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ChannelSale announces partnership with World First

Daniel Posted On - May 1, 2014

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ChannelSale is pleased to announce it’s new partnership with World First, the international payments specialists, to bring you access to better exchange rates for the proceeds of your international online marketplaces.

World First help thousands of e-commerce merchants save money every time they repatriate the proceeds of sales from international online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and World First’s dedicated service for online retailers is a cost-effective and straightforward solution for expanding your international Multi-Channel Sales reach. They can open non-domestic accounts for receiving funds in a number of currencies (GBP, USD, CAD and EUR) from E-commerce marketplaces in the UK, US, Canada and Europe. This helps you to achieve better exchange rates, meaning that the savings could be significant.

How you use the savings is up to you: you could offer more competitive pricing on your online storefronts, or expand or reinvest in your e-commerce operations. And with World First’s best-in-class online platform, World First Online, there’s greater flexibility in managing your currency conversions. Allowing you to choose the time – day or night – to repatriate your funds to your home business account, giving you 100% control of your profits.

To find out more about how you could start saving time and money, sign up here or reach out to Jason Magee via email, or via phone at +1 571.447.4900.

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PriceGrabber appoints a new President

Daniel Posted On - February 20, 2014

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Price Grabber, the Comparison shopping has had appointed Jeff Goldstein as their president, in the month of April which they have announced very recently.  It is claimed that Jeff Goldstein was already advising them for the last 10 months. Presently Goldstein has shouldered responsibilities in respect to formulating plans in developing new social, local and mobile products for He will also take care of enhancement of the targeted display advertising packages for the advertisers on behalf of PriceGrabber.

Jeff Goldstein has declared that since last year, PriceGrabber has all through aimed to enhance their value to their partners by expanding the product catalog to over 100 million offers which has also multiplied the value of their consumer traffic referred to the merchants to a large extent. In June, e-retail sales from comparison Shopping sites grew 10% year-over-year.  Currently, at Price Grabber, shoppers can find and compare over 80 million products and services across 27 categories with more than 11,000 merchants and sellers, as per the company statistics.

Goldstein’s LinkedIn profile reflects, previously he was a managing partner at investment and advisory firm BGT Capital from 2010 to April 2013. He acted as an adviser with CPL Holdings LLC, Price Grabber’s parent company since the last 10 months. Before that, Goldstein held the position of chief financial officer and chief digital officer for magazine publisher Modern Luxury Media from 2008 to 2010. He also worked in investment banking and corporate law at several firms, including Experian Interactive/LowerMyBills, IAC, Lehman Brothers and Gibson Dunn & Crutcher according to PriceGrabber. LowerMyBills, and ClassesUSA, are sister companies to PriceGrabber. All the three sites spun out of Experian PLC in a management-led buyout in the year 2013.

Steve Krenzer, CEO of CPL Holdings and a close acquaintance of Jeff Goldstein for about an decade has praised Jeff as a proven leader and applauded him for his remarkable knowledge, expertise and contribution in the growth of digital media and ecommerce businesses. He also did not forget to mention about his valued experience of working closely with Jeff.

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How E-Mail Marketing can offer more to E-Businesses?

Steve Burns Posted On - August 28, 2013

How E-Mail Marketing can offer more to E-Businesses
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In this era of fierce competition, every business faces the toughest challenge of framing effective customer retention strategies that can help them to expand their business. Your business message popping up in the inbox of your clients should have that punch, making the recipient to click on it. The e-businesses need to put in more effective marketing efforts so that they are able to maximize the reach of their business message to that target mass that envelope the market. Business communication via email got to get stronger.

The Statistics

Surveys have been conducted recently to trace out the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns. A whopping 66% of the marketers have said that that the e-mail marketing campaigns have been successful in generating higher ROI for them. The performance of the email-marketing campaigns has been subjected to different viewpoints and the way companies offer the success rate of the email-campaigns differ.  In a survey, only 39% rated the performance as ‘excellent’ or ‘good,’ and 42%, put it as ‘average, while a handful pronounced it to be ‘poor.’

Maintaining a Good Database

The customers are the king in the e-commerce world and there are no two ways about it. The focus of the online marketers has to be on informative content, web design and there is no way e-mail marketing efforts got to slack down if a web merchant wants to hold on to its customer base. The cleansing and the updating act of the client details in the mail list so that the mails that you send reach the recipient, is of due importance. If you mess up the whole act, then the effectiveness of the whole campaign gets reduced.

