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How Retail Brands can make the most of Instagram Videos

Steve Burns Posted On - August 30, 2013

How Retail Brands can make the most of Instagram Videos
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The online brand owners know the importance of making their e-marketing campaign to be armed with the right edge, where SMM plays a huge role. Social media marketing is not only about Facebook, Twitter but the big boys offering greater visual impact like Pinterest and Instagram, has become the buzzword now. The photo-sharing app Instagram owned by Facebook has come up with an interesting feature that is sure to grab the eyeballs of the e-sellers. The 15-second video clip that allows the online business owners to capsule their business propositions with a different stance is a biggest tool in their hand. The Vine application is its closer rival, but Instagram is catching the fancy of all.

Whether it is products, services, talent or business ideas, it has to be backed by marketing. No one knows it better than the web merchants who are literally jostling with each other to be in the limelight in the targeted niche. In the tussle between Vine versus Instagram, check out how Instragram videos rock the show:
  • In terms of the time limit, short is crisp and smart with a higher communicating power. Vine which is a 6 seconds clip is too short for an online brand to reach out to its target audience. With 15 seconds, whether it is the behind the scene business scenario, any news about a product launch of a brand and the like, it is good enough to nab the attention of the target mass
  • In terms of video filters, you get 13, while with Vine you have none
  • With Instagram you get the scope to use a cover image, which needs to be clicked for watching a video. Vine has no such provisions.
  • In terms of editing a video, for Instagram it is built-in to the app. While in Vine, you do not enjoy the video editing scope.
  • In terms of video embedding, both Instagram and Vine offer HTML codes on web pages, but for Instagram it is a much smoother process

The Effective Tips for the Online Retailers

  • It is crucial for the online retailers to tug at the heart strings of the targeted customers and sharing experiences can be a scoring point! It can be behind-the-scenes footage, any interesting sales news, new product entry into the market and the like.
  • It is about swearing by the engagement norm of the targeted customers which can only higher the conversion rate for an e-seller.
  • Updating your content with relevant posts on Instagram can pull quality traffic. With video brought to the forefront, adding that edge to the marketing campaign can become easy for the e-sellers.
  • As an online business owner, you can use hashtags to make videos get viral so that it is shared easily
  • Make a good use of Instagram’s filters to add that creative spark while composing the content of the videos

Many of the top brands and the small-sized business like Zappos, Sabo Skirt, Swarovski, Topshop and many more are jumping on the Instagram video bandwagon, so it’s your call, make the most of it!

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How Pretty Pictures are conquering the Hearts of the Online Shoppers

Steve Burns Posted On - August 28, 2013

How Pretty Pictures are conquering the Hearts of the Online Shoppers
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Is the text-driven syndrome of online search and buying transforming? The landscape of e-commerce has perceived a change, with the infusion of social media playing a crucial role as an influencer for the e-shoppers. Gone are the days when the online buyers just used to put the search query in the search engine and the online business owners jostling with each other showed up and the buyers would indulge in buying. There has been a bit of revamping that is going on in the field of e-commerce, that is, the visual form of shopping is becoming very popular.

How the Visual Mode of Shopping is Weaving Magic

Though trends come and go, the emergence of new shopping habits with the social media fever rising high is here to stay. It is the quality pictures of the products that are catching the interest of the interested buyers, augmenting their urge to buy. The pretty pictures of the products have a greater visual impact and impression in the minds of the people. So if the business owners are able to use the visually stunning mediums to showcase their products, it can have a greater influence in the purchasing behavior of the people.

How the AIDA Theory is working?

The image-heavy online sites like Pinterest, Polyvore and the like has matchless visual appeal, which has been instrumental in pulling quality traffic. Like the words in a content need to be very vocal in serving the educative purpose so that the e-shoppers can take informed decisions, the images are acting not only as the eye-candies, but making the AIDA theory to work out. The pictures are acting as the attention grabbers, helping in raising the interest and curiosity in the minds of the online buyers. It offers an impetus to their desire to take the prompt buying action. So the AIDA theory (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) is working out as the buyers are getting more glued to the pictures of the products that they want, while thinking of purchasing online.

