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Steve Burns Posted On - August 2, 2013 announces Partnership with Mercent
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Mercent is a well-known name in the technological field has come up with some partnership plans and has signed a deal with, which is the eCommerce arm of Market America. In the mucg coveted 2013 Internet Retailer Top 500 list, holds secures the 57th slot. With the partnership news doing the rounds, it is definitely a feather on cap for Mercent as it helps in extending the portfolio of this online shopping hotspot. It is again a scoring point for the e-sellers who can expect higher level of exposure of the wide variety of goods that the web merchants can sell to the customers.

Top Online Retailer

The Hopeful Words on Behalf of

SHOP.COM’s Chief Operating Officer, Marc Ashley, has opined that “SHOP.COM provides retailers the ability to expand their online presence and market share by offering their full portfolio of products to SHOP.COM consumers. We are looking forward to broadening the product offerings on SHOP.COM with Mercent’s extensive portfolio of enterprise retail clients.” When has come up with such expansion plans, it got to bring in greater business benefits.  The e-sellers are hankering for more exposure across multiple channels and it is the resourceful platforms that can do the job of connecting the buyers and the sellers.

Mercent’s cherished Business Venture

According to Mercent Chairman and CEO Eric Best, “SHOP.COM ranks #57 of the fastest growing e-retailers, #28 of retail sites with the highest growth and #14 in the Mass Merchandising category along with e-retailers that include Amazon, Sears and Target. We are pleased to partner with SHOP.COM and look forward to accelerating the online success of Mercent retailers participating in this marketplace.” The words of the Mercent CEO speak volume about the way it is hoping for reaping greater business benefits.

The Lucrative Business Move

This business move is a great one that will let SHOP.COM to extend its portfolio of products and reach out more to the potential buyers. SHOP.COM currently pampers its people with more than 40 million products from the big names like Walmart, Nike, GAP, Tommy Hilfiger, Banana Republic and the like.  This partnership will enable retailers to seamlessly integrate into the SHOP.COM eCommerce marketplace via Mercent. This move will facilitate the process of offering data feeds to the SHOP.COM storefronts. It ensures syndication of rich product descriptions, data on product categorization, exciting promotional offers and the like. Keeping in mind the nature of fierce competition, real-time product updates in tune with the changes is reflected on the e-sellers ‘website.

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The Benefits E-Sellers can Avail from Listing Products on

Steve Burns Posted On - May 9, 2013

The Benefits E-Sellers can Avail from Listing Products on
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The online marketplace is buzzing with news. In order to offer the most satiating shopping experience to the e-shoppers and letting the online retailers to gain exposure, is one of the best choices! Tagged as the revolutionary online comparison search engine provider which was acquired by Market America in 2010, is a resourceful platform that the online retailers must make a good use of to let their products hog the limelight. There is undoubtedly stiff competition among the retailers to reach out to the target audience segments. Magnifying the presence of the e-commerce merchants in cyberspace, showcasing their wide variety of products that they offer can pull in quality traffic and higher conversion when they choose a credible CSE like

The Significance of Online Product Listing

There is difference in the mode of selling in a brick-and-mortar store and in the virtual realm. It is about reading up the psychology, the behavioural pattern of the e-shoppers which can help the retailers to reach out to the customers in a better way. The e-sellers must realize that the interested buyers cannot physically check out the products, so specific and accurate product information is the key. It helps the buyers to take an informed buying action. Today’s tech savvy online shoppers are smart and want to be educated shoppers in the way they use their spending power. The interested buyers do not want to settle for anything but the best when indulging in the buying spree.

The Essentials of Product Data Template

The Compulsory Fields that an E-Seller must Fill up:

  • Group Name
  • Group Description
  • Line Item Code
  • Line Item Name
  • Line Item Price
  • Image URL
  • Department A (Chief Department)
  • Attribute

Optional but Recommended Fields

  • Keywords
  • Line Item Sale Price
  • UPC Code
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • ISBN
  • Brand
  • Alternate Image Reference 1
  • Alternate Image Link Text2
  • Cross Sell

Why – The Best Platform for Online Retailers?