 The Post-Purchase Support offered to the E-Shoppers

The motto of the e-shoppers is not only to offer the required support to the purchasers when they are engaging in the online shopping spree. It is the support that the buyers expect after the buying spree, which needs to be assured by the online retailers. The marketing campaigns should be carried out not only for hooking new customer, but to show to your target buyers that you care for them. Their mail boxes must reflect to the customers the warmth of the e-seller. If the web merchants keep them updated with the discount offers and deals, pronouncing news about the latest arrivals of the products and the like, the e-mail campaign is bound to bring in successful results.

Exercising the Option of Repeated Purchase

For every e-seller, it is the wish that a customer would come back for repeated purchases. In order to nurture a mutually satisfying bond, the potential buyers need to be informed and lured with the attractive deals and discounts. The smart buyers, who always engage in the price comparison mode before indulging in online buying, would love to come back to a site and use their spending power. It is crucial to keep your customers informed with the latest buzz and hot sales news. The inducing and persuasive tone in your mail content must make the recipient to feel the urge of clicking it and not skipping it.

E-mail marketing campaigns still have that edge

It is true that the e-businesses are caught up with the prevailing wed design trends, putting emphasis on content and hankering for exposure in social media, but email-marketing is still capable of offering the required business juice to the e-businessmen. So as an online business owner, you need to tap in the potential that email marketing offer in terms of retaining your customers as well as adding the new, valuable ones.

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The Online Retailers can use Order Confirmation Pages for Higher Sales

Steve Burns Posted On - August 21, 2013

The Online Retailers can use Order Confirmation Pages for Higher Sales
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For the e-sellers, any information about sales growth or for pumping up their online revenue generation graph will make them to lend their ears. While different retailers are thinking about the various sales pitch and innovative brand marketing strategies, many online retailers have been using order confirmation pages to lure the existing buyers and the new customers to make online purchases. So this can be regarded as one of the best strategies that can enable the e-shoppers to boost their sales figure.

Cross Selling

When an online retailer makes a sales pitch, he wants to make the most of his business moves. The appeal of cross sells is something that urges the customers to make the best of the earning opportunity. For luring the customers with the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) model playing on their mind, as a retailer you just cannot make a string of offers to get thrown at the face of the customers. Using the order confirmation page, you can offer the additional products to catch the interest of the customers, without putting them as a pushy marketer.  It would be an icing on the cake when you put the ‘add to order’ button along with the cross sell deal.

Newsletter Sign-Up

Since you want to derive more out of the order confirmation page, you should not be in haste, getting on the nerves of the customers for newsletter sign-up. When an e-buyer is moving through the emotional online shopping journey, make the path through the checkout easy as they are shelling their hard-earned money. After the customer has completed purchasing, let the order confirmation page do the trick.

Offering Higher Client Satisfaction

The order confirmation page can do a lot to glue the customers for greater benefits. In order to grab the attention of the customers, correct use of the resources like videos demonstrating product tutorials and the like can prove to be the icing on the cake for the customers. Winning the trust of the customers is the best way to seal a long sustaining bond with the customers. When an e-buyer becomes a confident shopper, then it is, in anyway like pushing the revenue generation graph.

The Apt Use of Social Media

For giving that right nudge to a business, it is the promotion in the social media platform, which matters. The news about the immediate incentives can reach out to the people like wildfire, pronouncing the amount of discount on future purchase that a customer is going to get. It is the gifts, hot deals and the alluring offers on the products offered which play on the psyche of the buyers, making them to take a buying action, instantaneously.  When the e-sellers are able to tap the potential of social media, it is bound to have an effect on the sales figures. It is like cashing on the excitement quotient of the customers so that they naturally spread a buzzword about brands, products, exciting offers, services and the like, working as the word-of-mouth for the different brands.

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How SWOT Analysis can help Online Businesses to Grow?

