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Top 7 ways for the Retailers to Defy the Threats of Showrooming

Steve Burns Posted On - June 21, 2013

Top 7 ways for the Retailers to Defy the Threats of Showrooming
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Ever since online shopping gained momentum backed with the power of mobile commerce, the brick-and-mortar stores are facing the heat. The purchasers buying the products of their choice are smart now as they want to save their hard-earned money, pick up the best quality products without compromising on the quality. The concept of showrooming where the prospective buyers are hitting the physical retail shops, checking out the products, but are resorting to e-buying, is making the traditional stores to lose out on their sales volume. Buying from an online outlet is enabling the buyers to check the latest price via the mobile apps, keep an eye on the vast array of products before choosing the best product. The reality is with the increase in the growth of the usage of smartphones, the impact of showrooming will be greater.

The traditional retailers or the ones with the physical retail outlets need not lose heart because of this showrooming trend. They can definitely fight back and here are some of the tips that the retailers can try out to defy the seeming popularity of showrooming.

1. Making your Physical Store Digitally-abled

Though it is going to be a pricey affair and you need to invest a lot for the digital store, still if you have the budget and want to score over your online rivals, bring that digital technology experience into your stores. For instance, it is the flagship store of Blueberry in London which has a mind-boggling array of digital gadgetry to offer a pleasing shopping experience to the customers. The features that can grab the eyeballs of the people can be video screens which change into mirrors, virtual make-up counters, Wi-Fi and the like.

2. Creating a Unique Product Line

In order to combat showrooming, the retailers are making the suppliers to come with products that can be sold in stores only. So it is time that people think about bringing about innovation in their product line. Target, a name to reckon with in the retailing field, has been walking on this track to lower the impact of showrooming.

3. Spread a Buzz about your Mobile Site or App

If you have taken the pains to have an app or a mobile site, you need to make people to know about it. You need to charge up the prospective customers to download the apps in stores, by offering some discounts and exciting offers. For instance, Debeneham made its apps to find favor with the prospective customers by making them the offer of free coffee when they scanned the QR code. It, in turn, made the intended buyers to spend great time in the store, with their inclination getting higher to seal a business deal.

4. Provide free Wi-Fi

Let mobile users when they come to your physical store, use your mobile site or app with the help of Wi-Fi. When you provide Wi-Fi for free, it will attract more customers and they would be happy of the fact that their net data pack is not reduced. The surveys show that 44% of all age groups have agreed to the fact that Wi-Fi influences have been successful in offering them the required impetus to shop.

5. In-Store Reviews

It is a proven fact that for any buyer, the reviews and rating matter a lot for influencing the buying decision. You are thinking that how would you get into the act or offer reviews to a customer offline? Well, it can be done. For instance, Blackberry does it at the point of sale with Reevoo reviews. So it is not longer a puzzle for the customers to know about the useful information on various specifications and features of the products.

6. Price-Matching

Though a risky venture, some of the retailers can take the plunge. As it is said, if you do not take risk, there is no gain. The popular name in the online marketplace like Best Buy once engaged in this act of matching prices during Christmas with the other competitors in the niche. By using this technique, if a retailer with a traditional store is able to find cross sales or repeat sales, then the risk pays off. However, the tendency to race to the bottom or suffer loses can be higher on the cards when you go for price-matching.

7. Cash in the “want it now” Psychology

Like the biggest advantage which the traditional brick and mortar stores have over their online competitors is that the customers leave a store satisfied with the purchases on their tow. They do not have to wait for the products like it is the case with online shopping. So the traditional stores have nothing to feel totally disillusioned as they have the means to hook in more customers and observe a higher rate of conversion when the customers use their spending power in store.

