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CSEs like Shopzilla, Price Runner are warming up for World Cup 2014

Daniel Posted On - June 16, 2014

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The recent market analysis indicates the leading brands like Nike and Adidas are also planning their marketing campaigns much before hand to focus the June World Cup tournament. It is throwing light on their expectation of hitting a grand sales target all over Europe driven by World Cup fever.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are also no way lagging behind. Both of them have launched their global campaigns to reestablish their ties to football in due course of time. One world one game, a digital film launched by FIFA sponsor Coke is claimed to be the largest marketing program in the history of the company.

So it is as clear as day light that the brands are ready to take part in the battles for sales to this year’s World Cup. While discussing why the retailers and CSEs like Shopzilla, Price Runner should gear up for World Cup 2014, Guy Tweedale, senior vice president sales, EMEA at outsourced customer care specialist Sitel, has shared the following top 10 predictions:

• As there is a forecast that the number of mobile internet users will grow by 35% in 2014 the world cup will certainly put mobile at center stage. As mobile provides unlimited scope for brands to promote their products and services directly into people’s hands, brands will be implementing smarter customer contact strategies to engage their customers. This obviously encompasses every effort regarding arranging competitions, promotions or interactive games.

• The World Cup will provide a huge marketing opportunity for brands offering technologies. They will try to utilize the opportunities and challenges presented by technology and smart-appliances.

• Social video will automatically boost TV spend and demand TV budgets with more focus on social and digital campaigns as they interact with today’s mobile consumers. I t is anticipated there will be a record mobile viewership influencing sales of tablets and smartphones as 64 games are packed into 32 days.

• Brands will start questioning the value of a ‘view’. This will provide more opportunities for the marketers to make a great impact. Facebook and YouTube are playing the leading role in this regard followed by other sites. And many brands these days are successfully engaging consumers in their own environments by using the web.

• Brands will focus on increasing their online presence. The UK Summer Olympics in June 2012 boosted 1.47 billion people to conduct 173 billion searches equating to 117 searches for each person.

• Retailers using shopping comparison sites like Shopzilla, Kelkoo and Price Runner will concentrate more on bidding for products that are expected to be popular.

• The increased sales for all types of FMCG and FMCD goods during world cup will no doubt revitalize the economy. On-line shopping will automatically rise and those with omni-channel strategies will encourage sales as well as loyalty too. A considerable hike in Web-chat and sales chat is likely to be on the card, there will be more people purchasing and sharing their last minute shopping experience.

• Every retailer will highlight prompt delivery in promotions and on websites also to promote call to action for consumers. This may include order by a certain date to ensure timely delivery during the World Cup.

• Retailers will be planning to offer more effective customer services regarding providing technical support for products like TVs, PCs, laptop, tablets, and broadband.

• A recent study conducted by Yume has revealed an interesting speculation that there will be about 16% intended to call in sick to work during the World cup. This number may even increase as people will plan to watch the important matches.

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Know about Shopzilla and its programs

Daniel Posted On - April 2, 2014

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Shopzilla with it’s headquarter in West Los Angeles, CA operates a portfolio of Shopping web sites, serving consumers and retailers in the U.S., UK, French and German markets with greatest experience as a price comparison service. Farhad Mohit and Henri Asseily founded it in June 1996 with a mission is to empower the consumers to find, compare and buy anything, sold by virtually anyone, anywhere.

Shopzilla offers two types of solutions. One is Shopzilla Insight and the other one is Shopzilla Marketplace. Shopzilla Insight helps a consumer to avail a higher level of website’s experience through verified customer feedback. Shopzilla Marketplace presents the sale-able products in front of millions of customers which is otherwise impossible for a retailer.

Benefit of Shopzilla Insight

  • Collect verified customer insights

Shopzilla’s Consumer Insights program analyzes the data and provides accurate assessment about positive or negative traffic driving quotients to a particular site This benefits the retailers in mapping their new perspectives and formulating strategies for their current and potential customers.

  • Verified Google Seller Ratings on display

 All the seller ratings collected by Shopzilla are verified purchases and syndicated to Google’s Seller Ratings service. As a result, the store rating for a retailer is displayed next to its website Google listing, this helps with search engine optimization and drive more traffic to that site.

  • Collect ratings on Shopzilla

 The same way all the seller ratings collected on Shopzilla merchant page are displayed next to the search listings, which helps to attract more traffic to a particular site.

  • Powerful reporting

Shopzilla Insight provides daily email reports helping a retailer to reach out to the customers. It also offer other valuable information which offers additional help in evaluating the performance metric.