Steve Burns Posted On - May 21, 2013

How SWOT Analysis can help Online Businesses to Grow
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The ever changing map of e-commerce is making the web-only sellers as well as the ones with a physical store and an online outlet, to shape their business in a convincing way. SWOT analysis is one of the very common business models that can help a business to judge its present market position when compared to that of the competitors. SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis need to be carried out by the e-commerce merchants with a real-world essence. While strengths and weaknesses can be best traced out by looking into the inner working of a business, opportunities and threats are external, which it needs to figure out by keeping a keen eye on the operating industry.

Figuring out Strengths and Weaknesses

It is essential for the web merchants to carry out the SWOT analysis at least annually, so that they can be infused with a sense of competition and know their worth and standing in the operating domain. The strengths of an e-commerce merchant are its commendable inventory, its customers, the support its offers to the customers post-purchase, the way it frames its pricing strategies and the like. The discounts and sales propositions are framed in such a manner that it pleases the customers without compromising on its profit margin. It helps a web merchant in consolidating the revenue generation graph, with sales count catapulting.

In order to indulge in the right analysis, a web merchant can conduct surveys and its customer base is one of the trusted sources that it can rely on for effective inputs. This way it can work on its weaknesses and offer a greater competition to the rivals in the same niche. The objective of an e-commerce merchant should be to build on its strength and eliminate its weaknesses.

Engaging in a Comparative Study

The SWOT analysis can be carried out by the top managerial leaders along with the team of experts who engage in market research and analysis. You can also hire a professional consultant who has real-time expertise in this field. When indulging in the comparative study, the e-commerce merchants should make a study that takes into account the merchants who only operate online as well as the ones with the brick-and-mortar counterpart. When comparing with only e-retailers and the traditional ones, the study of the scope, opportunities, threats get more complicated as most of the e-sellers have their physical retail outlets. Those who do not have the physical stores are striving hard to have their online business counterpart.

Dynamic Pricing

The urge to buy transforms into a buying action not only by the quality of the products available or the reputation of a merchant, but price plays an important factor in governing the purchasing decision of a buyer. So it is not only the e-sellers who can lure the customers by changing their offerings, their sales pitch and sales propositions from time to time, the retailers are making good use of the pricing data tools. Before finalizing the deal with a particular e-seller, a smart buyer is always keeping an eye on the price changes so that he can have true value of the money that he is investing. So in order to surpass the rivals, a pricing strategy that would hook the attention of the customers in a niche, is required. This, in turn, makes the prospective buyers to turn into potential customers.

Availing the Competitive Advantages

When a web merchant indulges in competition analysis, he gets to know the points that can be regarded as the strength of his business. In order to outdo the rivals in the niche, he needs to figure out how and why the customers should choose him, come to his site, engage in buying and again be back to make repeated purchases.

A web merchant needs to scrutinize the potentiality of his own business and find out:

  • What are the scoring points of his business that separate him from the others in the niche?
  • How vast and versatile is his product inventory?
  • How the best “sales” words like ‘free’ ‘new’ help in hooking more customers is utilized?
  • Is product suggestions offered to the customers?
  • Are you willing to listen to every grievance of the customer in the post-purchase phase?

The Opportunities and Threats

Utilizing opportunities in an operating domain depends on how you are keeping an eye on mergers and acquisitions. It is also about building rock solid plans and implementing strategies for incorporating technologies that would appease your loyalists, invite more customers and help you to outdo your competitors. It is the improvement brought about in the shopping cart software, inclusion of the live chat option and exciting, new features, which can totally make a web merchant to be in the good books of the customers. The ecommerce merchants have Amazon, Ebay as their biggest competitor. These giants in the sphere of ecommerce enable small businesses to learn a lot, helping them to frame the best policies.

The traditional retailers need to find out how they can improve the buying experience of the customers by revamping the modes of web-based shopping. Customer-friendly shopping experience depends on offering of newer customer services. When it comes to identifying the threats in the field, it is about crossing the barriers in the legal arena and keeping an eye on the various legislations.

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Can Digital Catalogs affect Sales for an E-Seller?

Steve Burns Posted On - May 16, 2013

Can Digital Catalogs affect Sales for an E-Seller
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It is the vast array of products that the merchants offer which keeps the customers hooked. The traditional catalogs in printed form are favored by the customers because of the flexibility to glance through them in the leisurely hours, be it on bed, couch or any place. This mode of offline browsing was in vogue for quite a long span of time, but it is going into oblivion now. This is because the cost factor looms large in the minds of the e-commerce merchants and the process of updating, distributing the traditional catalogs is definitely an arduous task.

