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How To Make Walmart Amazon Integrated Selling Error Free

Daniel Posted On - April 5, 2017

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Walmart Amazon integrated selling can be very productive and profitable for motivated e commerce sellers at large. Winning millions of unique visitors from both marketplaces (that can often count up to over 100 million every month) is a literal treat to extended visibility and traffic that no seller in his or her sane mind can overlook easily. The only hindrance in the way to achieving phenomenal growth and profits though, can be caused by the clashes that are inherent in selling on Walmart and Amazon at the same time.

Some of the most common problems are associated with price related mishaps, inventory / order hiccups, failure to offer acceptable standards of purchase experience to buyers and many more. While the issues often sound a little too difficult to overcome, error free integrated selling in these two marketplaces is actually not very difficult to achieve. In fact, here are 4 tried and tested ways in this respect that can help sellers march towards the right direction…

Start your endeavors with professional integration assistance –

Commencing Walmart Amazon selling without carrying out proper integration is considered an act of grievous carelessness. End to end integration including shopping carts like Shopify Amazon Walmart syncing etc. should be listed as top priority.

Use integrated listing management systems to harmonize product management –

Everything in Amazon Walmart integrated selling boils down to how you list your products in both platforms. Basically, sellers have to ensure offering equal value of products in both marketplaces with none preceding the quality of the other while adhering to the listing guidelines stipulated by the respective platforms perfectly. Difficult as this may sound, using integrated listing management systems can help ease the issue significantly.

Price management softwares are indispensable –

Selling on Walmart and Amazon can invite price related hassles considering the fact that wants sellers to list at the lowest prices while Amazon does not want its sellers to present the same items in some other marketplace with a lower price tag. This otherwise confusing problem can be sorted out with the use of evolved pricing management softwares.

Integrating inventory management systems is necessary to prevent acceleration of order defect rates – as well as Amazon are both very particular about maintaining order defect rates in sellers to less than 1%. In order to remain in the safer side of things, sellers can always fall back on improved inventory integration systems that can offer a protective shield against all possible errors that can lead to an increase in order defect rates or other associated problems.

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