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A Quick Guide To Choosing Multichannel Selling Softwares That Wont Fail You

Stephen Posted On - September 1, 2017

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Ecommerce sellers often struggle with multichannel performance owing to the fact that repeating core and secondary operational processes and tracking actives across the same in each individual platform can get infinitely confusing, demanding and erroneous. Multichannel softwares have emerged as lifesaving solutions in this respect, by helping sellers automate their endeavors over all platforms while keeping track of activities meticulously and flawlessly through one single user interface.

It is necessary to know though, that all multichannel selling softwares do not come with complete and all inclusive features. This is mainly because stuffing a single tool / software with every possible operational attribute can bulk it up enormously making it very difficult to install, use and maintain without the system crashing by the minute. Therefore, multichannel solutions, like all other ecommerce tools are designed with respect to suitability with select features that are likely to be most relevant to the users.

However, here are 4 core features that all multichannel softwares must possess to live up to its assurance of usefulness …

Integrated core operation support system –

This includes integrated listing management, one click inventory control, order fulfillment and tracking and associated tasks. The software should be able to assist management of all these core processes across all platforms of presence through a single user interface.

Marketing channel management –

If you are a multichannel performer, you are likely to have engaged in some serious marketing endeavors as well, covering platforms like CSEs, social media networks, affiliate networks, advertising networks (like Google Ad Words etc). Your chosen multichannel support software should possess features to track and manage performance in all with maximum automation.

Payment / currency control support –

If your multichannel efforts are spread over global platforms of sale, payment and currency management systems will be an integral input in your multichannel selling software. With this feature, you will be able to harmonize payments in different currencies without having to engage in nerve wreaking calculations.

Detailed performance reporting and real time tracking –

Almost all top software developers that offer sophisticated solutions like / Walmart API Integration etc offer multichannel tools that focus on detailed and error free performance reporting and tracking across all platforms through one click solutions.

This feature can help boost multichannel performance without the fear of losing track of essential details with respect to inventory, orders, listing, pricing etc that can compromise performance in infinite different ways.

ChannelSale is also one of the most economical online real time marketing management platforms and is offered to you at an aggressive discount as compared to similar platforms existing. Of course, we match other platforms feature for feature. So what customers get is more for less. More Features, More benefits for Lesser price.

ChannelSale’s technical team has deep exposure, experience and expertise in managing e-Commerce for several Multinational companies.

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A Quick Guide To Listing Antiques And Other Expensive Items In eBay

Stephen Posted On - August 8, 2017

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eBay is one of those ecommerce marketplace where you can sell just about anything be it grocery, clothing, a jet plane or even a strand of hair for that matter. Antiques and expensive items are thus, common in this marketplace hundreds of which have been bought and sold in this platform over the decades. These unique items are usually listed under auction selling categories for the right reasons; an option that allows sellers to determine the true market value of the treasure that they are in possession of.

For those that wish to approach eBay listing of antiques and other unique expensive items successfully, here is quick guide to easy victory…

Firstly, take very good and clear pictures of the unique item in question and that too from as many angles as possible and upload as many pictures as your listing can accommodate. While it is true that you may have to pay a little extra for adding more than a specified number of images, it can be amply convincing in the part of prospective buyers.

Secondly, create an attractive and apt title with well researched keywords. You have to ensure that the titles you create are in tune with the keywords entered by prospective buyers. You will also have to make sure that you spell the product correctly, because spelling mistakes are usually not perceived in good light by buyers of unique items.

Thirdly, add any certificates or other proof of authenticity to highlight the genuineness of the product. This will enhance the value of your eBay listing manifold and will also go a long way to win more bids for your listed item.

Fourthly, start with low bids. This will attract the attention of larger number of buyers and will pull up your listing in the search ranking in very little time. Enhanced visibility is a practical assurance that is associated with starting with very low and often ridiculously low bids.

High quality ecommerce solution developers that offer end to end services like / Walmart API integration etc are known for offering eBay auction assistance solutions as well that can help new sellers approach the process with a sizeable head start.

Lastly, it is always wise to offer post purchase services after completing the auction and successfully shipping the product to its destination. This goes a very long way in maintaining dependability and trust with the buyers.

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