The Shift of Focus from Text to Images

The trend of optimizing images is gaining momentum as the shopping behavior is getting reoriented both offline and online. It is like in a way we are treading back to the age where people used to paint pictures in cave walls for better communication. Now for better registration in the minds of the people and with the help of advanced technology, the online business owners are following that path.  The e-shoppers are becoming picture driven, as if consumed by the snaps and having an enriching e-shopping experience.

In the pre-internet era, it was the demand of the glossy magazines, acting like the catalogs that won over the hearts of the people. While rummaging through the shiny covers, the interested buyers used to take the cool decisions about the products, as it got ingrained in their minds. When the mouse has become mightier and competent, let your PC, tablets and the other devices do the work for you of choosing the products and taking the right buying decision. With speedy internet connection and the availability of the wide range of mobile devices, high-end smartphones jacketed with mind-boggling camera features enabling higher navigability, visual shopping is definitely going great guns.

How Social Media is chipping in with its Role

The social media recommendations or the suggestions from family, friends and the like help a person to take the right buying decision. The natural inclination is for spontaneous sharing among the people and social media is playing its part in terms of making the wide variety of products and services of the online business owners to go viral. It is the use of the social media icons on the e-commerce websites, the use of ‘mail a friend’ button and the like which can make the e-sellers to observe higher sales growth, influenced by social media.

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Boost your Ecommerce Business with Vine Videos

Steve Burns Posted On - June 25, 2013

Boost your Ecommerce Business with Vine Videos
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The tech savvy world is making the reach of the high-end devices of the top-notch brands, much easier. The iPhones, iPods Touches, iPads and other devices are popular among the broader target segments and have made it easy for the online businesses to adapt various means of reaching out. Video marketing has undoubtedly emerged as one of the key elements in an e-seller’s marketing campaign. Now keeping in pace with the racy world, it is the short yet the interesting vine videos of six seconds, which are also called looping videos, which are gaining in prominence as one of the business promotional tools. Vine, which is a new iOS app, is creating a lot of buzz in the online business domain. The business owners must know how they can maximize the reach of these vine videos to ensure higher visibility of the products and services of the different businesses.

Capsule the Products in a Short but Catchy Way

A new product awaiting market penetration can get noticed to the target mass in an engaging way via the vine videos. This new iOS is one of the best ways to inform customers about the new products and prospects. The online merchants can make a good use of the tweet to pull steady traffic. Some of the e-business owners have started tapping the potential of this application after it hit the market.

If, as an e-business owner, you do not want to stop at only informing about the products, make the videos highlighting the products in use within a flash of few seconds. It is a tough job, but if you can pull it off, it will surely satisfy you. With the kind of response that you are going to get about your business, it can enable you in taking innovative decisions for further business reach. GAP has been an eye-opener in this sphere as they belted out a vine video that is really eye-grabbing and appealing.

Empowering the Customers

In the sphere of online business, if you are able to make the customers happy, then they are no two ways about it. In order to make the customers share the products that they buy in the form of vine videos, you can make things to go viral at a faster pace. The e-shoppers are smart buyers and if they showcase what they are happy to use, it can help in reaping huge benefits for you.

Behind the Scenes Glimpse

The behind-the-scenes video capsule can quench the thirst of the target mass to know more about your business. When you are able to show the pillars of strength, add that personalized touch and a human face on your business, you score over your rivals! Vine videos are the best too, that you can resort to!

