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Small Store Owner’s Tips To Productive Online Festive Selling 2017

Thomas Posted On - September 25, 2017

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The much awaited festive season 2017 is here and anytime is a good time for the smaller ecommerce selling entities to roll up their sleeves and bag the best of purchase motivated traffic. For those that are still clueless about how to start, here are a few tried and tested tips that are assured to help in this direction…

Deck up your store front – This applies equally to Amazon, Walmart, eBay Stores and all. This is the time of the year when purchasers are at their happiest and are most likely to respond to store fronts that reflect the glee of festivities. Therefore, even if you need to spend on quality templates, making the move will only fetch you better visibility.

Optimize your listing to the last word – While it is true that store owners in eBay have their own search engines to benefit from, extending added efforts for higher visibility always pays off in the long run. Refreshing optimization efforts right from titles and descriptions to images and pricing can help sellers remain in unchallenged stardom for the festive last quarter of the year.

Refresh listing – This basically refers to focusing on items in the store that are likely to grab and maintain the attention of buyers this season. Removing irrelevant products to the background and introducing fresh products in fresh listing will fetch you instant search rankings.

Integrate end to end before it is too late – End to end integration especially those involving top names like Volusion Amazon etc. will help you handle the rush smoothly, seamlessly and most importantly, faultlessly.

Stock up wisely – Going overboard with festive / seasonal items may result in sellers having to deal with infinite unsold items at the beginning of the next year. Such expensive mishaps can be prevented by progressive demand prediction. Sellers that are not very confident about the science behind prediction of demand can seek professional assistance.

Deals and more deals – In very simple words, you will have to give buyers a good reason to choose you over all else. You can only do that if you offer quality products at attractive deals that can actually help buyers make a worthy purchase. Attractive and no-strings-attached deals are another way to gain and maintain high search ranking in eBay or any other top marketplace for that matter.

Pack punch in CSEs – Lastly, if you have not paid attention to your presence in comparison shopping sites, it is never too late to start. Creating presence in the right CSEs and applying the right strategies can maximize sale by 50% to 100% or more.

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Easy Tips To Sell Out Your eBay Inventory Faster

Steve Burns Posted On - June 28, 2016

eBay Inventory management
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There is no better way than organic way to sell out your eBay inventory. For those who have been resorting to tricks and hacks and have been facing warnings from the platform, take a clue or two from the following organic tips to ship your inventory the happy way for better profits and higher rankings…

Choose products that buyers are looking for –

There is no harm in doing some research on the types of products that buyers in eBay are interested in. Choosing popular products in the category you are selling in is one of the best ways to sell out inventory faster.

Price them competitively –

People in eBay often come looking for the best rather, the lowest prices in products. If you offer the lowest price in a certain product of interest, you can be rest assured that your products will sell out faster than ever before. However, it has also been observed that offering unbelievably low prices can generate doubts in buyers who may think that there may be something inauthentic about the product which has contributed to bringing down its costs to scratch.

The trick thus, lies in pricing the products competitively than going for drop dead low prices. Using softwares for the purpose is strongly recommended.

List products attractively –

The root of eBay inventory management lies in the process of listing. How you list your products determines how far you will go with generating orders for the same. Inventory will start moving only when buyers are convinced with the listing and start placing orders for the same.

Organic listing in eBay or any other marketplace for that matter refers to improving the basics (like titles, descriptions, images etc) to make them more relevant to buyers without resorting to malpractices like keyword stuffing, watermarking images etc.

Attempt proper warehouse integration –

If your inventory is spread over multiple eBay warehouses, you must ensure proper integration with the same. More often than not, overall integration solutions like Volusion Amazon integration, Bigcommerce eBay integration etc cover warehouse integrations as well. If however, you feel that the features in the inbuilt integration systems are not enough to cater to your needs; it will be wise to go for additional softwares for the purpose.

