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5 Less Popular Ways to Improve Your Online Sales

Daniel Posted On - October 16, 2017

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Optimize your stores, get reviews, send emails…. Grr

How many times have you heard such clichéd advices to boost your online sales? Many times? And how well have they worked out to jump your revenue? Good? Bad?

Regardless! To make things even better and take your online stores to the next level, here are LESS POPULAR tips to improve your online sales:

Get on Comparison Shopping Engines

Comparison search engines have come to play a major role for online shoppers, helping them compare price, features and more of products of different sellers. If you aren’t already a part of such comparison sites, be! Use third-party e-commerce solution for efficient shopping engine management.

Start Blogging

Top sellers do this already. Start blogging about your store and products. Launching and managing blog has become much easier today, thanks to Content Management Systems like WordPress and Blogger. Your write-ups, if good enough, will get attention of both the potential buyers and search engines, which then can drive you big sales.

Leverage Facebook Group

Facebook Group is an important feature of this giant social media giant that many sellers don’t even know how to use it efficiently. Unlike and instead of Facebook Fan pages, it’s more intimate with wider reach potential. You can easily engage your relevant audience without spending hefty on advertisement programs.

Make product videos

Products accompanied by short videos sell much higher than otherwise. So download some free (or premium) video editing tool online and make a simple video explaining about your products and their features. It’s okay if it isn’t like that of professionals. A simple video is just fine.

Hire managed services

Top third-party e-commerce solution providers also offer managed services. Hire these professionals and let them handle few of the backend tasks of your online stores, even when you have integrated your selling channels like Shopify Walmart. They would bring much more quickness and efficiency on the table, along with their expertise, which will combine to boost you sales.

These are 5 less popular tips to help you jump your sales seamlessly. Of course they won’t work magically. It would take some time to see the results. But the end result, believe us, will be much worth than your initial efforts.

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Why Titles Are Important In Amazon Listing

Thomas Posted On - April 19, 2017

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Name matters… and this applies for e commerce product listing as well especially for top performing marketplaces like Amazon. Titles play a massive role in determining discoverability and ranking of products in this top online shopping destination. Sellers should thus ensure that they do everything in their power and scope to name their products right.

Basically, there are 3 primary functions of titles in Amazon listing or product listing for any other marketplaces for that matter…

Introduction –

Titles are the first step to introducing your product before target buyers in this marketplace. If your titles fail to justify the product or catch the attention of the buyers, you may end up losing your sale to your competitors.

Ranking –

Search ranking in Amazon depends in every way possible on the titles of the products. Inclusion of the right keywords in the titles as part of optimization can help sellers win higher search ranking in the marketplace which is critically important with respect to the cut throat competition raging in this platform right now.

Purchase motivation –

Titles build purchase motivation in buyers and there are no two ways about it. Buyers read through comprehensive titles first along with the images before going into the descriptions followed by checkout or abandoning the product.

3 Dos for profitable Amazon titles –

Considering the role that titles play not just in ecommerce marketplaces but also with respect to comparison shopping engine management, here are 3 universal ‘Dos’ that can yield very productive results…

Always start with research –

This is the first step to success. Researching on how to land with the most suitable titles can help sellers getting in right at one shot. Taking a sneak peek at the titles posted by well-off competitors can be rewarding. However, copying the same word to word will amount to making a regrettable mistake.

Use keyword optimization tools –

Titles that are rich in proper keywords are titles that win the most visitors. Using effective keyword research tools and optimization solutions can help massively in terms of saving time and efforts while yielding error free results as well.

Keep it real and legit –

There numerous instances of sellers writing mini essays as titles with keywords that may be fetching the highest search ranking but are nowhere in tune with the concerned product. This is an inauthentic approach to title management that can be rewarded with loss of ranking and should thus be avoided.

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