Benefits Shopzilla marketplace

  • Connect with over 40 million global unique visitors

Shopzilla offers the most powerful and easy-to-use comparison shopping search technology on the web. The networks of sites assist millions of visitors to quickly find exactly the product they are looking for. In this ways the chances of converting that visitor into a sale are much higher as the potential are customers are channelized to the site through Pay-Per-Click method.

  • Simple and easy operation

It is extremely easy to join the Shopzilla market just by signing up for FREE Shopzilla account.  Great support is offered in managing the inventory.

  • No budget constraints

All budgets are catered with equal attention. There are no set-up fees or hidden costs.

  • Quick results

It helps a retailer to get new customers and boost the volume of traffic quickly.

  • Analytical support

Detail information coupled with online support drives your business to have an upswing. This also helps to attain the ROI objectives.

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Shopzilla Acquires M-Commerce Technology Provider Zappli

Steve Burns Posted On - October 5, 2013

CSE & Mobile Shopping App
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In the fast-changing world of business, mergers and acquisitions are a common feature. The recent acquisition of mobile commerce startup Zappli by Shopzilla has been creating quite a buzz in the business world. The terms of this deal have not been revealed yet, but it is known that the entire Zappli team has joined Shopzilla. Philippe Suchet, the co-founder and CEO of Zappli has become the Chief Strategy Officer at Shopzilla. Read on to find out more about these two companies and the rationale behind this transaction.

Shopzilla and Zappli

Shopzilla is a leading platform that connects buyers and sellers online by reaching out to an audience of over 40 million people worldwide. It offers price comparison services and operates through a portfolio of shopping websites like Bizrate, Beso, Retrevo and so on.

Zappli is a startup that offers shopping solutions for the mobile platform. InstaBuy and myShopanion are its two main products. With the help of InstaBuy, online buyers can easily purchase products in just two clicks. myShopanion is a comprehensive mobile social shopping app that enables its users to get product information, reviews and compare prices of a vast range of items.

What made Zappli an attractive choice?

Mobile commerce is an emerging area which is said to have a lot of business potential. Shopzilla provides many apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones. However, it does not offer a website that is optimized for mobile technology. So, in such a situation Zappli was a natural choice that will bring it closer to its goal of providing smooth buying experience across all digital devices.

Zappli has spent considerable time and resources in researching on mobile usability and its related problems. The solutions developed by this company are not just applicable for the mobile platform but also for other devices as well. Thus, this deal has provided Shopzilla with an immense opportunity for growth.

The plan ahead

Through this acquisition, Shopzilla aims to incorporate the technological expertise of Zappli in its mobile websites and in apps that will make the checkout process easier. Since Bizrate is Shopzilla’s largest comparison shopping website, the mobile web initiatives will be first carried out there. According to company sources, a mobile web version of Shopzilla is expected to be launched later during this year.

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Shopzilla announces the New Robot Oatmeal Coupon Site

Steve Burns Posted On - August 21, 2013

Shopzilla Introduces Smart Pricing that aligns with your performance
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Shopzilla is a popular name as a price comparison shopping site that is a hotspot of the e-sellers and the online shoppers. It not only enables the buyers to take a good buying decision, but also lets the online sellers to maximize the reach of their products and services to the target audience. Shopzilla has come up with its first crowdsourced coupon verification platform, called Robot Oatmeal.

How does the site work?

Shopzilla allows the online shoppers to engage in the search of finding out the coupons, check how the coupons have been used and also note the number of times, it has been used. The most captivating word for the online merchants as well as the buyers is that Robot Oatmeal is free. If you, as a web merchant, thinking that there are so many coupon sites, but what is so unique about Robot Oatmeal, then it is the way it highlights the use of coupons, which is its USP. The e-sellers can better deal with the customer service issues in the checkout system with the help of the coupon codes.

What Shopzilla has to say?

Shopzilla is churning out ways so that it minimizes the customer service issues for the e-sellers. It is the urge of every online retailer to offer adequate support to the e-shoppers in their online buying journey. When the interested buyers have a frustrating experience while they are unable to use the codes properly, such issues will be quickly resolved by Robot Oatmeal. The engagement level will be of a higher degree of both the e-sellers and the buyers and the spokesperson of Shopzilla vouches for that fact.

Nabbing the deals in real-time

It is the racy pace which defines every walk of life and it is so much predominant in the business domain. The brand new coupons and promotions site serves deals in real-time. This way the buyers do not have to feel bogged down with the string of the codes that do not work or gets expired without the customers keeping a vigilant eye.

