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Instagram surpasses Facebook in Social Media Marketing in the Retail Landscape

Daniel Posted On - September 11, 2014

Top social networking platform
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Over the past three years, Instagram has become a top player in the social media market, growing to include more than 150 million monthly users, an annual growth that surpasses both Facebook and Twitter.

Users spend approximately 257 minutes on Instagram a month, with 57% visiting the network once a day and others 35% tapping into the site more than once. The report attributes the ongoing growth of Instagram to consumers’ more favorable responses to images versus standard text. To date, more than 16 billion photos have been shared on Instagram, indicating that consumers are more than willing to share photos of their day-to-day lives with the social universe. Approximately 55 million photos are being uploaded on a daily basis. Over the past three years, Instagram has become a top player in the social media market, growing to include more than 150 million monthly users, an annual growth that surpasses both Facebook and Twitter. To date, more than 16 billion photos have been shared on Instagram, indicating that consumers are more than willing to share photos of their day-to-day lives with the social universe. Approximately 55 million photos are being uploaded on a daily basis.

There are multiple reasons for the higher engagement rate of the users. Instagram currently has fewer marketers active on the network, and the ones that are there post less frequently, which means brands have to compete less to get their followers’ attention. Instagram also does not apply a filter to brand posts — unlike Facebook, which means Instagram shows users every post made, by the brands they follow. Facebook shows only those consumers posts that the social network think will be relevant, typically less than 20% of a brand’s messages. Instagram users are the younger lot than users of other social networks. The median age of Instagram users is 27 compared to Facebook’s 40, and younger users tend to engage more often with brands than older users.

However, if brands and retailers want to take advantage of Instagram, they need to move quickly. The number of active Instagram users—more than 200 million—doubled during the last 13 months, clutter is coming, and Instagram executives have said they are looking at ways to filter brand posts. The social network also signed a deal with ad agency Omnicom Media Group this spring, as it seeks to develop paid ad formats.

Although Instagram is powerful because it allows brands and retailers to offer consumers a detailed and unhidden look at the business, it also enables consumers to share their experiences with products. Brands and retailers can include user-generated photos on their E-Commerce sites to add context to products. Rather than relying on professional photos and models to display apparel and handbags, for example, brands can publish photos of consumers wearing the items. User-generated photos can give consumers a better understanding of how products look in real life. And that helps close the gap between what consumers expect to receive and what they actually receive when they purchase a product online.

The fact that users are shifting from text-based communications to more visual content suggests that brands should use visual content as one of the key pillars of their marketing strategy.

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Retailers need to reshape their Marketing Strategies after checking out the Social Statistics

Daniel Posted On - June 23, 2014

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Social media and networking are providing the greatest platforms for every business marketing these days. All the B2B decision makers are no doubt making their decisions on the basis of a company’s social media presence. Automatically all the business organizations, irrespective of their sizes, are using it as the most important tool to get connected and communicate with their respective targeted consumers. To maximize the result they are focusing on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other popular social sites and making their presence shining by putting a continuous effort through various posts and announcements.

Have you ever tried to make your business popular through these social media marketing revolutions?  If you are still not paying enough attention to this factor then you must go through these 8 social statistics to rethink your strategy for the Retailers.

Here are the amazing facts:

42% of online adults use multiple social networking sites. Therefore by entering into the social media marketing process, at a time you can address a large number of your customers and targeted customers.
71% of online adults are now Facebook users, a little more than the 67% of online adults who used Facebook during 2012. As the record shows Facebook users are rising in number. The record is likely to be the same for other sites too. As a result every marketer should be enough focused to capture these audiences.

  1. The fastest growing demographic on Twitter has a typical feature. The majority of these users are in the age group of 55 to 64 years old. It also reveals a splendid fact that, this demographic has seen an unprecedented increase of 79% within a time span of only two years.
  2. As we already have the data that within the last two year, users on Twitter from 55-64 have grown 79%, we can also anticipate there will be a booming number of twitter user very soon. And automatically all the businesses will be paying more attention to be present in such social groups as it provides them more credibility and social prestige. By analyzing this record you will easily come to understand no business can develop and establish its brand in today’s complex marketing scenario without using the social sites.
  3. Facebook and Google+ are seeing an intense following by people between 45 to 54 years old, with this demographic increasing 46% for Facebook and 56% for Google+. This throws light on the fact that social site users no way restricted within young generation of the society. It also has a great influence on the comparatively older audiences too. Hence every business who wishes to capture a society as a whole need to communicate through these networking platforms.
  4. Studies also show that almost 93-percent of marketing departments use social media channels for business. And quite naturally more and more companies are joining every day to highlight their presence in the market and to stay updated with their customers. You also can not wait to lose this chance to boost your marketing activities.
  5. Nearly 189 million people use Facebook on mobile-only platforms. This has a great impact on the society and marketing as well. Consumers are being more accessible at any time and every where. Business marketers are automatically capitalizing on it.