With the web emerging as a resourceful business platform, the e-merchants are thinking of ways of how to keep their customer base occupied. Nowadays, the catalogs are sent online to the interested buyers via mail. Such a mode of marketing has received an amazing response from the potential buyers as they have not only showed their inclination to buy, but made repeated purchases. So do not be amazed if your online catalog that you send to the potential buyer proved to be one of the best conversion tips!

Digital Catalogs: At a Glance

In the sphere of catalog business, it is the digital catalog applications which are doing the rounds. It is the group catalog application which is gaining momentum as it facilitates the process of including products from various merchants. This paves the way for pulling quality traffic who are interested to shop from the wide variety of products that the different merchants offer. Since the use of tablets and other mobile devices are also on the rise, accessing one’s own favorite catalog on the go via the digital catalog application is not a very difficult task. It is not only rummaging through the catalogs, the interested buyers can also like, pin, compare the product catalog of the other merchants so that they can land up in the site of the e-commerce merchant that they choose for sealing an online business deal.

Can Digital Catalogs affect Sales?

For driving higher conversion, the e-commerce merchants can make a good use of the digital catalogs. In order to make the customers to come to the point of purchase, the digital catalogs work wonders. Some of the top merchants opine that their association with the catalog-application providers have made them to observe not only steady traffic, but higher e-commerce sales. When the digital catalog came into existence, the e-sellers instantly observed a good increase in terms of traffic and it has sustained also, making the e-sellers to have higher sales. If as on online merchant you are in need of product feed optimization and management services, bank on ChannelSale.

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Ways to make an Impact and Increase Sales for the E-Commerce Merchants

Steve Burns Posted On - April 6, 2013

Ways to make an Impact and Increase Sales for the E-Commerce Merchants
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The e-commerce merchants need to understand that it is not only the top-quality products that can help them to maximize their reach to the target audience. It is about the way the e-sellers approach to seize a respective market zone, which can further their chances of finding favor with the target customers. The sales words that the e-sellers choose must make a psychological impact, appealing to the primal instinct of the customers. The business owners when thinking of multi-channel exposure via their marketing plans must play with words if they want to nab the attention of the target customers and drive sales. The managed services that ChannelSale offers can prove beneficial in making a marketing campaign for building a strong chain of network, to fructify.

Use of Magical Words that Improve Sales

  • You: Use of ‘you’ in a business proposition, in the tagline of an advertisement and the sales strategies that an e-retailer frames to appease the customers, trying to win over their confidence, must have the word ‘you’ in them. It has a psychological advantage of playing on the minds of the target customers and it easily connects the customers instantly. They feel a sense of inclusion and involvement. It is communicating directly with your customers which makes them to feel good.
  • Free: The word ‘free’ has a thing about it ! The exciting offers like buying one item and getting the other one for free, a free sample with the purchase of one product are great motivators. Most of the online retailers are pledging to make shipping free in 2013, so that their sales number soar high. The interested buyers get the urge to shop more and more when the offers are backed by the word “free.” Amazon, eBay uses this word for forming their sales message with acuity.
  • New: The online sellers must harp on the word ‘new’ whether it is the addition of a new product in their inventory, a product getting rolled out in a new design, color, packaging and the like to quickly grab the attention of the potential customers.
  • Guaranteed: When the return policies, the terms and conditions that the e-sellers put in has the word ‘guarantee,’ it makes the customers to feel the confidence, trust a retailer and go ahead in the e-shopping journey.
  • PayPal: PayPal has a stellar reputation of finding favor with the customers who engage in online buying. For higher customer conversion, bringing up the sales figures with a lower processing cost and PayPal as a brand name work for the business merchants. Ebay is sharing a sparkling chemistry with PayPal via which its sales count is soaring!
  • Bill Me Later: The ‘Bill Me Later’ sales proposition has been successful in attracting new customers as the business merchants put it. The percentage of sales catapulted when the e-business merchants offered the financing promotions. For availing the option of a tad credit extension on the purchases they make, the customers avail the Bill Me Later option.

