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Selling on Jet vs Amazon—what the numbers say?

Daniel Posted On - September 12, 2017

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When planning to launch an online store, one foremost question that sellers come across is which platform to sell on. There are so many marketplaces, which one is ideal for them? Add to this the confusion of should they launch their own online store – given it is relatively easier today – or not.

So a common question that jumps ahead of everyone is—“should I be selling on Jet vs Amazon?”

How do these two marketplaces trade with each other? Which one guarantees a higher sale to the sellers?

The phenomenal growth of Marketplace

Started back in 2015 with only 100,000 invite-only trial buyers, has emerged to be a leading player in the world. In fact, on the global scale, it ranks in the list of top 5 biggest marketplaces, competing (and defeating) the established platforms.

The latest number suggests that, with millions of visitors buying from it every month, is growing 278 times faster than Amazon’s growth rate. Now that is something exceptional that speaks volume for all the sellers confused about their marketplace selection.

eBay—the boss of marketplaces

Although in recent times eBay has lost its dominance in the face of higher competition, it’s still just as relevant. Possibly the most established market player, it boasts over 25 million sellers and over 1 billion product listings. Its team is just as big, employing over 12,600 individuals across the world.

So for many new sellers, eBay is, of course, an attraction. The confusion comes when they are limited in their resources and want to optimize the return on their investments of money, time and energy. So the question naturally comes—eBay or

Answer: BOTH!

Sell on both- eBay and marketplace. When you sell on more number of platforms, you manifold the chances of sales and revenue. In fact, one study found that adding to multichannel efforts can increase annual sale by 23 percent or more. So when you’re running eBay store in sync, you’re assured of higher revenue.

Admittedly, handling multiple online stores require Supermanesque-powers. This is where third-party e-commerce software solution comes into play a major role. Offering powerful integration features, along with managed services, they make controlling various platforms together much easier, convenient and efficient. Integrate everything from and eBay to Magento Rakuten, easily and affordably.

So if you’re starting, start on both the platforms to maximize your returns. Signup to a nice multi-channel e-commerce software solution.

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How To Become A Walmart Marketplace Retailer In 4 Simple Steps

Thomas Posted On - May 29, 2017

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Walmart online marketplace is not one of those platforms where red carpets are thrown out for all sellers alike. This is in fact, a platform where only the established best of the 3P lot are welcomed as members while the rest of the applicants can expect to spend an indefinitely long period of time waiting for their applications to be accepted.

Therefore, if you are a seller thinking how to become a Walmart marketplace retailer while experiencing a fruitful, productive and profitable future, here are 4 first-steps that you need to focus on as early as possible…

Determine whether you qualify or not –While it can be difficult for sellers to admit that they are not good enough for a certain marketplace, there are times when it is best to make such assessments. has laid out a very strict set of policies that determines if a certain seller qualifies for the platform at all or not. Going through this list can save a whole lot of time and energy that could otherwise be lost on something non-functional.

After receiving go-ahead from the marketplace, opt for end to end setup and integration – This is important in every which way you see it. End to end integration is something that should not be left to sometime later. If you bear an ‘as and when’ approach to Walmart integration, it will only be a while before operational hassles and bottle necks get the better of your performance.

You need to check if you possess all necessary operational backing – operational systems as applied and used by the sellers at the time of entry into the marketplace is taken into very serious consideration by Walmart online marketplace judges the operational back up and supportive before giving a go-ahead to sellers and this applies especially to order / inventory management and control systems and more.

This is in sharp contrast with other marketplaces like, eBay, Amazon etc. In fact, this is one of those features that don’t apply when comparing selling on v/s Amazon.

Engage professionals for set up and integration tasks till go live and more if needed – has partnered with a handful of promising e commerce solution developers that are dedicated to assist 3P sellers with the best of support systems and integration services at very reasonable prices. Approaching these professionals right after induction into the platform and engaging their services till listing goes live can be the ultimate route to success as a retailer in

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