More adults between 18 to 34 years old watch YouTube than cable television. Hence if you wish to focus on the consumers of this age group you can very quickly reach out to them. No doubt they tend to be the greatest buyers for all types of products and services.

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Amazon enables you to Tweet and Add to Your Cart

Daniel Posted On - June 12, 2014

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Amazon is no doubt one of the most popular online retailers which offer great shopping experiences. Recently to add more value for its customers, they have decided to make shopping easier and simpler which will be just like tweeting.

To implement this idea the online retailer is introducing a special service that will allow the Twitter users add products to their carts without leaving the social media site. Twitter users are growing in amazing number in day by day. Automatically Amazon wants to capitalize on this and is looking at social media as a greater platform for conducting sales. This concept matched with the commercial aspiration of Twitter, which is also trying to generate more revenues by focusing on something more than just advertising services like promoted tweets.

As Amazon now lets you add to your cart by tweeting, the consumers will have to link their account with their Twitter account. Additionally they are supposed to add the hashtag #AmazonCart whenever they are replying to a tweet that has an existing Amazon product link. This process will automatically allow the products to be added to their shopping cart. Moreover, every twitter user will get an immediate reply or an email from@MyAmazon as soon as a product is added to their cart. This is just to recognize the addition. However, this new service is only applicable to U.S. customers. U.K. users already have a same type of facility like this with the hashtag #AmazonBasket.

CRT Capital analyst Neil Doshi has made an analytical remark that although Amazon and Twitter both are trying to incorporate newer strategies to enhance social shopping to a higher level, practically it will not create much of a change for either of the companies. But as more and more people will be displaying their purchasing items on Twitter, definitely it will have an impact on the society.  There is a high chance that the followers too will make a purchasing decision more promptly, depending on these facts.

It seems it has a direct impact on the share market also as shares in Seattle-based Inc. rose from $1.63 to $309.64 in afternoon trading. A share in Twitter Inc., which is based in San Francisco, has achieved a similar record too. It has rose from 9 cents to $39.11.

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The E-Sellers should check Out the Social Influencers in Business Marketing

Daniel Posted On - May 7, 2014

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If one asks a number of marketing experts about the recent trends in marketing, they will have one option in common- social media! The economies of marketing can be hold responsible for the fad about social media. Social media is making the diversification of Marketing channels much more viable. A major boost to social media can be attributed to the human trends of the society at large. With the digital dependence firmly settling in the psyche of an average person, communication and engagement across social media platforms is at an all time high.

How the social influencers can add that extra edge to your business?

The role of social influencers on business marketing cannot be denied. The retail segment has felt the pinch to amplify their exposure on the online space with the bandwagon of eCommerce. Now, social is playing a massive role in brand augmenting and channeling prospective consumers to the online retail spaces. In this context social media can be deemed as the great leveler. For long internet marketing was a money game with paid searches, email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc coming into play. With social, the upkeep of brand identity and augmenting conversions is made far less strenuous.

A major reason for the effectiveness of social media is the consumers’ inclination towards positive reviews before making a purchasing decision. Research has found that online buyers pay much heed to the community dialogues and reviews in their bid to making a purchasing decision. Niche based social media presence thus certainly helps. Though social media provides a sea of marketing avenues, it is still one of the most underutilized modes of marketing.

The revamped word-of-mouth promotional tool

There was a time when “word-of-mouth” marketing was preferred as the most genuine way to communicate brand identity. In the digital era, social media plays almost the same role by providing the consumers a better platform to engage. Industry insiders estimate at least a 10-20% increase in the social media marketing budgets for the major brands in the coming quarter on 2014. There is a downturn to social media as well. With a deluge of options cropping up every day, businesses have to fixate their strategy to only a handful.

By sheer user base, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are clear favorites to find a place in the social media strategies. Facebook officially has 1.11 billion active users per month with 550 million for Twitter and 70 million for Pinterest. And if numbers are anything to go by, the reasons are plenty. Almost 71% of users rely on social media to make purchasing decision. Moreover over 80% rely on the social media posts of their friends as a valid source of reference. With social Media platforms stressing on personalized experiences in recent times, the importance of augmenting social media is paramount.

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A Check on The Social Quotient of Amazon

Shrikar Khare Posted On - April 3, 2014

Top US Online Market
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The conversation or “engagement” quotient of a Facebook page is deemed as a core parameter to gauge the effectiveness of the brand in online space. Gauging by that parameter, Amazon is by far one of the most “engaged” brand in the social space. Third party posts make up a healthy percentage of the posts on’s Facebook wall. Retailers often post about relevant news and even ask industry oriented question to spark a conversation. What this effectively means that third party sources are choosing the medium as a promotional network. What that effectively means is Amazon is playing the role of a intermediary between the brands and their target audience.

