility the quality of your order fulfillment improves almost instantly. High quality order fulfillment is one of the ruling factors in Buy Box eligibility and you would not want to miss out on that.

    Quality of reviews

    Besides this, what buyers are telling about you and your products through reviews is taken very seriously by Amazon. In very simple words, if you have more positive reviews and ratings in your favor, you may win an edge in the buy box race and vice versa. Using review generation tools are thus, advised to sellers to encourage and generate maximum positive reviews in the shortest possible time.

    Low order defect rates

    Low order defect rate is critical when it comes to making yourself eligible for the buy box. In fact, if you are an Amazon seller waiting to create presence in, the latter will also take a close look on your order defect rates and expect it to be less than 1% and maintain the same level in this new marketplace. With proper Walmart API integration, this is possible. As far as managing Amazon order defect rates are concerned, you will have to ensure uncompromised A to Z integration from day 1.

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    Selling On Amazon Seeping Your Profits? 5 Things That May Be Going Wrong!

    Stephen Posted On - November 25, 2016

    sell on walmart
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    Selling on top performing ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon is seldom a social service. Making profits is one of the primary ambitions that drive enthusiasts to create their presence in the platform in the very first place. From the products you introduce to the price you put on them, everything is for the sake of winning maximum purchase motivated eyeballs and convert the same to order placing and transactions.

    However, there are times when sellers may come face to face with the fact that they are not making as much profits as they may have calculated. Determining the causes before it is too late is necessary for healthy growth of respective ecommerce ventures. Basically, when you sell on Amazon with the basics intact, yet make less profits or none at all, there are 5 things that may be going wrong…

    Your pricing is not productive enough

    Amazon always favors listing that sports the lowest prices. However, if you make a deliberate effort at bringing your price tag to scratch, it may give you an edge in visibility, but you will make very low or no profits after paying up marketplace fees and other associated costs. Pricing your products competitively with enhanced value of purchase while using fee calculation tools before pricing products can be very worthy solutions.

    You are not synced with your inventory

    There are times especially when you are using FBA, when you lose track of your inventory and have absolutely no clue about shelved products in warehouses that may be costing you money but gaining no profits through sale at the end of the day. Using high quality inventory management solutions are thus, recommended.

    Have you been scammed by inauthentic buyers

    While situations as this is not as rampant in Amazon as it is in eBay, sellers still need to be wary of inauthentic buyers at all times. Transactional fraud these days are backed by sophisticated technology that ensures protection from detection. Using fraud prevention tools can help sellers build a wall before inauthentic purchases.

    You are paying for unproductive listing

    Whether you sell on or Amazon, you are required to keep a close check on unproductive listing. More often than not, poor quality or un-optimized listing generates no sale while the sellers have to pay for the same. Keeping listing updated and optimized at regular intervals in thus, recommended.

    FBA fee calculation is new to you

    If you are using FBA, you need to use fee calculation tools as well. This will help you understand the cracks and crevices through which profits can seep out and price your products accordingly.

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    Amazon Sellers’ Selling Experience In In A Nutshell

    Stephen Posted On - November 9, 2016

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    After gaining decades of experience in e commerce selling practices, sellers in general have realized that there are certain entities that are born to get things right while the rest have to slog, struggle, fall flat on the face and literally cry through the process to win even a penny of profits. This is amply applicable for all new Amazon sellers who wish to make it big in as well.

    The recent past has put light upon the fact that there are a number of sellers who have already created an apparently profitable presence in and are working their way to greater success. This is very inspiring till the time, enthusiasts learn about what actually happened behind the scene, perhaps, on a daily basis…

  • Rejoicing an enhanced inflow of traffic – This is the first rather thrilling experience that all new sellers go through counting all the fringe benefits that come with it as well.
  • Enhancement of productivity and profits – While selling in Amazon and, productivity and profits is assured to witness a steep and rather quick rise.
  • Easy set up and integration makes life easier – has partnered with some of the best e commerce solution developers that can make the process of set up and integration really easy and that too at affordable prices. Not many willful sellers can resist this facility.
  • Maintenance of listing parity claims a pound of flesh – This is where the blues begin to seep in. while many experience sellers with infallible integration manage to get by the listing and pricing parity with ease, there are others that have cried through the process.
  • A couple of warnings later… things look bleak – This especially applies to those who have scored very poorly in abiding by the pricing policies of Walmart and Amazon. However, this is not the end of the world.
  • Integration and advanced software systems save the day again – This is the time when sellers make a more enlightened approach towards advanced software systems that they may have though unnecessary before. With the systems well integrated, selling gets back on track.
  • All things bright and beautiful till inventory mismanagement bring performance to a temporary stand still – No seller can claim that they have experienced blissfully smooth inventory management every single day they have been in business. Changing rules of marketplaces, ups and downs experienced by the source wholesalers and other variable factors affect inventory performance negatively. However, this can be handled too with the necessary inventory management tools available with e commerce providers
  • A few months down the line, optimum performance levels are reached and sellers actually start reaping the revenues they may have aimed for.
  • The experience may be slightly different for those trying to sell Walmart on eBay or resorting to other practices as such.