Push shelved products with offers –

Lastly, shelves items can be a real trouble for eBay sellers especially those who may be paying warehouse fees to have them stocked. Offering attractive deals on these products like affordable combo offers etc. can help move them out at the blink of an eye and that too, profitably.

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Why Should You Sell On Sears At All?

Shrikar Khare Posted On - June 16, 2016

sell on sears
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Sellers from the world over are in complete awe of Amazon and often don’t feel the need to venture out to other promising e commerce marketplaces. When you have billions of searches happening every year and increasing by the day; when you have FBA taking care of all your order fulfillment necessities with maximum assurance of buyer satisfaction; when you have the seller central to address your basic operational issues; when you can experience the best of growth and profits in this very platform; then why at all would you wish to set presence anywhere else? Sellers who are present in Amazon and Sears at the same time though, have a very different story to tell.

When placed in comparison with Amazon, Sears as in e commerce marketplace (not the retail giant that it is) does appear a little too miniscule to seem attractive in any way whatsoever to sellers. However, when you sell on Sears, an instant access to thousands of unique buyers who have sworn their loyalty to this platform and are seldom seen to shop anywhere else can turn the tables around for the better. When you add these unique buyers with that of Amazon, you will discover that your scope as an e commerce seller has already increased many times over.

Secondly, operating in Sears can cost you as little as 40$ per month. With this, you can receive and fulfill as many orders as you wish with all the support you require for the purpose. Additional assistance like FBS (fulfilled by Sears) may cost a little more but nothing that cannot be handled with ease. Similarly, using features like Advertise with Sears can also be very beneficial as far as driving traffic to your Sears store is concerned. Considering the fact that Sears already has a massive following in the world of retail, there is ample possibility that buyers who click on the products would actually go ahead and make the purchase.

Thirdly, integrating with Sears is easy irrespective of which shopping cart you may be powered with. Say for example, initiating Volusion Sears integration can be just as productive, promising and affordable as Volusion Amazon integration. Carrying out both at the same time cannot be very difficult for sellers who wish to be present in both of these e commerce marketplaces with equal impact. Choosing the right e commerce solution providers can make the deal even more budget friendly.

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Things You Can DO To Most Lose Your Amazon Store

Robin Smith Posted On - May 23, 2016

Amazon Store
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Warning… Please don’t try this at home… especially new sellers who have a lot to experience and experiment with. Acting smart with Amazon is never a good idea. The platform tends to have a mind of its own and has about a million eyes that are set on each and every seller that establishes presence under its roof. These are the times when setting up business in Amazon can take as little as few odd hours with a day or two for products to get online. What is more interesting is, it is just as easy to get the boot from Amazon with no assurance of finding a place in it in the near or far future.

If you wish to ‘not’ lose your Amazon store as soon as you establish your presence in the platform, here’s what you must never try to act smart with…

Never try to sell your pet in Amazon… or your stamp collection, or prescription medication, or property or services for that matter under the guise of something else. Never try to sell fake or damaged goods in the name of fresh pieces and that too in full market prices. Never ever dare to think that Amazon will not take notice. Amazon takes listing policies very seriously and any sort of deliberate misconduct is not forgiven by this marketplace.

Listing cheating is the next thing that can cost you your store. Again, Amazon has very strict listing policies starting right from your data feed quality. Trying to pass discounts and coupons in the product titles can be damaging because Amazon can remove that listing within seconds. This mostly because trying tricks and hacks as these, compromises the healthy organic competition that exists among sellers in this platform.

Attempting operational basics without seller support software solutions or without integration can be detrimental in Amazon. If you have a Volusion powered store in Amazon, you will be required to carry out Volusion Amazon integration perfectly before receiving orders and completing the same to offer best purchase experience to all buyers.

Fourthly, you could lose it all in Amazon if you try arbitrage with eBay! Seriously? Arbitrage is a lowest price based business strategy the ethics of which is still questionable. eBay offers the lowest price and it is very difficult for Amazon seller prices to get any lower. eBay store owners can gain with arbitrage selling and never the other way round.