Notching up your Creativity a bit Higher

You have realized the power of short things in life and have also witnessed it in the online business domain. For instance, the power of micro-blogging or the tweets where you have just 140 characters to win over your target audience, it is working big time. Here, you have six seconds at your disposal where you know really how to be creative in the way you engage the users and your fans. You can do it by offering a contest, can share your brand’s story, create anticipation by offering a product’s sneak view and offer the how-to-tips, etc. The process of registration of what is being shown in such a short of span becomes much easier.

When you go creative with your social media marketing campaigns, it can open up endless business opportunities for you. So give your best, come up with innovative ideas that can help you to tap the potential of Vine for your business.

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Checking out the New YouTube Feature with Greater e-Commerce Potential

Steve Burns Posted On - June 12, 2013

Checking out the New YouTube Feature with Greater e-Commerce Potential
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Are you a Google fan? It can be easily stated that among the popular products that Google has offered to its ever-growing client base, YouTube has added a different meaning to video viewing and marketing. Whether it is checking out the latest movie clips, songs, uploading your own video or a plethora of multimedia activities, YouTube has come of age and chipping in its role for the online business owners to get into the minds of the target audience via effective video marketing. You cannot afford to miss out videos as a part of your marketing strategy.

It has been tested, tried and proved that it is the visual medium which bleeds better than words. This is also the success story behind the popularity of the new kid on the block in the social media arena, which is Pinterest, with the kind of visual impact it is making.

YouTube’s Masterstroke

Coming back to YouTube, the e-commerce merchants are using this platform so that the target mass get glued to the respective brands, products and turn into potential buyers. YouTube has come up with a new feature which, in a way, completes the online buying journey in a jiffy for the potential buyers. It has often been observed that when combing through the wide variety of products in a resourceful platform, the desire of the potential customers to use their spending power to pick up the choicest products at that time gets elevated. Now is the time for the e-commerce merchants to cash in this aspect of YouTube.

What’s the News?

So YouTube will not let you to lock the product that you like only on your mind, but you can freeze it online also with immediate effect! YouTube has come up with the new feature where it has added the “Buy Now” button, empowering the customers to directly buy from the retailers of their choice while browsing this platform. This is one of the boons for the e-commerce merchants and can be considered as one of the crucial factors that will definitely contribute in terms of increasing the sales volume of the e-commerce merchants.

TREsemme Campaign

Coming forward in this domain is the top-notch brand, TREsemme, which has successfully created a buzz with its wide array of hair care and hair stylizing products. The fashion fiestas, who want to make heads turn with their gorgeous stresses, can not only flock to YouTube to check out the products or brands of their choice, but can promptly take the buying action. If you want your online business to grow in a speedy way, you can not only market your products in YouTube to ensure higher visibility, you can actually add to your sales figures or revamp your revenue generation graph with ease. The revenue that you as an e-seller earn from the video marketing is surely going to double up, as earlier it was traffic that made your day, now it is about generating leads with a higher level of convenience.

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Top 15 Video Marketing Strategies for the E-Commerce Merchants

Steve Burns Posted On - April 19, 2013

Top 15 Video Marketing Strategies for the E-Commerce Merchants
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The stiff nature of competition in the online business domain has made the e-sellers to think of different ways that will enable them to reach out to the target mass. Planning strategically helps in adding that edge to the marketing efforts of the online retailers. Going viral via engaging videos is one of the hottest trends which the e-sellers are swearing by. For strengthening the revenue generation graph, this visual cum aural medium enables a brand to earn optimum level of exposure. Grabbing the attention of the target audience via engaging videos helps in registering the brand and its offering in the minds of the target audience.

Engaging Content is Pivotal

No matter how many rule books you go through, the online tutorials that you keep an eye on to learn the video marketing tips, it is the content of the video which should be unputdownable. The look of your video, how you go about filming it and then promoting it becomes secondary when compared to the content! You must have noticed how the video links of the credible sites show up in the search results when you put your search query. Videos can surely create a buzz about your brand.