Going beyond Facebook

Not only in Facebook, but the Twitter feeds of Amazon are also laced with promotional content. Amazon being a market leader is eCommerce, has provided the third party retailers and stake holders a righteous medium to garner some much needed exposure. A look at the Pinterest presence of Amazon makes the scenario even clearer. Showcasing a mere 17 boards and generic themes, the retail giant has by far kept a low profile as against its more active counterparts.

Promotional content Vs informative content

It is a common notion in the social media space that the promotional posts fail to garners as much engagement as compared to their more informative counterparts. Even the promotional posts in Amazon’s feeds are able to secure an average of 417 comments/ post. With an astounding average of 2916 likes per Facebook post, Amazon is surely at the top of the chart when it comes to social media presence. The re-tweet number stands at 48- quite impressive given the fact that many direct tweets are also in the mix.

Online conversion quotient of Amazon

The most important aspect of the whole phenomenon is that Amazon is able to drive considerable sales via social networks. In fact, about 3.67% of Amazon’s site traffic is originated from clicks on social networks. The scale of Amazon also plays a part in the whole affair. The online retail giant attracts over 89.9 million visitors/ month in an average. With over 3.6 million visits from social networks, the playground for Amazon is pretty vast when it comes to online conversions. With an estimated conversion rate of 4% from social media, Amazon still ropes in $336 million in sales proceeds. The sales figure from social media alone can place Amazon in a favorable ranking among the online retailers. The network website from Amazon also ropes in favorable returns from social media. It is not a one-way traffic from social network to Amazon site. Rather Amazon also integrates social interaction elements in their website. This makes sharing products with friends and family really easy in a real time environment.

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Facebook secures a Leading Position in Social Logins on Retail Sites

Steve Burns Posted On - March 11, 2014

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Social logins have great commercial importance also other than social aspects. They offer a consumer a universal login that increases the liklihood he will sign into an e-commerce site.

It makes the entry to an e-commerce site, or other password-protected property, much easier with an existing credential instead of establishing a new registration and setting a new password. Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn, Google+ all have contributions into this at various levels.

Facebook: The Leader

When considered from the social log-in trend, Facebook is still maintaining its top rank for the 9th consecutive quarter though it has faced a slight loss in recent future. Like all other verticals as entertainment, gaming and media Facebook is no doubt ranking on top in retail and consumer brands also. A majority of shoppers consisting 48% prefer to login to retail sites through Facebook identity.

Janrain, a provider of social media login technology with hundreds of retail clients, has observed 62% of shoppers who use an established login to sign into one of Janrain’s retail clients’ web sites in the fourth quarter eventually entered in their Facebook credentials.

Detail Study

Janrain’s technology has the system which allows the consumers to sign into their e-retailer sites by using the existing user name and password combinations of their user accounts on various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus. Hence they could easily track that the 62% of shoppers who use an established login to sign into one of Janrain’s retail clients’ web sites in the fourth quarter eventually entered in their Facebook credentials.

This definitely shows an upward curve comparing to61% in the third quarter and 55% in the fourth quarter of 2012,

From this study Janrain has come to a conclusion that the percentage of consumers signing into their retail web sites with their Facebook credentials always has a steady growth in number. This is also an important point to note that since 2010 Janrain has the same track record which again indicates Facebook continuously bagging the highest percentage in this regard. Shareaholic also in their sharing trend analysis report in June 2012 has expressed the same feature which shows Facebook holding the top sharing platform.

Mobile apps favors Facebook

In mobile application logins, Facebook again is on top. In popularity it secures 52% leaving the next competitor Google behind at 27%, followed by Twitter (13%) and Yahoo (7%). But some users prefer Twitter as their portable identity of choice on mobile apps. In terms of growth, Facebook’s share grew 3% points to a majority, while Google also grew 2% points.

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Facebook makes it Simpler for Retailers to Promote their Brands

Steve Burns Posted On - October 5, 2013

Elucidating the Worth of a Facebook Fan
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The online business merchants are making the effort to push their business to the target market and envelop a bigger portion of the niche by implementing the best marketing strategies. When we talk about social media promotion of online brands, it is Facebook, the social media giant which just needs a wink of an eye to get on the minds of the e-sellers.

Brand promotion is not about paving the way for increasing the sales figures only; it is also about creating the right brand image. In tune with the revamped online promotion policy that Facebook has come up with for the web merchants, the e-sellers are now empowered to run competitions directly from the timeline of their brand’s official page. The virtual scrapbook catalogues the events and posts that the loyalists of a brand need to know so that they can participate is much more easily accessible now. The web merchants now have the scope to collect entries to contests by making consumers to post content on their pages. Sending a message seems to be a viable option.