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    4 Ways Walmart Is Just As Good As Amazon For Sellers

    Thomas Posted On - October 17, 2016

    Walmart marketplace
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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has risen to become one of the most promising platforms of online sale that sellers must consider as a part and parcel of their multichannel e commerce ventures. For those who have devoted 100% faith in Amazon and none others also have good reasons to establish their setup in this growing e commerce marketplace, 4 of which can be mentioned as follows…

      Firstly, everyone knows Walmart simply because it is the largest retail chain in the world and has risen in popularity through decades. Therefore, gaining trust from buyers while performing in the online branch of this retail giant will never be an issue.

    The fact that Walmart marketplace sellers already receive over 90 million visitors every month which is growing by the passing days is suggestive of the successful future that this platform is assured to witness.

    At present, there are a handful of entities that have expressed gaining more sale and profits in than in Amazon.

    Secondly, product categories are just as vast in as in Amazon. Being the largest retail chain in the world, this level of expansiveness is only expected. The categories that are active in Amazon are also active in making it compatible with all types of sellers. While it is true that the latter usually prefers brand owners in comparison with retailers, the marketplace allows equal opportunities for growth and profits to all.

    Thirdly, as far as commissions and fee structures are concerned, there is not much difference between and Amazon. A percent or two may differ from category to category, but the general layout seems to be similar.

    Fourthly, sellers in as well as in Amazon can reap order completion benefits through FBA. This is an added bonus to sellers who perform in both the platforms together.

    The advantages of can be further fortified with the assistance of third party e commerce solution providers especially at the time of set up and integration. These are also the entities that help sellers deal with hurdles like handling / maintaining price parity, listing import and export, synchronizing inventory movement of with other platforms of sale and many more almost flawlessly.

    In fact, multichannel integration through third party services allows Walmart sellers to sell on eBay Amazon or any other platform for that matter with a professional level of smoothness from the very onset of business.

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    Walmart Selling Myths All Sellers Must Be Cautious Of

    Thomas Posted On - October 17, 2016

    Walmart Selling
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    Myths and rumors are not uncommon in the world of e commerce especially when new and rather unexplored marketplaces make themselves available to willful and cynical sellers alike. Irrespective of the level of truth in these myths, people who lend their ears to these fragments of information need to be very cautious while making their decisions based on the same., which seems to have risen very suddenly to fame has also been shrouded with rumors for a while which may have been reflecting the platform in a very different aura.

    Here are some of these rumors that need to be dispelled so as to help sellers make a more informed decision while creating their presence in this marketplace…

    Walmart is not compatible with Amazon sellers

    This is one of those ongoing myths that are on the verge of getting perpetuated. The aspect of price parity can be mentioned as the primary reason behind this belief. Basically, assures lowest prices to its buyer and expects sellers to maintain their pricing accordingly. On the other hand, multichannel sellers who price their products higher in Amazon in comparison with other marketplaces they are present in are dealt with iron hands.

    In very simple words, if you wish to make it big in Amazon, sell products at the lowest prices; and this will never be digested well by The truth is, using professional assistance to maintain variable pricing can help alleviate this circle of misfortune. And yes, this is as easy as it sounds.

    API integration can claim your sleep offers its own API integration which may have been a little tricky for inexperienced sellers a while ago. However, with the assistance of third party e commerce solution developers, the process can be very easy, hassle free and flawless as well. If someone says that Walmart API integration will claim your sleep, not believing them is the best thing to do.

    Competition is very low

    It is true that was experiencing a really slow phase of growth in the early years of this decade. It is also true that the number of sellers performing in this platform is nowhere close to Amazon. However, to believe that competition is blissfully low in this marketplace so as to give you an instant edge right from the very beginning of your setup, would be a little too much to expect. has been in news for inviting a flood of sellers over the past two years that has given a massive boost to the growth of the platform. At this very moment, competition is active at a healthy pace and sellers will need to work hard to gain visibility and trust in this marketplace. By the end of the next year, competition can literally reach cut throat levels and every performing member must be prepared to face the same.

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    How To Become A Walmart Marketplace Retailer In 4 Simple Steps

    Thomas Posted On - October 17, 2016

    Walmart marketplace api
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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has been in news lately for all the right reasons. This online endeavor commenced by one of the biggest and the most noteworthy retail chains has suddenly picked up pace after almost half a decade of lull. Inviting more and more third party sellers to the platform, acquiring and partnering with some of the most reputed e commerce solution developers for making the process of set up and operations easy for sellers are reflective of the indisputably promising future of this marketplace.

    Topping it with over 90 million unique visitors thronging every single month, there is no reason why this platform should not be included as an essentially important part of multichannel e commerce ventures. As far as entities that sell on Amazon already are concerned, the process of approval and setup can get truly easy if they have good reviews and ratings posted in their favor. In more general terms, becoming a Walmart marketplace retailer can be accomplished in 4 simple steps…

    Determine your suitability with Walmart

    To begin with, it is necessary to determine your suitability with This basically refers to establishing product compatibility with the platform as well as determining your scope in competition as a retailer or brand owner. This way, sellers can stay at a safe distance from learning the odds through the trial and error process.