Stand out from the Pack

It is the about stirring your imagination and creative fervor to come up with ideas that will make a video attractive and edgy. Business ideas that are run of the mill will not help your brand to stand out. So stretch your imagination to come up with unique concept and innovation when conceiving of business ideas for a video.

You cannot afford to give Research a Miss

Make a thorough research on your niche. Get inspiration from the videos that have received a big thumbs-up from the target audience of your niche. For speeding up the process of letting your mind to be crowded with effective business ideas that can be reflected on the video, take a look at the content of the videos that are doing well in the market zone. You will get to know the scoring points.

Analyze your Target Audience

Before stepping into planning your business video, it is crucial to gauge the thought patterns and the psychological behavior of your target mass. When you step into the shoes of your audience, you can better understand their demands and needs. Whatever approach you take or weave up your marketing campaign, knowing your target audience, reading them well is the key to success.

Get the ‘True’ Feedback

When you engage in a fruitful conversation with your other business partners, your wife, friends, children or a group of like-minded people, they will tell you right on your face whether they like your idea or not. So before having a flop show, you cut it off! Feedback and opinions matter when you are planning for creating a video.

A Strategic Plan

The execution of a video in a neat manner depends how you settle on the outline, choose the tone keeping in mind the target audience. Ranging from the content, the visual and aural elements, all you need for filming- the video should be planned accordingly.

Tweaking your own Thoughts

When you scrutinize closely the videos that have got a higher number of views, you can pick up something from there and mash up your own creative inputs, leading to the formation of a new idea. Unique ideas have a higher chance of clicking with the target audience.

Going Wacky and Outlandish

Though it is serious business to get your brand noticed, harp on the crazy and bizarre factor when thinking of the interesting material that will encapsulate in a video. People who are tech-savvy have a inclination for the wild and crazy and it whets their appetite to know more. So if you want to make the tongues wagging about your business, add that quirky touch. However, do not go overboard!

The Eye-Grabbing Presentation

Wrap your business message in such a way that the presentation has a higher appealing quotient, finding favor with the target audience. Incorporating high-resolution images but not very chunkier ones and some catchy music can make a video to work. When an e-seller is talking about his business, showcasing the products in an engrossing way can help. Getting familiar with his own products puts an e-seller a step ahead in terms of finding favor with the target audience. An online retailer can make a video based on his inventory, portfolio or it can be an interview with some the top management or the executive heads of the different processes.

Achieving Perfection

Via editing, you can do away with redundancy from your video. You do not need to be a pushy marketer if the videos that you create about your business have that edge to get a whopping number of views. Editing should be done with precision and accuracy so that there is lesser chances of the video not getting the steady nod from the target audience segment.

Swear by Social Sharing

When the e-sellers have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, then making their videos to go viral is not a very difficult task. It is not only about posting it, but letting the video links to flow naturally, creating a buzz about a brand which will soon gain massive proportion, ensuring a brand’s popularity.

The Concept of Social Signals

Social media has made the brands to gain higher level of exposure and create a brand image online. The concept of social signal is gaining in prominence as the best ranking factors that Google, Bing have started to keep an eye on. Though the importance of links is not fading out any time soon it is likes, comments, retweets, replurking, pinning, +1, which are counted as natural and spontaneous interaction of the social media users who engage in the different social platforms. Personal referrals work more than search engine recommendations as there is the personal touch involved in it.

Hammering your Brand Tactfully

Videos can help your brand to make a mark in your niche. The deftness, with which you incorporate the business message in the videos showcasing your brand, makes way for easier registration in the minds of the target audience.

A Video must Represent your Brand’s Personality

The web merchants has a business vision when he runs a business. When a video is being filmed to reach out to the target mass in a nutshell in an enticing way, then choosing the theme and flavor of a video should be in conjunction with a brand’s personality. The prevailing tone all through the content has to offer a synchronized effect to the target mass so that it appeals to them, whetting their appetite to know more about the brand.

