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Why Sears Can Be A Good Multichannel Bet

Stephen Posted On - July 22, 2017

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The world of e commerce is buzzing with top names like Amazon, eBay,,, Rakuten and more. In this maddening din, the name of century old Sears appears to be disappearing somewhere in the background. It is a fact that Sears is lagging way behind in terms of annual revenues, unique visitors and growth prospects in the near future. However, in the words of certain inventive sellers, this can be one of the prime destinations that can make multichannel endeavors very successful.

Here are a few reasons that have been specifically cited by these sellers with respect to why selling on this marketplace can be worth the effort…

It is very easy to create and account and start selling on Sears. This is very unlike certain other marketplaces like Walmart where the process of gaining entry can be a month long process if not more. Uploading your products into a generous scope of categories is also easy and hassle free.

Fee structure and commission is comprehensive and bearable. This is in strict comparison with marketplaces like Amazon and eBay where fee structures happen to be a massive convoluted mess. In simple words, you will not have to rely heavily on tools and calculators to determine profitable prices for your listing.

Placing ads is usually free in Sears. You are only charged a nominal amount when someone clicks on your ads and gets diverted to your product page. Therefore, increasing productive and profitable traffic to your store always gets better.

Fulfilled by Sears is a functional and effective order completion solution that is available for all sellers to avail. Using FBS with FBA for integrated multichannel operations like Shopify Walmart Sears Amazon etc is usually not an issue in terms of comprehensive and error free management of the respective fulfillment systems.

Sears API is very competent. The Sears API programs are compatible with internal and external developers alike. These programs support a multitude of different tasks that help in extending automation while adding sophisticated performance based features that are designed to take error free operations to the next level.

Competition is low in Sears. Therefore, optimum performance levels can often fetch more profits than sellers can otherwise make on top performing marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. While it is true that the number of unique visitors in Sears in low, this number can be easily converted into assured sale.

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What Not To Forget While Managing Feed In Ecommerce Marketplaces

Daniel Posted On - April 20, 2017

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Making a calculated and well strategized approach to managing data feed can be your first weapon to beat competition raging in top ecommerce marketplaces this decade. From ‘how you present your data’ to ‘how to refresh the same to keep it alive’ decides your fate in terms of growth and revenues. New sellers that may have just woken up to the present e commerce data feed management trends, here are 4 rules that should be borne through the entire course of selling, month after month and even, year after year…

Data management in ecommerce starts with optimization –

You may already know about the importance of titles, descriptions and quality of images. However, if you are yet to learn about the importance of optimization per se, any time would be a good time to start. Whether you sell on sears or on Walmart, eBay, Amazon etc feed optimization is your first step to gaining extended visibility, traffic and sales while maintaining the levels at the same time.

The process basically involves inclusion of proper keywords in the titles / descriptions that will allow the search engines to locate your products over that of your competitors. To make things simpler, there are optimization softwares that can help with the process.

Never forget to keep refreshing optimization approach –

For those that believe optimization is a onetime process, things may get very difficult in the near future. Refreshing and updating optimization approach at regular intervals of time is critical in data feed management for the simple reason that something that may have been applicable 2 years ago may be obsolete and non-existent now.

Never forget to include the right product identifiers –

Product identifiers like GTINs, UPCs, ISBNs, EANs etc when used in relevant categories can enhance visibility of the feed many times over. This is very relevant in platforms like eBay and Amazon with more sale channels toeing the line. Learning proper usage of product identifiers at the very onset can be very rewarding in terms of business development.

Never forget to use the right tools and software solutions for the purpose –

The word ‘manual’ has disappeared from the world of e commerce especially with respect to managing core everyday operational processes. Thus, approaching feed management with the aid and assistance from the right tools and software solutions is not a choice any more, but rather mandatory.

Availability of effective yet affordable solutions offered by promising e commerce solution developers these days can be massive relief for new and budget crunched sellers that are looking for feed management excellence at the very onset.