What is the Real Change about?

Though this tech-savvy generation gives a loud and clear message that the e-sellers need to think mobile to maximize their reach to the target audience, multi-tasking is never everyone’s forte. The gelling with the apps was a necessity for the online retailers as running competitions was only possible through Facebook applications.

The Custom-Made Business Approach

In order to stand out from the pack, the online retailers need to frame a strategy with the business edge which should be inclusive of the personalized and distinctive business touch. The online brands can create custom-made pages with a more personalized appeal when they are trying to launch a contest. The process also becomes very smooth. There is no need to build an application for a marketer any more, which makes it a time-saving process. When a user shows his interest of entering a contest by posting on a brand page, the content gets displayed on the news feed of his friends. As it is known that when a user logs to Facebook, it is his news feed that reaches his eyes first.

The Advantages that the Retailers can avail:

This change in the brand promotion policy that Facebook has brought about can prove to be a big advantage for the brand owners in the following ways:

  • Running contest is a fast and speedy process now
  • Retailers who have partnered with vendors for building promotional applications can come out of such a business relation
  • If a retailer and a vendor is lacking in transparency in terms of the data collected, the e-sellers will not have to depend on vendors alone for data collection

So if you have been thinking of making your social media marketing plan, where Facebook activities automatically top the chart, you know how to go about it. Facebook can make a difference in your brand marketing approach, so learn the difference now!

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Pinterest is Bringing Back Some of its Features in Design Update

Steve Burns Posted On - July 22, 2013

Pinterest is Bringing Back Some of its Features in its Design Update
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With the social media fever rising high like never before and people becoming Facebook-maniac and busy tweeting, the relevantly new kid on the block, Pinterest should not be given a miss. The visually appealing digital board is the favored cupcake of the business owners, who are actively becoming the pinners. Like the prevailing game of the rule, when you scale the popularity chart, you tend to offer more. So Pinterest in order to let its momentum going went for a redesigning, where it changed some of its existing features. The revamping of the site did not go well with its loyalists and after a major backlash; it is restoring some of its features in the recent update.

PInterest made known the Visual Power of Social Media

Like in the search results page, it is the video links which the users tend to click because of the interesting appeal of the videos and it proves the success of this combined visual and aural medium. With Google’s algorithm updates, the webmasters are resorting to incorporating quality content as it is the need of the hour where words should bleed, hooking the attention of the target audience in a niche. It is Pinterest, which made the business owners to realize the impact of the visual medium. Pinterest, which is synonymous with the pinning of high-resolution images that catch your fancy, it is the medium the e-sellers choose to showcase their wide variety of products and the buyers step in to lock in their memories the products of their choice.

The Features being restored in the Site’s Design

Pinterest did not only make the tongues wagging with its potential and eye-grabbing look, it made the big shot Ebay to have a Pinterest-inspired design. When Pinterest went for a redesign in March, its loyalists became a disgruntled lot. The old features like “via” links and @-mention functionality is back to satisfy its users. Since it is the combined effect of social media which is making the users to be soaked in the urge to share and engage themselves socially, Pinterest is walking that extra mile to add some of the familiar features that are big hits with its rival social networking channels. For instance, predictive search and Facebook-style notification scroll in the upper right hand side of the site is going to be added in Pinterest to offer an enhanced experience to the users.

How do you Get it?

The pinners who want to abide by the present trend to “pin it” will have to face nothing disappointing, in terms of the pleasant user experience. The “get it now” button at the top of their feed will easily make the pinners to opt for the newly designed mode. The e-sellers should find out the best ways of engagement in Pinterest so that they are able to exploit this resourceful social media platform and develop their business. The latest Pinterest design and the decision of putting back the old features show that how eager it is to offer that ‘extra’ to the pinners and hold on to them.

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Facebook belts out Verified Pages

Steve Burns Posted On - July 15, 2013

Facebook belts out Verified Pages
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Social media is resonating in the virtual world. With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and the like participating in the race, the game field has become more vibrant.  When Facebook’s fans and followers were creating a buzz with the cover photo, Twitter wanted to make it big with the header photo. Now it is time for Facebook to walk on the footsteps of Twitter and it has rolled out the Verified pages. The game of stepping ahead from one another has been so rampant among the different social networking channels, that it has only helped the different channels to offer only the best to the social networking buffs. Whether it is adding of new features, redesigning, and coming up with innovative concepts and apps, social media has been successful in creating a rippling effect.

The Mechanism behind the Verified Pages

Twitter has already impressed its users with the long-verified high-profile users’ accounts. Facebook is walking on the path that Twitter blatantly showed. Facebook has put on its thinking cap about the big shots in the different industries and the business owners. The verified pages will enable the consumers to move to a brand’s official page, directly or find their star’s profile at once.  In order to avoid the confusion among the closely-related brand owners or celebs in Facebook in the same niche, the verified pages can help a lot. The multiple consumer-created pages can get the targeted customers in confusion.

