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What To Expect After Implementing Impenetrable Walmart Integration

Stephen Posted On - August 23, 2017

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3P entities selling in have been briefed about the importance of commencing their endeavors in the marketplace with end to end integration. However, when it comes to the outcomes of the integration process, each seller appears to nurture different expectations some of which can be a little too over the top to be achievable in the first place. To make things clearer, here is a small list of possible outcomes that can be experienced while selling on with end to end integration…

  • Automated operations between all integrated platforms –

    End to end Walmart integration should be able to enhance automated performance not only between the Walmart and chosen shopping cart but Walmart and all other marketplaces / CSEs the seller may be present in as well.

  • Being updated about all core operations on real time basis –

    From listing to inventory management, from performance tracking and order completion, the process should be able to support all core operations and more in real time and that too with maximum assurance of freedom from possible human errors and faults.

  • An array of tools and software solutions with jet age features –

    Integrations are usually carried out with the aid and assistance of a series of tools and software solutions many of which add enhanced features to the boost the overall selling endeavor. This is applicable not only in integrated Walmart selling but also in all endeavors involving top marketplaces, CSEs and shopping carts like Magento Amazon integration etc.

  • A little lighter on the wallet –

    Impenetrable integrations that surpasses the domain of basics will often leave you a little light on the wallet. Authentic and reputed professionals are thus seen to focus on cost effectiveness of their services in this respect rather than beating drums on affordability or cheapest deals. However, it is necessary to know that the money spent on such elevated efforts is worth every penny.

If you are not getting all these advantages, your integration may not be as impenetrable as it is supposed to be. Opting for the services of the official integration partners of can be very helpful with respect to gaining end to end uncompromised integration of Walmart with all other marketplaces, comparison shopping platforms, shopping carts and even affiliates for that matter. The good news is, some of the official integration partners of this marketplace are more affordable than the others without compromising on the quality of services.

ChannelSale is also one of the most economical online real time marketing management platforms and is offered to you at an aggressive discount as compared to similar platforms existing. Of course, we match other platforms feature for feature. So what customers get is more for less. More Features, More benefits for Lesser price.

ChannelSale’s technical team has deep exposure, experience and expertise in managing e-Commerce for several Multinational companies.

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4 Essential Prerequisites To Qualify For A Place In

Stephen Posted On - August 23, 2017

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Walmart online marketplace is known for specifying one of the toughest lists of pre requisites for sellers to qualify for selling in this marketplace. This has also been named as the only flipside to becoming a Walmart 3P seller that has no remedy. Therefore, for entities that have decided to make a leap towards this platform as a part of their multichannel ventures or to make a complete shift from their existing marketplaces, here is a list of 4 prerequisites they should be prepared to meet…

The basics –

Basics basically include a list of factors that determines the immediate suitability of the applying sellers with Walmart. Say for example, the area of presence and whether Walmart covers the concerned location or not; the nature and category of products that the seller deals with etc. can be mentioned in this respect. If the seller does not operate from locations that Walmart does not cover or sells products that the marketplace does not support, the application for selling on will get rejected almost immediately.

Your selling history –

Walmart has laid out a very stringent set of requirements as far as selling history is concerned. The sellers are expected to be the cream of the lot with record of maintaining very high ranking and visibility in their existing marketplaces of presence. They should have less than 1% order defect rate, 0% being more acceptable. Reviews and ratings in favor of the applicants also need to be anywhere between 4 stars to 4.5 out of 5.

Walmart expects the applicants to be traffic magnets that will contribute towards greater inflow of purchase motivated buyers towards Walmart than all other ecommerce marketplaces of sale.

Operational apparatus –

Walmart takes a very close look at the existing operational apparatus of the applying sellers expecting the system to be evolved and updated. Everything from listing to inventory management and tracking has to bear an infallible automated approach so that the sellers do not find themselves in a soup for errors that could have been avoided. Quality and approach to existing integration systems like Volusion Amazon integration etc. is also viewed with due importance.

Everything about order fulfillment –

Acceptance or rejection of applications for Walmart presence depends largely on the quality of order completion apparatus adopted by the concerned sellers. The fulfillment system is expected to be robust and updated and that too with end to end automation. FBA is also accepted as a worthy order fulfillment system and sellers are required to integrated with the same seamlessly for fortified performance. A substandard approach to order fulfillment usually results in rejection of applications.

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Google Product Feed Requisites You Wouldn’t Mind Spending On

Stephen Posted On - July 27, 2017

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Making your listing feature in Google in an impactful manner can literally take your ecommerce efforts from rags to riches. While it is true that this celebrated platform is not free and you will be required to spend on CPC; it is usually one of those expenses that sellers are ever willing to bear.

However, considering the level of competition that already exists in Google, it always works in favor of selling entities to put in added efforts to improve Google product feed quality. This can be very yielding in terms of maximizing visibility of the ads and increasing the inflow of traffic and conversions many times over.

Here are some of the many avenues in Google efforts you would really not mind spending upon at the onset…

Optimization –

Scratch basic optimization efforts seldom work productively in Google. Sellers that handle the process manually all on their own without the assistance of tools and software solutions often fail to make it to desired levels of visibility. The nature and scope of optimization has evolved phenomenally over the past few years and not making use of the available advantages can amount to possibilities lose to nothing.

Investing in high quality optimization solutions that focuses on everything starting with proper keyword research for titles to image optimization can be a lifesaving decision for your Google endeavors.

Integration –

Whether you are selling on or Amazon or eBay or any other marketplace for that matter, not integrating the concerned marketplace with Google end to end can heavily compromise the efforts. Your shopping cart and concerned marketplace where you wish the Google traffic to diver to needs to be perfectly synced with Google preferably with real time advantages.

This makes it very easy for sellers to track and manage operations between the platforms and take necessary corrective actions when required.

Pricing and cost management –

In Google, everything boils down to the price of your products. Almost every online buyer compares products for the lowest prices followed by attractive deals that eventually lead them to click on the listing and make their purchase. This is one of the reasons why sellers keep updating their list prices in Google often by the minute which makes it mandatory for every other competing seller to update their prices as well for the sake of maintaining visibility.

This though, is not one of those tasks that can be accomplished manually by sellers. Investing in pricing and cost management tools can thus be a decision you will never regret.

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