How Shopzilla secures the coupons?

It is a great statement that Shopzilla is making that it will monetize the site in near future. However, there is some good news for the web merchants that Shopzilla will not charge the sellers for clicks for the coupons. Shopzilla has built a strong chain of networks with the affiliate networks so the process of retrieving coupons and discounts becomes easier. The information that Shopzilla needs:

  • Offer description
  • Coupon code where the codes should start with “RO” OR “SZ”
  • The store name or MD of the online retailer
  • The destination URL facilitating the tracking process
  • Start and end dates

The consumers or the online shoppers just need to search and find the featured coupons while trying to grab the best deals online. For having a smooth e-shopping journey, the e-buyers can do away with the frustration that comes with using of codes while purchasing online.

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Shopzilla Joins Hand with Google Shopping

Steve Burns Posted On - February 11, 2013

Shopzilla Joins Hand with Google Shopping
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The comparison search engine, Google Shopping, has been creating a buzz ever since it took the decision of converting its product listing model into a paid one. The online business arena observes cases of mergers, acquisitions and takeovers, quite often. The instances of forming tie-ups is the effort of a company to soak in the essence and business repute of another that is standing tall in terms of reputation and business activities.

Tie-ups is the Norm to Derive the Required Business Juice

The urge to be in association with a big name that can help another online CSE to derive the same juice, had made to announce its partnership with Bing Shopping last year. It is the envious and stellar reputation of Google Shopping, which is making the other players in the domain to join hands with it, so that they are able to observe their own business shaping up in a new and positive direction. Now Shopzilla where the interested buyers get to nab the hot deals, check out the latest lucrative offers and shop by their choicest categories has seek for more ways to garner higher visibility by getting associated with Google Shopping.

Google Shopping: Now a Pricey Affair

The search engine giant of the web, Google, announced its plans to change its Google Product Search to Google Shopping in the fourth quarter of 2012. It is the smart business move of Google to make the online sellers to pay for the product listing ads, which is sure to offer a turbo boost to the already scaling sales revenue of Google. If it is the mode of working that Shopzilla and Google Shopping is following, then Shopzilla is putting together all the data feeds offered by the e-sellers and then transfers it to Google Shopping. However, the e-commerce merchants who have already invested in Google product listing e-campaign should not worry at all because of the notion of double listing. Here the Google CSE will act as the mediator and will present only the prevailing direct Google Shopping listing.

The e-retailers have nothing to lose but gain more mileage when it comes to deriving more online exposure and grabbing the attention of the e-shop merchants. The small business owners who have restricted budget is opting out of the scope to list their vast array of products as Google Shopping is no longer free. It is the masterstroke played by this renowned shopping engine to win over the customer base of Amazon. The e-sellers in need of handling the multi-channel marketing campaign lay their trust on ChannelSale, appeased with its high-quality services.

Retailers with only Shopzilla campaign? Feel Jubilant

The e-sellers are always in the lookout to find the best platform that would help them to reach out to the target mass. If the online merchants have put in their efforts only to make their Shopzilla campaign a huge success, they are going to reap in huge benefits because of the partnership that Shopzilla has entered into with Google. It is exposure on a larger scale which can make the e-commerce merchants or the advertisers to play their innings successfully online.

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Shopzilla Introduces Smart Pricing that aligns with your performance

Steve Burns Posted On - September 19, 2012

Shopzilla Introduces Smart Pricing that aligns with your performance
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Shopzilla introduced smart pricing in 11 subcategories. The program allows retailers to align the CPC charges with their conversion cost of the sale. Smart Pricing has been proven to be successful and Shopzilla has extended it to all categories.

Earn more, pay more – while your average CPC billing remains the same

This new pricing has resulted in the minimum CPC bids, but there is no perceptible change in the average billed CPC. The Smart pricing program automatically adjusts your billed CPC according to the quality of traffic. It bills more when the conversion rates are higher, and lower for sources with low conversion rates.  But overall, your average billed CPC will remain more or less the same as your earlier levels.

Example of Smart Pricing

Smart Pricing will ensure that your ROI is consistent and will ultimately improve. Since you will be charged your maximum bid only for the highest quality of traffic, you will feel confident to increase your bids.
All products having active bids in these categories have been shifted to the new minimum rates since July 18th 2012.  Bidding above the new minimum rates will require you to do so manually. All bids that are above the new minimum bid will remain unchanged.

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