How Do you Understand a Verified Page?

Again taking a cue from Twitter, Facebook denotes verified accounts with a small blue icon capped with a checkmark. This is how you identify a verified page. You can locate the icon next to the page or can find it aptly beside the username or its timeline. It can also at times pop up in the search results page or anywhere else.

Facebook is holding the Reins on its Hands

It is not the business owners or the high-profile celebs trying to find a foothold in the social domain, can opt for tagging their brands with verified pages. It has to be Facebook’s call once it understands the need of a brand to have a separate identity, before its get lost in the pool of sameness. In order to avoid the risk of duplication and save a brand from identity crisis, Facebook takes charge and bestows the brand with the verified page. In order to strengthen their base and safeguard their business against the imposters, the business owners can report the pages that they suspect to be of the imposters.

Tapping the Potential of Social Media

With social media promising a lot to the business owners, the web merchants must realize the business juice that they can derive from the different social media networking channels. With the verified pages, social media profile management has become easier for the various brands. The different businesses indirectly enjoy the filtration process of the steam of traffic flowing to their site. Facebook has come a long way in terms of revamping itself in sync with the different marketing trends and needs. As a resourceful business platform, for building brand image and popularity, the social signals go a long way along with the importance of the links specified time and again. With the verified pages, this social networking giant has played a masterstroke.

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Yahoo Plunges Further in Social Media Marketing and acquires Tumblr

Steve Burns Posted On - July 3, 2013

Yahoo Plunges Further in Social Media Marketing and acquires Tumblr
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When it comes to the top search engines that are popular among the tech savvy generation, giving touch competition to the unabated ruler Google is Yahoo. It can be considered as one of the most sought after search engines, which continuously gets into the mode of experimenting. The social media bubble has almost burst open in cyberspace and Yahoo is delving deeper into the social media marketing sphere. Yahoo Inc. has coughed up $1.1 billion to acquire Tumblr Inc, which has a resonating client base of over 300 million, every month. The blog posting and sharing platform, Tumblr, has been acquired by Yahoo and it is weaving some master plans to generate higher revenue from the online advertising scenario.


The Strategic Plan

While eyes are set on checking out how the acquisition of Tumblr will help Yahoo for boosting up its online generation revenue, both Yahoo and Tumblr are weaving some good plans. It will be the deft combination of the network of blogs of Tumblr to that of Yahoo’s web search and personalization technology to boost up their online business plan. It has been reported that Tumblr will use Yahoo’s technology to enable users to pin down bloggers and content developers. Yahoo that has played the master stroke says that it is on a mission to develop a strategic plan to create online programs that would help in connecting the marketers and the insurmountable users of Tumblr.

The Creation of the New Channel

Yahoo is adding some of the best chocolate chips in the nicely cooked social media cake. It is creating a new social ad unit on Tumblr and it is roping in a huge base of online visitors and cashing on their potential. This new unit can definitely turn out to be one of the important online advertising channels. The traditional modes of online advertising are being discarded by the web merchants and marketers are looking forward to find the best marketing platforms. So the marketers seeking for the best channels for reaching out to the target mass for apt business promotion can resort to this new platform, which is capped with a difference. If you want to reach out more with muti-channel marketing as the resort, you can bank on ChannelSale.

Gauging the Psyche of the Users and the Action Plan

Before the acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo, the incredible volume of users has been accustomed to observing a little advertising on Tumblr. Yahoo’s challenge is the way it is going to add that social factor while drafting the online advertising campaign which would offer more to the Tumblr users and not alienate them. Yahoo needs to take advantage of Tumblr’s fast growth so that the voluminous stream of traffic that Tumblr used to enjoy gets streamlined for Yahoo. When Yahoo will be able to pull up its traffic base, maturing profit is going to follow suit. The hope is that the marketing dollars that Yahoo has invested to pick up Tumblr for boosting up its online revenue is going to work on its favor.  It is to be seen how Yahoo can give a tougher competition to Google and its other rivals in the online business domain and observe higher business success.

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Tapping the Potential of Google+ for Online Businesses

Steve Burns Posted On - June 22, 2013

Tapping the Potential of Google+ for Online Businesses
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The unprecedented growth and popularity of social media has made it mandatory for the online business owners to leverage the potential of the different social media channels. Google has not only been the invincible king in the realm of web, it has always come up with innovative products to help out people in the virtual world. The e-sellers face great competition from their rivals in the niche and it is about staying in the number game. With one of the coveted product of Google making the online businesses to derive the social media juice, Google+ has the potential to make the web merchants give the required boost to their business.