    Get your account

    Getting your account involves placing a request with for your own merchant account. After reviewing and signing the Walmart merchant agreement policies, you may have to wait for a couple of weeks to get authenticated. After authentication, you will have to get your merchant account activated to initiate the process of setup.

    Get your listing approved by Walmart

    Post activation of your account, you will need to get your listing approved by It may take about 3 to 4 weeks for to authenticate your product list after submission.

    Integrate and get going

    This is perhaps the most important thing to know for all enthusiastic entities who wish to learn about how to become a Walmart marketplace retailer. From API to multichannel integration, each and every step to synchronization is critical for achieving optimum productive performance. has already partnered with some of top e commerce solution developers of this decade who can be approached for assistance with the A to Z of establishing presence in

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    Things Amazon Sellers Need To Remember While Selling On

    Thomas Posted On - October 17, 2016

    Walmart marketplace integration
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    Selling on can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. However, if you are an Amazon seller wanting to make a mark in this rather new online marketplace, there are a great many number of factors that you will need to keep in mind before commencing with the process of set up. Here are a few of them that almost all Amazon sellers in have upheld as critically essential…

    What you sell

    Firstly, has always favored brand owners over retailers. If you have something specific to sell with your own brand name and ownership, you will gain more preference in If you are a general retailer, your first competitor would be Walmart itself. At the same time, you may also need to queue up for a while before you get inducted into the platform.

    Your selling records in Amazon

    The nature and the numbers of reviews and ratings earned through the course of selling in Amazon matters in every way while establishing presence in Walmart prefers the concerned Amazon sellers to be holders of ratings ranging from 4 to 5 and a very high percentage of positive reviews posted in favor of the products as well as the sellers themselves. The brighter your selling history in Amazon, the brighter your future will be


    Amazon sellers selling on Walmart marketplace also need to be very wary of price parity between the two platforms. assures lowest price assurance to its buyers and thus cannot have the sellers listing their products in this marketplace at a higher price in comparison with Amazon. Sellers will have to ensure maintaining the prices either at the same figures or use variable pricing assistance from professional ecommerce solution providers.


    Lastly, performing in Amazon and together calls for uncompromised and very high quality integration between the two platforms mostly for the sake of staying in tune with the rush of the platforms without falling apart. Staying in tune with matters like listing, pricing, inventory management, order processing and completion etc is known for becoming infinitely easy, effortless and flawless with perfect integration working in your favor.

    Determining compatibility with and establishing productive presence in this platform often becomes less hassling when proper e commerce solution providers are involved in the process. has partnered with certain top integration solution developers who can be approached for the purpose at affordable prices.

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    The Good And Bad Of Selling On eBay And Amazon With FBA

    Thomas Posted On - September 24, 2016

    eBay And Amazon With FBA
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    FBA is one of those order completion systems that do not have any replacements. Thousands of sellers in Amazon and eBay have offered their complete and irrevocable loyalty to this system and are in no mood to lend an ear or two towards its shortcomings. Basically there are infinite advantages that any seller can enjoy when they sell on Amazon and eBay with FBA. Some of the top benefits can be stated as follows…

  • Firstly, fulfillment by Amazon assures quicker and safer order completion. All that the sellers need to do is ship their products to the FBA warehouses and the rest fall in place flawlessly without any hassles at all. FBA has built an infallible reputation as far as quality of service is concerned. So sellers are always aware of the fact that their inventory and order completion is in the right hands.
  • Secondly, with FBA, sellers can always access a wider shipping area covering more pin codes within borders and beyond. Considering the fact that the burden of risk will be shouldered by FBA, sellers can spread their efforts without anything holding them back.
  • Thirdly, sellers need to be very careful with the quality of packing and shipping while completing their orders. When you sell on eBay and Amazon with FBA, the latter handles these basic yet time consuming processes with assurance of precision.
  • Fourthly, and this applies to Amazon sellers; using FBA services offers access to Prime subscribers which opens up opportunities to access customers who focus more of quality of products than cost. FBA is also the link that offers a significant boost in the race to the Buy Box
  • While the advantages of FBA are very attractive indeed, sellers must also be aware of the flipside of the deal. Here are some of the not-so-good facts about using FBA in Amazon or eBay…

  • To begin with, it is necessary to know that all products in all categories don’t qualify for FBA. This applies specifically when you sell on eBay mostly because of the fact that the product categories in this auction based platform are far wider than Amazon, rendering most products unsuitable for FBA.
  • Secondly, with FBA, you can lose control of inventory in warehouses significantly. Once your products reach the warehouses and you are notified with the acceptance of the same, Amazon takes upper hand in the inventory. You will need to integrate with quality FBA integration softwares to stay in tune with your stock.
  • This is perhaps the most important aspect that encourages or discourages sellers to opt for FBA. Basically, you need to be ready with upfront investments as you apply for the services. at the same time, FBA fee structure is rather complex and can claim a significant portion of your profits which could otherwise have been saved.
  • Approaching FBA should be preceded with complete enlightenment about the same and after judging suitability with your business.

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