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4 Ways eBay Scores More Than Walmart For Sellers

Thomas Posted On - November 17, 2017

Bigcommerce eBay
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Sellers that perform in top ecommerce platforms like eBay often find themselves over burdened with a number of hassles and hiccups, the origin of which can be traced to ever rising competition and complexity of the marketplaces. This is probably one of the reasons why many eBay sellers are in the process of shifting their base to, the newest star in the online selling firmament. is widely known for low competition, easy visibility, high traffic and smooth operational set up that makes it a practical heaven for any selling entity. This gets better with high quality end to end integration like Walmart Magento etc. that can be availed though their official ecommerce partners at very affordable prices.

However, while it is true that there are way too many uncertainties in eBay that can make sellers fall on their face without any prior warning, there is a long list of reasons why eBay is still a more attractive selling platform to consider in comparison with …

  • Firstly, is only for a handful of sellers that are the best in their respective categories and have very attractive sale history. This is something that smaller sellers and newer sellers seldom possess. Therefore, even if certain sellers nurture the dream of selling in, they may eventually witness their applications rejected.
  • Secondly, competition in eBay may be very high, but the voluminous inflow of traffic allows every seller to have an equal chance to bag the best of purchase motivated buyers. Proper listing, organic optimization and end to end integration with shopping carts like Bigcommerce eBay integration is all it takes to maintain a healthy and productive future in eBay.
  • Thirdly, unlike, eBay allows a wider range of product categories that is almost all inclusive in nature. People can list anything from Harambe shaped cheetos to jet planes in this marketplace, making it compatible with just about anyone that has something to sell. At the same time, eBay also allows sellers to sell in fixed price categories as well as auction, an advantage that is rarely seen in many top e commerce marketplaces.
  • Fourthly, eBay has lived over 20 years in the world of ecommerce and is the oldest online platform of buying and selling. Its evolution thus has very strong roots making it the old-reliable in online selling that no other marketplaces can match. Dependability and scope comes very easy with eBay especially at a global scale, something that Walmart. Com is yet to catch up

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5 Things About Amazon That Are Not As Amazing As They Appear

Stephen Posted On - August 23, 2017

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Amazon is the unchallenged leader in the world of ecommerce that is open to all selling entities irrespective of their nature, volume and experience levels. With over 2 decades of dominance, this marketplace attracts millions of purchase motivated buyers every week and that too, from all over the world. The structure of the marketplace as well as the features and assurance of performance especially with integrated efforts like Amazon Walmart Magento etc. evokes a sense of infallibility in favor of the platform that selling entities find a little too attractive to resist.

This is perhaps the reason why almost any new online selling enthusiasts harbor the desire to start selling with Amazon irrespective of whether the marketplace is favorable to their interests or otherwise. However, it is very necessary for this lot to remember that Amazon is neither all inclusive not free of faults. Following are 5 things about this King of marketplaces that are not as amazing as they appear…

  • Traffic – While it is true that traffic is literally overwhelming in Amazon, it is also true that because the marketplace has very high competition levels, it can be extremely difficult for sellers to attract the traffic towards their store leave alone converting the same for tangible profitable sale.
  • Amazon seller central – This may be the first comprehensive step to launch efforts in Amazon, but it is not without its share of shortcomings. Seller central subscribers are usually seen to fight a visibility battle with vendor central entities that are often seen to get the lion’s share of sale maximizing facilities.
  • Profits and growth – Becoming an Amazon seller does not guarantee profits and growth. Sellers that wish to make even a penny through this marketplace need to clear infinite hurdles like beating tough competition, maintaining impenetrable operational excellence, updating integration and optimization efforts, understanding the complexity of fees and commission structures, learning the art of profitable pricing and re pricing and more.
  • FBA – There is no doubt about the fact that FBA is the best order fulfillment apparatus available not just to Amazon sellers but sellers in all other e commerce marketplaces as well. However, its suitability to sellers is still a big question. Some of the most common issues with FBA involve loss of control on inventory, complex fee structures, inapplicability to certain types of products / categories etc.
  • Seller security – Lastly, it is wise for sellers to know from the very onset that Amazon favors buyers over sellers irrespective of anything. Therefore, if you feel that the buyers are being unfair and so is Amazon, it is best to forget the incident and move on.