Increasing the Lifetime Value of the Online Customers

After a customer has successfully purchased a product from an online retailer, the responsibility of an e-seller does not end there if he is looking for that same customer to come back again and make repeated sales. In such a scenario, post-sale message work wonders for building trust and consolidating a business relationship. When wording a business proposition or showing your gratitude to a customer, avoid cliches and adopt a personal tone so that it appeases a customer and incites return visits. The post sale follow-up campaigns help where an online retailer sends the prevailing sales news to the customers via mail and provide information on the existing offers, suggest products, spell out return discounts and the like. This way cementing long-term bonds with the customers can be successfully achieved.

Putting Emphasis on Social Media Sales

Social media and e-commerce can definitely merge and the social networking sites can really facilitate sales. It needs to rope in the social networking buffs who are charmed by the visual treat of the products of the e-sellers when showcased in the visual bulletin board Pinterest and other visually stunning mediums. Social sales need to grow at a steady pace and it is surely to help the e-commerce merchants to improve their annual sales volume.

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Rating: 0 (from 0 votes) Reports 14% Purchasers Opted for Jewelry as V-Day Gifts

Steve Burns Posted On - April 2, 2013 Reports 14% Purchasers Opted for Jewelry as V-Day Gifts
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The inclination to pick up the best gift for your beloved looms large on your mind when the special day for professing love or Valentine’s Day approaches. 2013 also saw a mad rush among people who wanted to gift only the best to their lovers and, in turn, it made the jewelers happy! When cupid strikes and you want to relish the idea of your beloved adorned with a beautiful heart-shaped pendant, it is a top comparison shopping engine like PriceGrabber which helps you to browse through the products, compare prices so that the whole online buying process does not prove taxing on your pocket. It has been revealed by PriceGrabber that it was the demand for a wide variety of jewelry pieces which was prevalent. 14% of the purchasers favored the heart-shaped gemstones with small diamonds studded together and a wide variety of diamond rings, gemstones and the like.

Top US Comparison Search Engine

Valentine’s Day Shopping Survey 

The PriceGrabber’s survey revealed that the global economic climate had a huge role to play in terms of influencing the buying habits of the interested customers. In terms of consumers’ purchasing plan, 62% of them had plans of using their spending power stretching up to $100 on V-Day gifts in 2013. The good news is that 36% had plans to exceed their budget of $100, which was 28% in 2012. It seemed that the lovers left no stone unturned while picking up their chosen gifts. In the purchasing plan of the Valentine Day shoppers, cards, flowers, candies, heart-shaped gifts, soft toys dominated the scenario with jewelry finding more favor with the people. Prior to V-day, when a survey  was conducted to understand the psychological level of the customers the facts that could be traced out are:

  •  52% had the same budget which they planned in 2012
  • 26% had the urge to splurge
  • 17% opined of tightening the financial belt and spend less

The Shopping Trends observed

According to the reports furnished by PriceGrabber, ‘showrooming‘ is in vogue as people have the dominant urge to save while engaging in the buying spree. Many buyers hit the physical retail outlets to check out the products, but bought it online at a discounted price. The buying plans of the V-day gifts differed from one shopper to the other. While some preferred mobile shopping and made a good use of the mobile devices, many took a judicious decision by conducting product research in advance so that they can buy the gifts online at the best price.

Comparison of the Sales Figures: V-day 2012 Vs V-day 2013

The statistics reveal that in February 2012, the sales figure for V-Day, chiefly in the jewelry stores of the US accounted for $2.66 billion. This year, a slight increase in the sales volume has been observed as expected. The average customers had plans to spend $130.97, which was a better figure than $126.03 as revealed in 2012.

People opt for Engagements and Marriages in the Season of Love

It is not mushy or cheesy when people plan to make their day of engagements or marriages to coincide with V-Day. While the increased demand for green gemstones, peridot, malachite kept on increasing, solitaire diamonds capped with a halo setting, brilliant round cuts and the like soared the popularity chart in Valentine Day.

Why the Savvy Shoppers bank on PriceGrabber?

Pricegrabber as a top and notable CSE has a booming 23 million monthly shoppers with over 11,000 e-commerce merchants offering their vast array of products in several categories. Engaging in a comparative study of product prices, exciting offers and deals and finding the best online retailer is not an arduous task anymore, with PriceGrabber meeting all the buying needs of the e-shoppers successfully. It is one of the resourceful business platforms for the e-commerce merchants to let their businesses get the required turbo boost. The multi-channel marketing programs that most of the e-sellers engage in, can avail a competitive edge when they hire professional assistance and managed services that ChannelSale offers.