  • If as an e-shop merchant you are hankering for apt business positioning that would lead to optimum level of exposure, is the place to be to display your wares online. It is the wide variety of categories of like clothes, beauty, electronics, home store, office supplies, healthcare & nutrition and the like which makes one of the resourceful platforms for the online retailers to engage in product listing
  • Soaking in the business juice of a new stream of loyal customers becomes easier for the e-sellers. The different target audience segments placed all across the globe can easily lay their hands on the products of their choice, engage in weighing the prices and can check out the hot sales news, coupons and lucrative deals. This, in turn, helps the e-commerce merchants to observe a higher sales volume
  • The specialized and expert Account Manager, the Marketplace Business Center tools of help in offering the business of the retailers the needed turbo-boost
  • Make your business to peep into the global front, gain exposure, expand, observe higher sales growth while you enjoy higher ROI

A Resourceful Guide for The E-Retailers on: Product Information

What’s there in a Product Name?

It is the chief thing that grabs the eyeballs of the potential buyers!

  • Give a specific product name, inclusive of the brand name and keyword. Keep it short, use a maximum of 80 characters
  • Avoid using quotation marks. Do not put the product name all in capital letter. It will not have a hammering effect on your customers, but will make you a pushy marketeer
  • It is better not use abbreviations if they are not popular
  • If opting for using HTML, double check with the partner about its acceptance in the product feed
  • Product name gets a greater preference in the search results and it must be specific. It is crucial to include what is being sold, product type, brand name and the gender that you are targeting at

Key Points for the Web Merchants to Remember on: Product Description

  • It is of great importance to supply product information following the inverted pyramid style. As an e-seller you should prioritize the arrangement of information in the way that your customers get the top-quality information in crisp details while checking out product description
  • It is crucial to place the highly important information within the first 150-300 characters. For optimizing your product listing, front load information must satisfy the search users
  • Inclusion of brand names is essential in product descriptions as many e-shoppers are brand loyalists who love to shop by brand
  • In order to clear the confusion whether a product is meant for men or women, which happens in cases of shoes, fragrances, apparel and the like, the e-commerce merchants should mention the gender in the description
  • When it is the wide range of baby products, clothing, accessories and the like, as a retailer you have different gifts to offer that purchasers can pick up. Mentioning of the age range helps in easy selection of products on the part of the buyers.
  • Making a keyword that describes your product must find a place in the product name. Do not stuff too much of keywords hoping for better search engine ranking. Adversely, excessive use of keywords will be considered as spamming. So be judicial in the way you use keywords in your product description
  • Use of common and standard abbreviations is still fine, but do not go overboard with abbreviations of unpopular terms and expect the buyers to understand it!
  • Your top-quality products must be capped with visually-stunning images. When you are selling online, high-resolution images are quintessential to hook the attention of the customers, paving the way for higher conversion
  • The seasonal and holiday products that of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and the like must be separated into groups. These products which are offered special treatments like handsome deals, discounts should be grouped in such a way that people find it easily

Product Price and Promotion: Strategic Planning for the E-Commerce Merchants

The swirl of surveys and research have come up repeatedly with the fact that price is one of the chief factors that dominate the buying decision of the purchasers. When the e-commerce merchants dish out the retail and the sale prices, it helps the customers to engage in some budget shopping as they get to know how much they will spend and how much they can save.

When you manage your product data feed, populate and keep on updating the feed with accurate details and specifications. As an online retailer, you will be able attract steady traffic and have higher conversion rate. The use of the price data tools by the retailers is becoming more popular so that they can successfully influence the buying decision of the people by luring them with attractive product prices from time to time.

The recent hot sales news that the site of is crowned with is that the buyers can save 5% with authorship and avail the bumper free shipping service when they purchase products of a considerably larger amount.

When you engage in product listing, update your product feed by including offers in product specifications that would make the interested buyers to browse through your products over other sellers’ listing. The catchy sales words like “free” “new” in the product feed template can successfully create an impact on the minds of the buyers.

Dealing with the Media Products in the Listing Process

It is essential to effectively use the standard media terms for the electronics goods and the media products. Offering of the correct media differentiators is crucial for effective product listing. For instance, if it is the books, then ISBN is vital. Then specifications like the author, identifying its as hardcover, paperback , audio book, etc is also important. In case of consumer audios and videos, consumer electronics and game system filling up the UPC field must be provided. The other required details ranging from the brand name, system/format, Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) and other fields must be filled up by the retailers so that specifications offered in the product feed enhance the effectiveness of apt product listing. with its credibility and stellar reputation has thrown in greater opportunity to the online retailers who are eying for visibility in the different market zones, via effective product listing. Ensuring that a retailer gets voluminous traffic and is able to convert them to potential clientele, effective product feed automation, optimization and management is pivotal. Tap in the potential of today and let your online business to scale heights!

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