The Influence on SEO Ranking

Since Google+ is backed with the power of Google, the major search engine, the e-sellers by leveraging the potential of this social media platform can do a lot of good. When looking at the present scenario where social signals are offered lot of importance for judging the credibility of a site, Google’s social media channel can have a bigger role to play in cementing the credibility of a site. So in this era where the indomitable position of links seems a little unsteady with the social signals doing the rounds, draft the marketing plans of your business with the needed edge.


This is one of the interesting features of Google+. Via Hangouts where there is scope for ten people to see each other in video chat, you can usually reach out to a broader target market opting for building your brand popularity via product demonstration, giving out important business propositions by hitting the creative note. Broadcasting the hangouts is not a difficult task and you can cling on to showcasing your company’s skills and expertise, by adding more value to your business. Be creative when spicing up your hangouts. You need to set the tone right. It can be customer service comprising the Q&A sessions, research and surveys, reviews and feedback. Do not be too preachy but you can offer information on conferences, lectures, seminars, capsule new product or service demonstration, tutorials and much more.

How Circles can help?

In this feature of Google+, circles refer to the group of friends or contacts that you can manage and organize for checking out your posts. This feature helps in audience segmentation, ensuring the content that you share has a higher degree of relevance and appeals to the specific target audience. The web merchants can effectively include friends, customers, prospects and much more which can help your business to have surging sales figure.

Communities can resonate with your Business Ideas

While cementing your online presence, ensure that you participate, communicate and interact with the communities or the groups that you create. When you are abiding by the norm of social sharing, ensure that you build connections via networking, which will indirectly promote your brand. Keep your eyes and ears open so that when you can make a good use of the prompts. By establishing your own community, you can take business to another level of productivity. Encourage participation in your niche by leading from the front and create the buzz about your business. Social media engagement has brought out one thing in the open, the factor of spontaneous and natural sharing. So you can not only build new relationships with your customers but have a strong base of customers. With the distinctive features of Google+ helping you out, why not make your business take to the next gear?

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The E-Sellers can Learn much about Young Shoppers from Social Media

Steve Burns Posted On - June 10, 2013

The E-Sellers can Learn much about Young Shoppers from Social Media
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If there have been times when your friend count acted as a parameter to judge your rate of amiability in the social circuit, now it is the age of social engagement. With the social networking sites becoming highly popular among teens, it is time spent in the virtual space which tends to be higher that the personal interaction that we encourage every day. The web merchants have got these social channels to tap for promoting their business. There is no denying the fact that the stiff nature of competition in the online business domain and there is greater desire among the e-sellers to reach to the target niche with the best efforts. It is the customers who are the King and the business owners need to put in their best foot forward to hook more customers and increase their client base.

The Recent Surveys

The research conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project targeted people between 12 years to 18 years of age. It was their urge to share personal information, their likings, recommendations, which was on special focus, while carrying out the project. When the figures of the survey that was in 2006 were compared, there was a drastic difference that was noticed. 81% of teen and tweens have started using social networking; it is a rise from 73% in 2009.

While taking a look at the percentage of daily use of these networking channels, 42% opined that they engage in social networking several times a day and 67% visit the networking sites daily. While Facebook wins hands down with a whopping 94% having an account, Twitter with 26%, Instagram 11%, YouTube 7%, Tumblr 5%, Google + 3%, Pinterest 1% follow suit. Though MySpace has the potential to be draw the attention of the youngsters because of the youthful nature of that platform, its craze has mellowed down a lot.

Psyche of the Buyers

When it is about increasing the rate of conversion of the buyers, it is crucial for the web merchants to know the psyche of the buyers. It is the purchasing ability, the inclination to buy the types of products, the likings of the young brigade of consumers, which needs to be comprehended well by e-sellers. The personal touch in the business propositions matters and it is the tailor-made solutions which not only help in making the prospective buyers potential customers, but have a lifelong association with them. So going through a person’s posts, his profile in the social networking site can help an e-seller to take the cues. The marketing efforts can bring fruit when the e-mail marketing campaigns, the post-purchase gestures of the e-sellers are characterized with the knowledge that they acquire about the potential buyers.

Consolidating Business

The e-sellers can definitely feel the pulse of the young shoppers by keeping their fingers at the right place. There is no point denying that it is these young streams of buyers who are the future potential customers of the e-sellers. If a business owner is able to satiate a single customer from a young age, it is like gluing the customer to their respective customer base for a long-term association. So it is the social signals which hold up a chart for the e-sellers to shape their marketing efforts in that direction. In the face of the global economic crisis, spending of the marketing dollars needs to be judiciously done. It is the flocking of the networking buffs to the respective social sites which the e-sellers need to use more successfully for adding more young shoppers to their list.