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Can Your Amazon Listing Software Do THIS?

Robin Smith Posted On - May 21, 2016

Volusion Amazon
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Listing in Amazon is never as easy as it is made to sound. If you actually take the time go through a list horror stories posted by Amazon sellers from all over the world, the bulk of them are assured to be related with listing issues. Choosing proper Amazon listing softwares while starting endeavors in this mega platform is not an option anymore; it is but a basic necessity. Keeping this urgency in mind, motivated and innovative e commerce developers have come up with a list of listing solutions that are power packed with a list of different features each of which enhance compatibility of the products of the concerned e commerce stores with Amazon profitably.

Of late, sellers have managed to chalk out a number of critical features that appear to be Must-Haves in all listing softwares dedicated to Amazon. Among these, the in-built feature of data validation happens to be the top talk of the day. Data validation refers to the acceptance of the product feed by Amazon. This feature ensures that sellers are amply protected from putting in efforts in those listings that could get rejected by Amazon. It is a very sophisticated feature and can be lifesaving at times.

The feature of receiving automatic shopping cart solution to Amazon product updates is also way too important to overlook. For this feature to work more effectively, it is very important to have the concerned shopping cart integrated perfectly with this marketplace. Say for example, if a merchant happens to be powered by Volusion, he / she will have to carry out impeccable Volusion Amazon integration to experience optimum results.

Thirdly, feed optimization should be the middle name of any Amazon listing software. Amazon does not respond to un-optimized listing any more. There was a time not very long ago when merchants had to carry out the process of optimization manually or with the help of separate services / softwares. Thankfully, this essential feature can now be availed as a part of regular listing softwares for Amazon, all thanks to the efforts of motivated e commerce solution developers.

Besides this, features like ASIN matching tools, features for tracking performance post listing etc are imperative in these solutions for the simple reason that they make the process of putting up products in Amazon so easy, effective and profitable. Winning in completion can be a real possibility when these sellers employ one or all of these features.

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Subscribing To Volusion Is Easy – Integrating Is A Different Story

Thomas Posted On - May 16, 2016

volusion amazon & sears
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At this very moment, there are about a few thousand odd online sellers who could swear by their Volusion powered store. Talk about 99.9% uptime and that too guaranteed topped with powerful SEO tools, not many store owners feel the need to look around for other shopping cart solutions. Volusion is also known for constantly refreshing and introducing performance boosting features that come mighty handy for sellers of all types and volumes. And just when you think that things cannot get any better, in comes the 24 * 7 customer support that still remains unparalleled as compared with many its competitors.

Basically, Volusion is a near complete solution that is compatible with sellers of all volumes and is often considered easy on the budget as well. Of late though, Volusion has been praised amply for the list of integration tools and solutions that it has introduced specifically for catering to top performing e commerce marketplaces especially Amazon. The best ever Volusion Amazon integration feature offered by this one of a kind shopping cart solution has been praised for its easy inventory and even easier listing integration features. The contribution of Volusion plug in solutions for Amazon that intend to add more features to the integrated performance is also upheld as extremely helpful.

With all these advantages though, sellers that are relatively new or growing their business like never before may feel the need for more sophisticated assistance. For example, solutions to keep track of Amazon performance of every individual product, pricing the products competitively, attempting advanced stock handling and many more call for specific and preferably custom made tools. Whether you like it or not, Volusion by itself may appear complete but is not a fool proof solution to success in Amazon or any top performing marketplaces for that matter.

Pushing Volusion Sears / Amazon / eBay / integration etc to its best, starting right from set up is often made possible by third party solutions that are designed with unique set of features that can also be customized at request. This may cost a little, but is always well worth the investment. When it comes to performing in Amazon with Volusion powered stores, it is not about the benefits that you receive from the latter. It is in fact, more about sealing the gaps that are left behind. While it is true that Volusion is an ever evolving platform, it is wise in the part of the sellers to be prepped with more feature-packed selling props.

