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6 High-converting marketing strategies for online sellers in 2017 [PART 1]

Daniel Posted On - February 6, 2017

marketing strategies for online sellers
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If you’ve just launched your online stores (finally!!), save the joy and ecstasy. The hard part’s up next—making sales.

Today, starting an online store is easier than ever; more so if you’re just planning to sell Walmart on eBay and few other selected marketplaces. Climbing through the market competition to win customers’ attention is a monumental task that new sellers often fail to achieve. No wonder, while thousands of online stores are opened every day, so many others dwindle; and so many store owners have to settle for meager profit margin.

Marketing your products and store is essential!

Look beyond the SEO Guides for marketplaces

Many online sellers get too hung up in the SEO aspect of their storefronts. While admittedly, wooing Google and internal search engines of marketplaces is very important, overlooking other avenues of marketing can be fatal. Why? Because ranking high in search result pages is really difficult given the market competition. And with less sales pouring from poor visibility on the result pages, you need various other mechanisms to keep your revenue high and consistent.

So what kind of “mechanisms” are we really talking about?

Well, if you’re an online seller, here are 6 high-converting marketing strategies you must take up in 2017-

  1. Become a blogger

While as big of an asset is blogging, majority of businesses are still failing to capitalize on it optimally. For online sellers, it’s a great avenue to not only rank better on search engines (provided they have done a decent keyword research), but also to communicate with their target audience directly— engaging them and addressing their issues personally, and then selling them on the products. This strategy almost always guarantees better conversion. So if you aren’t already blogging, start from today. Whether use free platforms like and Blogger or host the blog on your own personal website.

  • Create beautiful videos

  • A study found that including video on a landing page can increase conversion rate by 80 percent. In fact, Forbes has already declared 2017 as the year of Video Marketing. So accompanying your products with nice descriptive videos can easily boost your sales. Now you don’t have to be a pro video editor to create a perfect video. With free and cheap video-making tools available online, you can make a nice, clean and simple video easily and quickly.

    1. Build a solid Email List

    Successful vendors who sell on eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces believe that email marketing goes parallel to your overall sales strategy. And rightly so! Not all of your target audience is ready to purchase. They need to be engaged and pushed to make their purchasing decision. And the more personal the communication channel is, easier will it be to influence them. And what’s more personal than e-mails?!! So building a solid email list of your audience (whether with subscription form, social media campaigns or more) should be one of your top priorities this year.

    Besides e-mail campaigns are important for your customer retention strategy; to communicate with your buying customers and encourage them for repeated purchase.

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    How Not To Sell On eBay

    Daniel Posted On - December 10, 2016

    Sell on eBay
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    eBay selling is not a piece of cake. Sellers usually have to muscle their way through an indefinite number of odds to get a glimpse of scratch level profits. With the constant infusion of rules and regulations to make things newer and better and in all honesty, confusing and cumbersome, there is nothing better that seller can do but start with the best selling approach in this marketplace. However, as many strugglers have expressed, understanding how not to sell on eBay is just as important as learning the best practices for selling, some of which can be pointed out as follows…

    Start with achievable goals –

    You may be motivated to the extreme at the time you start but, it is imperative to set goals that are actually achievable. Setting achievable goals will allow you to invest wisely in stock and infrastructure that are directly and immediately relevant, thereby preventing over expenditure, mismanagement and other vices as such.

    Never cheap out on Integration and optimization –

    This goes out to every eBay seller especially those who are also selling on Walmart marketplace, Amazon, or any other top ecommerce platforms of importance. Integrating with evolved approach is mandatory to establish optimum operational harmony.

    Not using tools and software solutions can cost you with visibility and everything that follows –

    Using advanced tools and software solutions helps sellers in keeping pace with the ever changing and rather fluctuating nature of eBay. Say for example, using listing tools, inventory management software solutions, order completion and tracking tools are integral for sellers who wish to experience sustained visibility and profits.

    Softwares also assist in getting over otherwise annoying nitty-gritty that can catch sellers by the collar when they are least attentive. Marketplace fees and price variations in comparison with other marketplaces can be mentioned as examples.

    The process of bidding is not just about numbers –

    Bidding in eBay is art and science combined. Not understanding what works and starting with random figures can often end in deplorable consequences. At the same time, the nature of titles and descriptions also play a massive role in the nature of prospective buyers that are intended to take notice of the bids.

    Not playing by the rules can motivate eBay to show you the door –

    If you wish to remain in the good books of eBay without losing trust and respect of this marketplace, it is best to play by the rules than dodge the same for immediate but inauthentic gains.

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    What’s Hot And What’s Not For New Walmart Marketplace Sellers

    Stephen Posted On - November 28, 2016

    walmart marketplace
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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has gained sudden heights which e commerce sellers at large are not being able to ignore. Backed by the reputation and standing of the largest retail chain in the world, this marketplace is more than just promising in terms of growth and profits in favor of the latter. For enthusiasts who are motivated to setup their presence in at the earliest, here is a small list of what’s hot and what’s not for sellers per se…

    What’s hot

    Easy setup and integration has partnered with some of the leading e commerce solution developers of this decade to help sellers avail the quickest and the most effective set up and integration process and that too at affordable costs.

    Lower levels of competition

    Even though more and more sellers are winning entry to this marketplace, category-wise competition is still low as compared with other top marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

    Accessing very high volume of purchase motivated buyers

    Walmart buyers are often those that are looking for quality everyday products at the lowest prices, which is also the largest group of buyers that currently throng markets at large. Thus, Walmart marketplace sellers are assured to experience high traffic all through the year.

    Selling assistance as good as Amazon

    From comprehensive API integration to extended seller support, has worked practically on all aspects that can make the process of selling easy and error free.

    What’s not

    You need to be a brand owner or category leader

    If you are not a brand owner or category leader, may not entertain your request to be a part of this marketplace.

    Lowest Price

    This mainly goes out to sellers who sell on eBay / Amazon as well. at all times, would want you to post your listing bearing the lowest prices which may at times interfere with seller interest with respect to their presence in other top performing marketplaces.

    Amazon sellers need to tread on a double edged sword

    The list of requirements as mentioned by for Amazon sellers is extremely stringent. Not everyone can qualify the criteria.


    Go ahead anyway! Success in terms of enhanced growth and profits is possible in in the long / short run with proper selling approach. Integration and automation activated in favor of sellers can combat the possible hurdles that can arise often unexpectedly.

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