Keeping it Short

For being a successful marketer, you need to know the pulse of the web. The web surfers love to get hold of information in a lucid way and in quick time. So very long videos might not be what your target audience is looking for. Think of your business propositions in an effective and terse way. Let your business ideas wear a tailor-made, well-fitting attire in the form of a perfectly edited short video.

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The Increasing relevance of Video marketing in modern online retail

Steve Burns Posted On - November 29, 2012

The Increasing relevance of Video marketing in modern online retail
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Videos were around for a long time before the onset of online marketing, But what has changed now is that with the advent of online marketing and communications, the distribution cost of videos has reached zero or thereabouts. There is no media cost, there is no distribution cost. Video distribution is to online communication what TV is to the newspapers. It is audio visual in appeal as against merely visual/pictorial. How do you use videos effectively to drive traffic and sales? Here are five pointers.

Firstly define the stage of the customer life-cycle during which you plan to use video marketing to communicate your message. A consumer’s life cycle is defined as:

Every customer is at one or the other stage of this life cycle. The attention getting part is where you use brand led communication to catch the mind and the imagination of the customer. At the interest stage, you evoke his interest in possessing what you are selling. During the next phase you inculcate a strong desire and willingness in the mind/heart of the consumer to pay good money to possess what you sell. Then you provoke action by inciting the buying decision. The last stage is brand loyalty, wherein you retain the consumer, and coax him to probably recommend your product to others.

Video’s can be used to communicate to potential and actual customers at each stage of this consumer life cycle. Deciding at which stage you want to communicate will help you narrow down the messaging for the communication, and help you design the metrics that will showcase the efficacy or otherwise of the communication.

Choose a marketing tactic and focus your energies in executing this well.

This is the stage when you actually start planning your video marketing. You need to decide how the video will engage potential customers, and/or existing customers. This is an important decision as it will decide the length of the video, the possibility of embedded links etc. Social media is one place you can showcase your video – active sharing is a economic user driven way to popularize your video. You can also have it showcased on your website to attract the website’s present traffic to view it. Press Releases with video content are also another good way to spread the message across different content distribution networks.

Identify and engage a video producer who will produce the content for you

With increasing access to video cameras and online assistance in everything from how to shoot and edit, you can certainly create your own video. But it is a good idea to engage a professional, merely for the finesse and the experience that he brings to the exercise. The obvious reason is that a well produced video will attract more eyeballs and sharing. They are also a good source to identify and use channels that will make your video popular. Given the fact that this is their everyday business, they will know the sites where you can get maximum eyeballs.

Produce your video content and then publish them online

The thing to remember when you are publishing video’s online is that this is exactly like any other content. It needs to be eminently searchable for it to be found. Carefully choose your tags, descriptions and keywords to ensure that you reach the maximum number of viewers. Revert to stage two and review your tactics and apply them to popularize your video.

Monitor the results of the video and calibrate y our next steps to increase popularity and viewing.

Keep a keen watch on how the video is doing. Track things like views, comments and likes to gauge the level of consumer engagement with the video. Check how the video is directing traffic to your website and find out how much time people are spending on your website. Be patient as video’s take a little time to kick in results.

When you achieve good ranking, ensure that it is kept up. High ranking will keep providing you with new insights and traffic. Keep rolling with the organic traffic it is attracting and do not expect it to go viral overnight. When more people share it, it may be a good idea to have a poll and discover what element made them share. If it has attracted negative comments, ask the commentators what aspect of the video brought about negative feelings.

Lastly check how much of the traffic that the video drives to your website is actually getting converted. Many a time, you bring the horse to the waterfront, but the horse refuses to drink! The efficacy of a video can be judged well only if your conversion at the website end is tight and effective.

This blog is brought to you by a platform that enables you to handle your feeds and get analytics about your product performance across multiple marketplaces and comparison shopping engines. We offer both self driven as well as managed solutions that helps online merchants to improve their results.

To see more, visit

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