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5 Reasons Why Sears Can Be A Profitable Part Of Your Ecommerce Endeavor

Daniel Posted On - April 11, 2017

magento amazon
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The year of 1886 marked the birth of Sears as a mail order watch resale entity that worked up revenues worth 800,000$ within the next 9 years. While the Great depression that hit the world during this era had posed Herculean obstacles in the path of this revolutionary venture, Sears managed to resurface and expand within no time at all. Since then till now, this entity has witnessed innumerable ups and downs through generations while maintaining its significance in the American market in every way possible.

In the 21st century and exactly 131 years since its inception, Sears holds its head high as one of the leading e commerce marketplaces where buyers can locate some of the best deals in some of the most popular product categories. However, as has been expressed by the e commerce gurus, and very sadly too, Sears may be dying a slow and imperceptible death owing mostly to the level of competition posed by Giants like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

The question that most ecommerce sellers are coming face to face with is whether it would be worthwhile to sell on Sears at all or not considering the fact that there are other promising marketplaces that are aimed at making growth and profits more easily achievable. in this respect, 5 very valid arguments have been extended by the present sellers in Sears about why it is worthwhile to make this platform a part of any e commerce endeavor…

Sears is a very recognized name that has its history stretching over generations. Therefore, winning the trust of customers will never be too difficult

Sears welcomes over 16 million visitors to its online marketplace every single month and counting which can boost traffic and sale almost instantly

Sears marketplace fees is manageable and in tune with other top performing platforms.

Sears has its own order fulfillment set up that can be availed for as less as 40$ per month.

As has been expressed by successful sellers in this marketplace, Sears offers a nearly no risk start that is not usually offered by any other marketplace.

Guidance on how do you sell on Sears is more easily locatable these days than availing guidance on how do you spell Walmart which makes it a practical treat for sellers that wish to include this platform as an integral part of their multi channel e commerce ventures.

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Sears, Walmart sellers- 5 simple ways to multiply your sales EASILY

Stephen Posted On - February 1, 2017

sell on sears
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With thousands of stores crowding Walmart and Sears, competition on these marketplaces is super-high. And often the new sellers, in particular, have to be at the receiving end of this highly competitive market where toeing with the successful and resource-equipped rivals if difficult. For them, sales remain low—and so does the revenue.

Do you sell on sears? Are you an online seller?

Give your 2017 a great start; make this year when you write grand success stories for your online stores. Here are 5 simple ways to multiply your sales rather easily-

  • Get on other marketplaces

  • The calculation is simple- if you want more revenue, you must be on multiple platforms to reach out more of your target customers. So if you’re just on Sears and Walmart, get on other marketplaces as well; open new storefronts. Of course it really depends on what suits your business model, but eBay, Amazon and BestBuy are some top names that boasts huge monthly traffic that can easily boost your sales.

  • Leverage on Social media platforms

  • Optimizing your stores to rank better on the internal search engine of the marketplaces is important. However, you need to make additional marketing efforts to reach more of your potential customers—efforts that has low customer acquisition cost. Social media platforms are usually your best option. With a large pool of consumers and heaps of targeting tools, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can easily help you reach, communicate and convert your potential customers.

  • Be more careful when pricing

  • Pricing is more than just about the profit margin you want to cut—something many new online sellers often overlook. A host of factors come into play when pricing your products and offering additional discounts; like buying behavior of your audience, the market competition, your product type, season, the economy at-large and so forth. So spend more of your time and resource to map a decent pricing strategy.

  • Make use of multi-channel Ecommerce solution

  • Multi-channel ecommerce solution not only helps you handle all the backend tasks of your storefronts at one place (like inventory management, product setup, order fulfillment and more) with its seamless integration including that of Magneto Walmart and eBay-Sears, but the top ones also provide to boost your performance with their regular sales report. Detailed and easy-to-read, the calculus reports can help you analyze different metrics of your sales and marketing, and make informed decisions accordingly.

  • Strive to deliver top-notch after-sales service

  • While it varies from niche to niche, repeated customers hold a major chunk of revenue for the online vendors. No wonder top brands and sellers spend a significant amount of their resource in customer retention. So have you been neglecting your old customers, stop! Have a good post-sales follow up that communicates and engage your customers and encourage them to make another purchase. This will not only increase your sales but also build customer loyalty, which can trigger word-of-mouth marketing.