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Overstock observed Surging Sales Figures and Profits in 2012

Steve Burns Posted On - March 11, 2013

Overstock observed Surging Sales Figures and Profits in 2012
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The willingness to shop online has increased manifold among the online buyers. With the online marketplaces always gearing up to offer the best to the online retailers and the buyers, there is always a buzz in the market zone. which has eked out its own place in the online business domain and it witnessed an increase in sales in 2012 and earned a greater share of profit by streamlining its business.

Till the end of year or December 31, Overstock secured the 27th position in 2012 as the reports furnished by Internet Retailer Top 500:

  • In terms of the sales count the increase observed was stated at 4.3%. The numbers elevated from $1.099 billion which was $1.054 billion in 2011
  • Gross profit also catapulted from $179.1 million to $198.4 million as the figures of 2011 spell out
  • Net income show up at $14.7 million
  • Overstock put its solid footing with the promotional campaign for sales and marketing rising to $63.5 million from $61.8 million, whereas technology expenditure increased to 2.2 %

The booming fourth quarter for Overstock in 2012:

  • The increases in sales was observed at 8.9%, the figures jumping to $342.0 million from $314.1 million as perceived in the fourth quarter of 2011
  • Gross profit was also shot high at a whopping 20.2%
  • Net income totaled at $8.8 million
  • Marketing expenses got higher to $20.6 million from $18.9 million, but it paid off in the way it got higher conversion rate

The Web-only Merchant is Set to Surpass its Rivals

It is a proven fact that the physical retail outlets can have a higher footfall if they are able to market a brand successfully. Many shoppers still prefer to physically check out products by visiting the retail outlets and they also indulge in buying. However, the recent drift has been to the ‘showrooming’ trend where the shoppers are hitting stores only to take the suggestion of the sales stuff and for checking out products only to come back and seal the deal online. This way they can avail the handsome discounts and the hot deals and save when they go for shopping online. The online retailers face the challenge of being with an interested buyer all through the emotional e-shopping journey by offering them the best of facilities to facilitate the online buying process. Overstock is gearing up to ensure a better connectivity with the buyers and the sellers and it is coming up with effective strategies to appease the online retailers. People might flock to an e-shop, but the biggest challenge is the rate of conversion, which need to be higher for an online seller to feel happy while taking a look at the annual sales figure.

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How the Small Online Retailers are Planning up to Make it Big in 2013

Steve Burns Posted On - February 28, 2013

How the Small Online Retailers are Planning up to Make it Big in 2013
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The online business domain has innumerable business merchants cropping up in the respective niches to sell their wares and offer their services.  Attaining visibility in the face of stiff competition is a difficult job. It becomes more difficult for the small retailers who often feel panic-stricken that their business would get lost in the sea of sameness. It is only a well-sketched plan that can help the small-sized businesses to grow manifolds. From effective product feed management to kick-starting their multi-channel marketing campaigns, resorting to ChannelSale can prove to be a good idea.

Strategic Planning<

  • Adding that variety in the vast array of top-quality products so that the customers always have something new to check out and cling to a brand
  • Approach the global market with the aim for business expansion and target the audience  segments in international markets
  • Optimize sites for mobile devices
  • Fructifying plans of having a physical retail outlet
  • Engaging in cost-cutting

A Resourceful and Spiced up Inventory

In the face of stiff competition, it is always necessary to keep on updating the inventory for an e-seller. When the customers are spoiled with a number of choices in terms of choosing a product, it hooks them in exploring the portfolio of a retailer with much eagerness and dedication. Whether it is keeping a tab on the products in stock or effective feed management, the retailers need to pull up their socks for harnessing the attention of their loyalists and to build up their customer base.

Peeping into the Global Market

For the small business owners, running local businesses and hatching plans for maximizing profit only will not suffice. Solid planning backed by the usage of proper resources after conducting a market research can make a web-only merchant to go for business expansion on a global front. When the customers spread worldwide gets to know and rely on a web merchant, it makes way for the online sellers to have higher conversion or sales rate. It is not only about extending the demography of the target audience segment, but also the cumulative effort of reading the minds of the target mass that can help small-sized retailers to further their business prospects.