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Best Buy Aims to Combat ‘Showrooming’ by Matching Web Prices

Steve Burns Posted On - April 2, 2013

Best Buy Aims to Combat ‘Showrooming’ by Matching Web Prices
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The ‘showrooming’ trend is a serious threat for the physical retail outlets. Since it is established that the price of the products is one of the key factors that have a greater impact on the purchasing behavior of the consumers, the top online marketplaces are spelling out new innovative strategies to hook more customers. Best Buy has come up with a great business proposition and it has declared that it will offer low price guarantee on the vast array of its in-stock products. The prices that the consumers will get at Best Buy will match with the other local retailers and even with the top 19 retailers that are going great guns in the online market zone.

This new strategy is definitely a great answer to the concept of showrooming, which is eating up the business juice of the retailers with physical stores. The interested customers are very choosy in terms of investing their money while buying products. They want to enjoy the best deals, the exciting offers, so that shopping online gives them a higher level of satisfaction. For checking out the wide variety of products, to strike up a conversation with the sales stuffs, the potential buyers frequent the physical retail outlet, but they seal the business transaction online by availing the best offers.

Top US Online Marketplace

Best Buy taking up the Challenge

It is the impulse of the customers at the time of buying which ultimately enable them to make or break an online transaction. The ability to match the pre-tax prices of the in-stock products from a local competitive store and the other online retailers is a great weapon in the hands of the customers. This is definitely one of the best efforts that Best Buy has adopted to hold on to its customer base and add new ones to let its business grow. However, the experts in the field opine that such a move or the matching of web prices of the products to that of the local retailers and e-retailers cannot really put an end to ‘showrooming’. Consumers who are busy in tightening up their financial belt  will make a much thorough probing when weighing the prices of the products that they want to buy.

The Holiday Shopping Season offered the Signal

There is a mad rush among the interested buyers to buy their choicest products during the holiday shopping season. Best Buy engaged in the test mode in the fourth quarter of 2012, starting from October 24 and it continued till the fag end of December. In this test mode, Best Buy found out how lowering down the prices to maintain parity with the other local stores and e-sellers helped it observe surging sales figures. The big players in the field like Amazon, Apple, Sears, Target and the like reflected the same real-time price as Best Buy did in its retail store. and its physical store also held up the same price chart.

Enhancing the Customer Care Experience

Improved customer service is what Best Buy is banking on to fight against showrooming. By reshuffling its team and adding new personnel, this credible marketplace is aiming to reach out to the people in a greater way and offer enhanced customer service. Remaining competitive at the price that Best Buy offers coupled with its excellent customer service, can make it to defy the challenge posed by “showrooming” to a great extent.

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The ‘Showrooming’ Trend in Retail

Steve Burns Posted On - February 4, 2013

The ‘Showrooming’ Trend in Retail
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What’s this ‘showrooming’ all about?

The interested shoppers engage in the buying spree in tune with their choice, preference and spending power. With the inclination among the buyers to flock to the web stores lured by the handsome discounts, hot deals and money-saving offers, the competition among the online sellers versus the brick- and-mortar retailers are soaring high. The general trend that was perceived even some years back was that people used to surf the net to become educated customers to know about a product, its specifications, price and the like, before visiting a store physically to buy it.Now with the smartphones becoming the arm-candies of the customers, the ‘showrooming trend’ is on the rise. This is because finding the most lucrative deals has become much easier for the customers as  after reading the product barcode or the QR Code via their smartphone applications, dish out all the hot deals that an e-commerce merchant offers.  The shoppers make a visit to the stores to check out the products with their own hands, listen to the expertise offered by the salespersons, but leave the store without sealing a business deal, only to buy it online. This phenomenon is called ‘showrooming.’

The Urge to Switch to a Savable Mode

The global economic scenario is not a convincing one and people are putting on their thinking cap before indulging in buying. The slow economic recovery is making buyers to save more and more and they hanker for the cost-saving deals online. This ‘showrooming’ trend has been a big bonus for the online sellers who can have their sales figures rising as the inclination to shop online is greater among the buyers. This trend in retail was observed in the buying habits of the customers during Christmas also.