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Assessing the Value of Social Traffic

Steve Burns Posted On - May 21, 2013

Assessing the Value of Social Traffic
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E-commerce is revamping itself with the passing of each day. The merging of e-commerce and social media into one, that is social commerce, is becoming one of the hottest trends and it is here to stay! The meteoric rise of social media with social engagement becoming the norm has made the globe a small place to live in. The different social networking sites are acting as the best platforms where the online businesses are clinging to, for letting their businesses to hog the limelight. Facebook and Pinterest are the big players in the realm of social media which are making the investments of the e-commerce merchants to fructify. The value of social traffic cannot be undermined at all as it offers great business juice to the online retailers. The recent surveys conducted reveal that social traffic is indeed valuable scoring over e-mail and search traffic.

Bank on Social Media to create a Buzz about your Brand

Since an insurmountable amount of people are flocking to the social networking sites, it is one of the potent resources to spread a word about your business like wildfire. This is the age of online shopping where referrals, ratings, reviews work a lot in terms of making the interested buyers to take the buying action. Social traffic does not always lead to conversion. The recent studies even show a dampening face of social sales and it is moving at a snail’s pace, but exposure of the online brands via the social sites in increasing manifold.

Converting Social Traffic into Financial Transactions is not a Child’s Play

When engaging in a comparative study between the two social media giants Facebook and Pinterest, some important facts could be figured out.

  • Pinterest, the visual bulletin board seems to have injected the virus to “pin it” to the people who vouch for social sharing. The top brands are resorting to the pin-boards to share some of the visually-stunning pictures, which is making people not only to rummage through the mind-boggling images, video and other content, but making the effort to buy the products that catch their fancy
  • It has been revealed that 70% of the Pinterest lovers get the psychological stimulation or the inspiration to buy when they go through this credible social site
  • It has also been reported that there has been an upsurge in the referral traffic rate from Pinterest, it being 35% in 2012 from 25% year-over-year
  • The most astonishing factor is that Pinterest has been here for three years now, making its entry in March, 2010 and accounted for only 1% in social traffic in 2011. The figures have catapulted to 26% at the end of 2012

When bringing about a comparison with Facebook, it is observed that social sales is not happening at a whopping rate currently. However, it is the credibility of this social networking site where recommendations from people really motivate the purchasing behavior of the interested buyers. Here is where social traffic counts. Like facilitates the process of online buying, Facebook and Pinterest must think on similar lines to solidify their revenue generation graph of social commerce in a bigger way in 2013!

The Role of Social Traffic

It is essential for the e-commerce merchants to realize that it is not only their search marketing efforts or email marketing campaigns that can bring in traffic to an e-shop. Social traffic can be of greater business value if the e-sellers know how to channelize the potential of the social media platform. When peeping into the future of e-commerce, social traffic holds a very crucial position to let the online businesses to flourish.

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Top 12 Twitter Engagement Tips for E-Sellers

Steve Burns Posted On - May 16, 2013

Top 12 Twitter Engagement Tips for the E-Sellers
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Is your focus on social media more inclined towards Facebook, Pinterest? Do not override the potentiality that Twitter has. Many web-based merchants understand the importance of all the social channels that they can use to connect with customers, for nurturing personal relationships and pave the way for striking conversations so that they can fulfill their business goals and drive sales. Twitter can be one of the potential tools that the e-sellers use to promote their business, offering higher level of customer satisfaction. The top 12 tips to put to use the potentiality of this social media platform are catalogued under:

1.Reflecting your Brand Personality in your Profile

The way you hold up your business in a popular social media platform like Twitter, counts a lot. It is the relevance in creating a brand profile which puts an e-commerce business merchant ahead of his competitors. The bio, the business logo, eye-grabbing background images should be connected thematically with your business, so that the right image of the brand can be projected, seamlessly.

2.Being a Patient and Receptive Listener pays off

Do not go out of track or tweet at your will. It will not fetch you followers, influencers, depriving you from getting the required business juice. As a business merchant, you need to study the psychological pattern of your target audience.

3. Tweet with a Hint of Informality

When you are tweeting , do not be too formal. In the top social networking channels and in the popular micro-blogging site like Twitter make your posts sans the coat of formality.

4. Interaction is the Key

You need to amplify your presence in the social networks. Interact and respond via tweets and retweets, to create a vibrant image. You can retweet the post that you like and this way a chain is build, where your brand gets popular.

5. If you are Dedicated, Plan out Strategically

If you calculate and manage your tweets by maintaining a strategy, then you are going to get best results. You can select on the hours, certain days and plan up on how you are going to position your posts. The first couple of days in the week can be on promotions, the next two can focus on recent topics, the next day on ‘how-to-tips’ and the like.

6. Step into your Customers’ Shoes

In order to grab the attention of your target audience, peep into their thought patterns and then you will get to know the level of appreciation of your posts. Think for a couple of seconds before posting your tweet or the 140-character powerful weapon, would you like it, if you were the customer? You are sure to get the answer for yourself.

