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5 Shopping Channels That Can Bring Home The Best ROI In 2016

Steve Burns Posted On - August 12, 2016

5 Shopping Channels
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Multichannel ecommerce is not easy. If you are taking the trouble to spread your venture into (around) 5 different platforms or more, you will have to ensure that your efforts count. Choosing the right platforms will compliment your efforts and win you maximum ROI than squandering your time and money in marketplaces that simply does not suit your way of business.

If you are a seller dealing in popular items like fashion apparels & accessories, home décor and home improvement products, health and beauty products, electronics and gadgets, sports products etc. the following 5 shopping channels can bring you the best lot of prospective buyers thus improving chances of conversions many times over…


Rakuten may have been called Amazon of the East, but this platform is exclusive in itself and it could only be a while before it spreads its wings for global domination. On establishing presence in this marketplace, you can access almost 90% of Japan’s online shoppers who are always on Rakuten looking for the best deals and best shopping experience. Rakuten is growing real big real fast, so anytime is a good time to start.


Sears may not be anywhere close to Amazon, eBay or Rakuten in terms of profit statistics, but you make a real deal out of this platform while it is still in its growing phase. Sears costs as little as 40$ a month with an additional 40$ if you wish to use FBS (fulfillment by Sears) to get a complete selling package. Competition is low in Sears right now with the numbers of unique visitors increasing by every passing week. Gaining visibility at this very moment will now be easy thus contributing to good profit levels.


Newegg is one of the most favored platforms of top online retailers who deal in electronics. However, this platform is equally open to all categories of popular products ranging from fashion apparels and accessories to health and home and many more. At this very moment, there are more sellers looking forward to join Newegg than Amazon or eBay.

Google Shopping

It is tried tested and proven than presence in Google Shopping can open a floodgate of traffic to your store anytime of the day. Sellers have experienced exponential growth of at least 33% within the first month of their presence in this top comparison shopping platform.


Amazon is still the King of all marketplaces. This is still the leader in innovative e commerce, best deals, impeccable purchase experience and most importantly, it is a platform that has won unshakeable trust from buyers. Anytime is a good time to start in Amazon and expect the best returns out of it.

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