Facing the music is the retailers with physical stores where even the retail giants like Walmart, Best Buy, Target have not been spared. They are losing out on their loyalists, which is also affecting their sales number. The retailers with physical stores are gearing up to live up to the challenges offered by this new ‘showrooming’ trend and they are trying to infuse the stores with a more enduring and  congenial business climate that would increase the sales count . It is the better buying experience of the users which can help them to visit recurrently to the physical stores.

The Successful Role played by the Comparison Shopping Engines

The purchasers would love to lay their hands on the price breaks and the CSEs help the potential buyers to engage in the comparative study of the prices of the products, fruitfully. The top service provider like ChannelSale who pull off the trusted job of making the multi-channel marketing program of the e-sellers to gain fruition by offering the managed services, helping them to observe higher sales.

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Tracing out how USA Online Shoppers are Revamping the Retail Experience

Steve Burns Posted On - January 24, 2013

Tracing out how US Online Shoppers are Revamping the Retail Experience
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Online shopping is gaining momentum with the US online buyers favoring the convenience, flexibility and the pricing structure. The retailers are optimizing their sites for mobile devices also which is making the online buyers to make a transaction anytime at their own convenience. The shoppers in the US are inclined to shop more online as they can avail the handsome discounts and can choose from a wide variety of products.

The Sophisticated Online Shoppers

The urge to shop online has increased among the individuals, making the e-sellers to offer a seamless shopping experience. The tech savvy buyers have become more informed and they are deft in conducting online researches and can find their choicest products by searching via categories. The operations of the online sellers are evolving and the online shoppers are also using a number of mobile devices to search for products to find out the exciting deals and offers pronounced online. The ‘showrooming’ trend is also on the rise where the potential buyers are making their presence felt in the physical retail outlets for checking out the products and for holding conversation with the sales stuff, but are buying that same product online. The web-based shoppers are smart as they save their hard-earned money by purchasing online with the help of discounts and money-saving deals. The free shipping service has also being one of the catalysts in making the buyers to flock to the e-shops more and more for using their spending power. The retailers must cash in these trends to let their sales figure to scale high while offering cent percent customer satisfaction.

 The Significance of Positive Customer Experience

In order to seal a business deal, transparency in the mode of communication is very essential. When a retailer gets into the good books of the customers, the traditional word-of-mouth promotion, getting referrals in social media become easier for them. A survey conducted in the US retail industry shows that over 90% of the online shoppers are more interested to recommend a retailer after they enjoy a good shopping experience. When the retailers are able to satiate their existing base, they are not only to get repeated sale but can build on their customer base and reputation.Embracing Digital Technology to the Fullest  As per the reports unveiled by Empirix and the Customer Experience Foundation in the US in 2011, it was observed that the US companies were yet to gear up for being equipped with a effective mobile strategy. Use of the mobile devices is shooting high and the retailers must make a good use of this trend to fulfill the needs of the customers and offer a supportive arm to the buyers in every phase of the internet-based shopping journey. Being digital means its incorporation must be in the way of operation of a web store, marketing, merchandising and the like. Customer is the king and by embracing technology and innovation, the retailers will be able to gauge the buying behavior of the customers and cater to their needs more successfully.

Exploiting Social Media

Social media has definitely created a buzz on the web with the social networking buffs pouring in unimaginable numbers in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the like. The norm of social sharing is making the retailers to create their brand image online and spread brand awareness. Via liking, sharing and commenting, social engagement is becoming the order of the day. The customers plunge into social media to get recommendations and feedback from their choicest social circle. The social media platform helps in forming a chain of network among the buyers. The smart buyers do their homework by engaging in social media to know about the utility of a product before they purchase online.

Multi-Channel Marketing Programs

When the e-sellers are vying to secure the top slots in the minds of the online shoppers, with their brand names having a higher recall value, it is exposure across multiple marketing and networking channels that needs to get augmented. For effective visibility across all the global channels, ChannelSale ensures its wide network of channel partners is able to maximize their online presence and reach out to their target customers. Simplifying the marketing campaign with proper data feed management,submission and optimization, for the online retailers is our cup of tea.


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