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How can Twitter’s Targeting Tools help the E-Sellers?

Steve Burns Posted On - August 27, 2013

How can Twitter’s Targeting Tools help the E-Sellers?
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If you want to get rid of the tag of being a pushy marketer, then you must have incorporated SMM as a part of your e-campaign, isn’t it? Social media is the buzzword in an age where people are ‘writing on walls’ and ‘tweeting’ every minute. Social media has actively become the platform where people connect, interact and network with each other on the virtual world. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ are some of the most popular social media platforms and the web merchants are waiting eagerly to tap in the potential of many more! Twitter with is power of micro-blogging and hashtags has come with a latest feature, the new targeting tools, which can help the e-sellers to promote their wide range of product.

The big leap of Twitter

Twitter, the microblogging site, has been gaining popularity ever since its creation in the year 2006 and today it has become a very important communication platform. Now it will help marketers to utilise third party information based on the behaviour of its 200 million active users on other websites. ‘Hashing technology’ is being used which converts user information like websites visited and email addresses into numbers and letters and then matches it with similarly hashed inputs provided by marketers. This hashed information cannot be reversed to get back the original data. So in this way, there will not be any exchange of personal user information between the advertiser and Twitter.

How it works?

Advertisements will now show up on the timelines of the users based on certain specifications. You can target your advertisements based on keywords in timeline, interest, geography, gender, similarity to existing followers, device (mobile, desktop) and keyword search results. This tool enables you to present your products or services to those individuals who are most likely to buy them. This will enable you to channelize your marketing resources and put it to more productive use. So, as an e-seller, if you are wishing to higher your sales graph, then Twitter is going to help you a lot It will also help you by allowing advertisements known as ‘promoted tweets’ to be tied to certain specific accounts which are likely to be relevant.

These new targeting tools of Twitter are similar to Custom Audiences feature of Facebook. There is a difference though; Twitter gives its users a choice to opt out of targeting that uses third party information, by altering their account settings.

Give your new business a boost

If your business is of a small scale then this new Twitter feature will provide you with an ideal marketing platform. It will help your business to manage the advertisement campaigns by providing a self service dashboard. This self service platform is presently an invitation only feature that helps to gain greater insight into an advertisement campaign.

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Top 12 Twitter Engagement Tips for E-Sellers

Steve Burns Posted On - May 16, 2013

Top 12 Twitter Engagement Tips for the E-Sellers
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Is your focus on social media more inclined towards Facebook, Pinterest? Do not override the potentiality that Twitter has. Many web-based merchants understand the importance of all the social channels that they can use to connect with customers, for nurturing personal relationships and pave the way for striking conversations so that they can fulfill their business goals and drive sales. Twitter can be one of the potential tools that the e-sellers use to promote their business, offering higher level of customer satisfaction. The top 12 tips to put to use the potentiality of this social media platform are catalogued under:

1.Reflecting your Brand Personality in your Profile

The way you hold up your business in a popular social media platform like Twitter, counts a lot. It is the relevance in creating a brand profile which puts an e-commerce business merchant ahead of his competitors. The bio, the business logo, eye-grabbing background images should be connected thematically with your business, so that the right image of the brand can be projected, seamlessly.

2.Being a Patient and Receptive Listener pays off

Do not go out of track or tweet at your will. It will not fetch you followers, influencers, depriving you from getting the required business juice. As a business merchant, you need to study the psychological pattern of your target audience.

3. Tweet with a Hint of Informality

When you are tweeting , do not be too formal. In the top social networking channels and in the popular micro-blogging site like Twitter make your posts sans the coat of formality.

4. Interaction is the Key

You need to amplify your presence in the social networks. Interact and respond via tweets and retweets, to create a vibrant image. You can retweet the post that you like and this way a chain is build, where your brand gets popular.

5. If you are Dedicated, Plan out Strategically

If you calculate and manage your tweets by maintaining a strategy, then you are going to get best results. You can select on the hours, certain days and plan up on how you are going to position your posts. The first couple of days in the week can be on promotions, the next two can focus on recent topics, the next day on ‘how-to-tips’ and the like.

6. Step into your Customers’ Shoes

In order to grab the attention of your target audience, peep into their thought patterns and then you will get to know the level of appreciation of your posts. Think for a couple of seconds before posting your tweet or the 140-character powerful weapon, would you like it, if you were the customer? You are sure to get the answer for yourself.

7. The Unique Touch in the Content

Uniqueness can be in the way you present old wine in a new bottle or how you walk that extra mile and post the behind-the scenes photos, some exclusive content related to your niche that has not gone viral or has not been commonplace.

8 .Use Hashtags

In order to make a deft use of the keywords, use hashtags on your posts, so that the keywords get the required emphasis.

9. Share the Deals and Discounts

The users who keep an eye on the different brands in Twitter love to be updated with the deals and discounts. This way you can grab their attention for long.

10. Play with Tweets

There is no magical wand or trick that can make your tweets to pull in followers. You can play with different timing, tones and pattern and the positioning of your posts.

11. Twitter Advertising can help

The online businesses, especially, if you are a start up or have small marketing dollars; you can make a good use of Twitter’s Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets.

12. Measure your Twitter Engagement

In order to ensure the level of effectiveness of your Twitter marketing campaign, you need to measure the follower growth, follower engagement, your reach, traffic and the conversion rate. When you evaluate the different aspects of Twitter engagement, you get to know the areas that you need to work on to reach out to your target audience in a broader way via Twitter. When your posts are engaging, hooking the interests of your followers, it got to increase the count.

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