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Steve Burns Posted On - April 2, 2013 Unleashes New Reporting Columns
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The online retailers crave to indulge in effectual product listing, so that their voluminous products is able to find the right buyers. has been a potential avenue for the e-sellers as well as the buyers, ensuring a better connectivity between them. While the e-sellers can exhibit their wide range of products, the potential buyers can weigh the prices before engaging in buying in this credible CSE. This reputed comparison search engine,, has set the online market zone buzzing with news. It has come up with two new reporting columns in the product reports that they offer, namely

  • SKU Bid
  • Price Tranche

How the  two new columns work for the Online Retailers?

SKU Bid: The new SKU bid column helps the online retailers to effectively keep a tab on the category-level bids. It is the complete range of product information that an e-seller can access, which proves crucial for the successful completion of the bidding process.

Price Tranche:’s price-tiered reports always get a thumbs-up from the e-commerce merchants. The brand new reporting column known as the Price Tranche Column is one of the convenient tools for the e-merchants who can just click the ‘campaign’ tab, move on to ‘reports’ click on the preferred product category to find out the price chart for that respective product category. This column also furnishes the metrics capped with COS which facilitate the bidding process, making the merchants to bid high or low, in a judicious way.

Changes Effective from the Fag End of January

In the Product Level Reporting of, two columns got added. The merchants have been able to observe these product level changes in the reporting columns from January 30, 2013. The web-based retailers in need of greater visibility and higher sales is sure to take advantage of these two brad new columns that the product report of The existing ones will continue to remain same while taking a look from the left side to the right like rank, category name , sub category, product name, date, URL, price and the like with SKU Bid and Price Tranche getting added. The merchant support team of can offer substantial help to the retailers who have some queries. If you are looking for some credible assistance, then resort to ChannelSale multi-channel marketing program and get your business noticed in the online realm.

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