Going more Viral with Mobile

The convenience of online shopping has made the interested e-shoppers to buy more online via enjoying the coupon codes, discounts and lucrative deals. The retailers in order to earn higher visibility must optimize their site for the mobile devices and the smartphones.

Making a Physical Presence via a Retail Outlet

The small business merchants who only trade online must have their counterpart or a physical retail outlet. It is not an easy business planning for the small business owners as they need to have a strong financial backbone to achieve this plan. However, a physical entity of a retail outlet makes way for higher sales revenue generation, greater exposure of the brand. It also helps in reaching out to the potential customers, no matter where they are situated. The retail outlets have their own set of customers who love to check out products before taking the buying decision and feel it which is not possible in the virtual medium.


By streamlining business processes, the online merchants can cut down on their expenditure and reduce the overall expenses. Product listing in Google will prove to be a beneficial affair for the e-merchants and they are sure to reap major benefits from the paid product listing service of Google Shopping. For laying hands on higher revenue, most of the e-sellers are banking on social media campaigns and they are hopeful that recommendations from social media, positive customer reviews and the traditional word-of-mouth promotion is going to help them in generating higher revenue.

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2013 Sales Strategies for Online Retailers

Steve Burns Posted On - January 1, 2013

2013 Sales Strategies for Online Retailers
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The dawn of the new year for the online retailers infuses them with the spirit to satiate their existing customer base year long and add new valuable customers. The sales strategies to win over the customers need to be framed with strategical thinking in tune with the prevailing and emerging marketing trends.

Popularity of Mobile Devices to Soar High 

Mobile devices enable the users to access web anytime, at any place. For ensuring a satisfying browsing experience, retailers must optimize their site for mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and the like. A simple, intuitive navigation will pave way for higher conversion rate, sales volume and increased e-commerce revenue. You must cash in the trend of increasing use of mobile devices by the customers to shop online. Tap the potential of tablets, iPads and smartphones to the fullest in 2013 and observe substantial sales growth.

Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns 

As a retailer, you need to take care every aspect of your business. Marketing campaigns need proper automated data feed optimization, submission, and effective management of your wide array of products. Leveraging your category management capabilities is essential for ensuring increase in consumer shopping basket size. The expertise of ChannelSale platform will help you to optimize your products across several marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks and CSEs.

Peeping into the Social Media Trends in 2013 

Social media is one of the resourceful platforms for the retailers to exploit. The current parameters of measuring user engagement in the social media platforms- ‘Fans’, ‘Followers’, ‘Likes’ need to be revamped in more meaningful metrics. It can be tracking the number of positive comments received about a business, coming up with new modes of making people to participate and other effective strategies. It, in turn, will help in adding more value to your business.

  • Share attention-grabbing content to stand out from brands hit by the storm of ‘un-liking,’ ‘un-follow.’
  • Create a buzz about your online presence so that social media influence buying decisions of the customers leading to increase in social sales
  • Make strategical plans for effective social profiling for enhanced communication and customer interaction

Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations 

Focus on the 3 R’s; Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations as these will have greater purchasing impact in 2013. The conversion rate is likely to increase as global consumers will bank more on the online customer reviews and ratings. Recommendations and opinions of family, friends in social media helps the interested buyers to trust a brand.

Retailers must build on Behavioral Science of Consumers 

You must have valuable insights about the thought pattern and purchasing demands of your target mass. Assessing rightly the attitude, buying patterns and the factors inducing customers to take the prompt buying action can help in catapulting your sales number. Reading the psychology of the customers in a niche is crucial to maximize your reach and attract a new base of customers.

Effective Video Marketing 

Maximize the use of high-definition video to market your products and services more convincingly. Editing the video so that it streams smoothly both on the mobile devices, desktops and laptops is crucial. Sharing it in social media will let your brand to hog the limelight, create brand awareness.

Discounts and Free Samples are always Fetching 

Online shoppers compare products pricing, specifications, check out product reviews and the hot deals in different comparison shopping engines to make the best buy. Handsome discounts, free products and money-saving deals always entice the customers to take the buying initiative and this traditional way of luring customers is here to stay!


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