7. The Unique Touch in the Content

Uniqueness can be in the way you present old wine in a new bottle or how you walk that extra mile and post the behind-the scenes photos, some exclusive content related to your niche that has not gone viral or has not been commonplace.

8 .Use Hashtags

In order to make a deft use of the keywords, use hashtags on your posts, so that the keywords get the required emphasis.

9. Share the Deals and Discounts

The users who keep an eye on the different brands in Twitter love to be updated with the deals and discounts. This way you can grab their attention for long.

10. Play with Tweets

There is no magical wand or trick that can make your tweets to pull in followers. You can play with different timing, tones and pattern and the positioning of your posts.

11. Twitter Advertising can help

The online businesses, especially, if you are a start up or have small marketing dollars; you can make a good use of Twitter’s Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets.

12. Measure your Twitter Engagement

In order to ensure the level of effectiveness of your Twitter marketing campaign, you need to measure the follower growth, follower engagement, your reach, traffic and the conversion rate. When you evaluate the different aspects of Twitter engagement, you get to know the areas that you need to work on to reach out to your target audience in a broader way via Twitter. When your posts are engaging, hooking the interests of your followers, it got to increase the count.

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Why the E-Sellers are pinning their Hopes on Pinterest?

Steve Burns Posted On - April 19, 2013

Why the E-Sellers are pinning their Hopes on Pinterest
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The social media buffs are increasing at a rapid pace and social engagement is becoming the hot trend that online businesses must cash in. Though it has just been three years that Pinterest has peeped into the social media sphere, this visually stunning bulletin board has been successful in pulling quality and steady traffic. The online retailers, eying for visibility, can bank on this social media platform to let their vast array of products find the required exposure. Facebook and Twitter are the other social media giants that are helping the e-businesses to flourish. Facebook and Twitter are more about spreading brand awareness, helping in consolidating the brand image in a respective niche.

Visual Impact is the Key

The e-sellers always come up with the best and innovative marketing strategies so that they are able to reach out to the target audience segment in a better way. Pinterest with its thematic boards let the e-sellers to pin the images of their wide variety of products, share videos and content that are eye-grabbing. The high resolution images act as a trigger for the users, making them not only to check out those products with acuity but take a step ahead to hunt down those for effective buying. Visual effect becomes more communicative than words with the neat categorization of the products in the different boards reflecting separate themes.

Pinterest works more like a Digital Catalogue

Whether relaxing on the couch with a laptop, MacBook or seriously browsing the web to find the best products of their choice, the nature of the buyers varies. This in turn, affects their buying behavior. The e-sellers can have a higher rate of conversion when they have the potential buyers hooked to Pinterest. The visually stunning topical boards often acts like an online digital catalogue that the interested buyers love to rummage through for taking wise buying decisions.

Social Engagement

The e-sellers have got a better picture of social engagement and interaction. The online business merchants share a rapport with their target audience in Facebook and Twitter, paving the way for online branding. This is because these two social media sites have been there for a while. Facebook is the chosen platform for many web merchants, aiding them to create brand awareness and exposure. However, e-businessmen are still grappling as to what should be the best method that they can apply to win over the social media buffs who love to “pin it”.

Gauging the Purchasing Behavior of the Potential Customers

  • The individuals who spend a considerable amount of time in social media and get glued to Pinterest, help them in creating a visual encyclopedia. The interested users lock the products safely that have tickled their fancy on their minds
  • The users treat Pinterest as a medium via which the buyers make their wish lists of products that they can easily search, scan and buy later
  • The glanceability factor has made Pinterest to soar high in popularity and it is a great influencer making people to communicate, share, interact and remember
  • Pinterest is said to reshape ecommerce and rightly so because this visually appealing social media platform has a more materialistic and commercial appeal, attracting the attention of the buyers

The Social Sales Number got to Catapult

The web merchants are learning the rules of the game when they are venturing into social media. For making a brand to go viral, the e-sellers must get into the game, know the hangouts of the customers, connect with the customers, solve their queries, share with them effective tips and suggestions and create a likeable social profile. Without indulging in bragging or straightway getting into hard sales, an e-seller should nurture his network of customers who have a strong social presence, without nurturing his products always.

The social sales number is only going to rise up when social engagement will lead to conversions. Some of the top brands had to shut down their Facebook web stores as it could not observe higher sales. The process of facilitating online sell is what the social networking platforms must pay attention to, so that direct buying becomes easier for the interested purchasers. Pinterest should be thinking on similar lines so that the products that they come across in Pinterest can be bagged conveniently in a direct way and in quick time. Though social sales is not going to happen overnight, it is about building credibility of a brand that inspires trust via shared experiences. This, in turn, leads to repinning , commenting, greater interaction in Pinterest of the users who are armed with a higher purchasing power.

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