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These Practices Can Help Improve Volusion eBay Compatibility

Steve Burns Posted On - May 3, 2016

volusion eBay
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Volusion as a shopping cart solution is usually very compatible with top performing marketplaces like eBay. This basically means that integrating these two platforms is usually not a very difficult process. As has been expressed by many Volusion powered sellers in eBay, there are in fact, very few gaps that need to be bridged while making these platforms work in uncompromised harmony. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know that however small the gaps may be, they can still impact the business in a negative way if they are not addressed in time. Maintaining best practices is the least that can be done in this respect.

Best practices in enhancing Volusion eBay compatibility has got everything to do with inventory. The Volusion powered sellers are always expected to maintain sufficient inventory at all times to fulfill eBay orders especially with respect to the shipping time mentioned in listing. This prevents delays in shipping caused in the part of sellers because of mismanaged inventory between the two platforms. Although Volusion offers quality inventory integration features, it is seldom complete. Using inventory management softwares is thus, advised for preventing such hassles.

Secondly, matters like not receiving automatic order confirmation emails for orders received from eBay listings in Volusion is a common issue. The sellers will have to make arrangements on their part to request eBay to send the confirmations after which things will fall in place. Then again, there is the matter of currency. It is necessary to make sure that the currency in eBay seller account and that in the Volusion powered store is the same. In case the currencies are not same, serious transaction issues may arise. Thirdly, it always works better to have only one Volusion Store per eBay account for the sake of minimizing confusion.

There are many other practices that you can follow to improve compatibility of Volusion with eBay. The easiest way to put a leash on possible hassles is to initiate a proper Volusion Amazon or eBay integration process. The latter is basically aimed at offering an all inclusive solution to possible gaps that may arise between the two platforms when brought together. It takes nothing more than the involvement of a few intelligent software solutions, tools and plug-in systems that work to create an sealed and secure functioning atmosphere. Many third party e commerce solution providers offer effective integration solutions these days and at very affordable prices too. Approaching them can be as good as the task well accomplished.

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A Few Quick Tips To Improving Your Amazon Store Visibility

Robin Smith Posted On - April 19, 2016

Amazon store integration
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Amazon does not glorify store owners… it is as simple as that. In this mega platform, while all sellers can be assured to win enhanced traffic and conversion possibilities, they can never expect to push their store names in this marketplace. Amazon wants its buyers to get the feeling that they are buying from ‘Amazon’ and not individual sellers who have established presence in the platform. This is also one of the reasons why, accessing buyer information is usually a challenge for Amazon sellers leave alone the matter of creating and maintaining relationship with them. So, the dream of improving Amazon store visibility usually stays a dream for thousands of sellers the world over.

This though, does not mean that store owners in Amazon don’t get any exposure at all. There are a few out of the box thinkers who have managed to navigate through the odds and made a significant impact among buyers. These entities have not included supernatural support systems in their businesses but adhered to certain very basic principles that are usually overlooked or taken for granted. It all starts with improving the listing quality without falling into the traps of tricks and hacks. From relatable titles to impactful images, everything counts in bringing your products to the first page of search results. When more and more of your products begin to appear in the first page of the search results, buyers will take note of the sellers also.

There is no second to aiming for the Buy box. Your race to the Buy Box in itself can improve your product visibility many times over. Offering competitively low prices including shipping charges, offering exceptional customer service and gaining a treasure trove of positive reviews is sure to bring your store to greater visibility. Using a range of effective marketing tools, carrying out successful mobile integrations etc are very important as far as enhancing product and store discoverability is concerned. Magento or Volusion Amazon store owners can also make an impactful difference by placing faith in social media. However, the strategies applied in the process should be well structured so that it does not clash with the terms and conditions of legitimacy stated by Amazon.

Improvement in Amazon discoverability should not be left to the scope of trials and errors. While this may be natural and often inevitable, it is best to start with the tried and tested means with ample assistance from proper support solutions.

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