    So, if you sell on sears and/or Walmart, these are 5 simple ways to multiply your sales quickly. Say goodbye to the marginal profit margin and stop complaining about high market competition as well. Give your online stores a fresh start this year with fresh and smart strategy.

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    Choose These Marketplaces To Pile Up On Profits This 2016

    Steve Burns Posted On - August 7, 2016

    Online Marketplaces 2016
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    We have been learning it since good old Grandma’s days that it is never a wise idea to put all your eggs in one basket. And somehow and in some way, this applies to e commerce as well. Banking on one platform of sale as your only road to e commerce success is as good as limiting ‘the eggs of your scope’ to one ‘basket’ which is either your own website or a single e commerce marketplace. These are the times when the opportunities of maximizing growth and profits are available aplenty. All you need to do is choose the most suitable platforms of sale and get going.

    If you are in the process of spreading your presence across truly profitable marketplaces this year, here are a few sure shot choices that you can consider to literally pile up on profits…

    Newegg – If you sign up to sell on Newegg, the sky could be your limit. This is one of those upcoming trustworthy marketplaces that support a healthy number of unique visitors especially for tech based products. However, with slow and steady expansions happening over the months, avenues have opened up for fashion and accessories, home and utility, sports, health and beauty and many more. Any new seller can rejoice the fact that competition is far lower in Newegg as compared with top marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. – When you sell on, opportunities become your middle name. This barely one year old company has been brought to existence to give Amazon a tough competition, and the platform has been living up to this ambition tooth and nail. hosts a very wide variety of product types which enables almost any type of sellers to establish presence with hope and scope for growth.

    Commissions and payment policies are agreeable which does not usually leave any scope for losses. Competition in this platform is very low at this very moment, making it a very good time for any enthusiastic seller to establish setup right now.

    Rakuten – Rakuten is yet another platform that can expose your endeavor to the rich and fertile markets of the East. When you sell on Rakuten, you invite buyers who are more product motivated than price motivated, giving you a greater edge to sell high-priced items with ease. The fee per item in this platform is 99 cents which is applicable only when the product is sold. This gives you the opportunity to make some extra saving.

    Besides the mentioned platforms, you can always choose to sell on Amazon or eBay or both, for the simple reason that these two are seated unshakably in the top two positions in ecommerce.

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    Why Should You Sell On Sears At All?

    Shrikar Khare Posted On - June 16, 2016

    sell on sears
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    Sellers from the world over are in complete awe of Amazon and often don’t feel the need to venture out to other promising e commerce marketplaces. When you have billions of searches happening every year and increasing by the day; when you have FBA taking care of all your order fulfillment necessities with maximum assurance of buyer satisfaction; when you have the seller central to address your basic operational issues; when you can experience the best of growth and profits in this very platform; then why at all would you wish to set presence anywhere else? Sellers who are present in Amazon and Sears at the same time though, have a very different story to tell.

    When placed in comparison with Amazon, Sears as in e commerce marketplace (not the retail giant that it is) does appear a little too miniscule to seem attractive in any way whatsoever to sellers. However, when you sell on Sears, an instant access to thousands of unique buyers who have sworn their loyalty to this platform and are seldom seen to shop anywhere else can turn the tables around for the better. When you add these unique buyers with that of Amazon, you will discover that your scope as an e commerce seller has already increased many times over.

    Secondly, operating in Sears can cost you as little as 40$ per month. With this, you can receive and fulfill as many orders as you wish with all the support you require for the purpose. Additional assistance like FBS (fulfilled by Sears) may cost a little more but nothing that cannot be handled with ease. Similarly, using features like Advertise with Sears can also be very beneficial as far as driving traffic to your Sears store is concerned. Considering the fact that Sears already has a massive following in the world of retail, there is ample possibility that buyers who click on the products would actually go ahead and make the purchase.

    Thirdly, integrating with Sears is easy irrespective of which shopping cart you may be powered with. Say for example, initiating Volusion Sears integration can be just as productive, promising and affordable as Volusion Amazon integration. Carrying out both at the same time cannot be very difficult for sellers who wish to be present in both of these e commerce marketplaces with equal impact. Choosing the right e commerce solution providers can make the deal even more budget friendly.

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