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4 Valuable Lessons Sellers Can Learn From The Amazon Logo

Stephen Posted On - July 27, 2017

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Logos are often more than a tiny symbol that signifies the name of companies, institutions, organizations, corporate / business houses, political parties etc. More often than not, well designed logos speak miles about the motto, purpose and aim of the respective entities that they represent. Amazon is one such entity that speaks out through its logo; something that sellers in this marketplace can learn amply from.

What the name says…

The marketplace is called ‘Amazon’. The name itself symbolizes vastness and all inclusivity. After eBay, Amazon has the largest range of selling categories allowing sellers of all natures and volumes to perform in the platform. Sellers on the other hand are expected to ensure that they list relevant products that buyers will be interested in. In short, it should not happen that buyers come to Amazon and don’t find what they are looking for.

Simple and comprehensive –

The logo of Amazon is not a piece of art. It is simple, comprehensive yet impactful at the same time. For buyers, searching for products is very easy and there are infinite filters that they can apply. As far as sellers are concerned, they are required to maintain excellence in their operations to facilitate such purchase advantages.

Initiating end to end integration like Magento Amazon and syncing involving other shopping carts and marketplaces etc can help sellers significantly in this direction.

The arrow from A to Z –

The arrow from A to Z often goes unnoticed, but it has phenomenal significance. This basically signifies that buyers can locate just about anything in Amazon that can be delivered in a parcel. Sellers too need to ensure that the A to Z assurance made by the marketplace is always adhered to.

The smiley –

The arrow in Amazon also forms a smiley which is perhaps the most important aspect of the logo. The smiley symbolizes the smile that Amazon assures to bring in the faces of buyers during and after every purchase. Sellers need to ensure that their selling standards are high enough to live up to this assurance. Offering attractive prices and deals, maintaining high value of listing, easy and extended returns and refunds etc; all matter in this respect.

As far as multichannel sellers with Amazon presence is concerned, it is expected that Amazon is treated as the first preference. Sellers that are present in competing marketplaces like Walmart, carrying out productive integration including shopping carts like Magento Walmart Amazon syncing etc can be practical life savers.

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eBay FBA In A Nutshell For Interested Beginners

Thomas Posted On - April 1, 2017

eBay FBA
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There are multiple advantages of choosing FBA as your order completion solution for eBay, which is perhaps the reason why many eBay sellers are often seen to prefer this to any other order fulfillment systems whatsoever. Some of the inherent advantages of eBay FBA include…

  • Zero worries about packing and shipping
  • Assurance of flawlessness in the process right from packing to delivery
  • A list of happy customers and
  • Easy and effective handling of returns if any

While it is true that the advantages of fulfillment by Amazon for eBay orders are way too many, it is also true that there are certain inherent challenges in the process that needs to be taken care of at the very onset. Here is a list of some of the most common challenges that users of FBA in eBay often face…

  • Loss of control on FBA inventory –This is a very common problem that has been reported not just by eBay sellers using FBA but Amazon sellers as well once the inventory is shipped to FBA warehouses.
  • FBA does not cover all products –FBA is applicable only for a certain section of product categories. Say for example, certain items in the section of beauty and cosmetics are not covered by FBA. This can cause massive troubles for sellers that sell both
    FBA applicable and non applicable products.
  • Fees can get even more confusing and burdensome –eBay FBA can make the process of calculating fees very difficult. This may also add to the burden of expenses.

    Lastly, eBay customers can often get confused on receiving a package from Amazon when they actually ordered from eBay.

Overall seller verdict on eBay FBA –

eBay sellers that are using FBA these days are well aware of the drawbacks associated with the same. They are also aware of the fact that using proper tools and software solutions while approaching end to end integration can mend the shortcomings effectively and productively. FBA calculators for example, can help ease the matter of determining and managing costs.

Approaching professionals for enhanced integrations especially multichannel integrations involving top marketplaces and shopping carts like Shopify, Magento, Walmart, Amazon etc can make the entirety of the operational processes simpler and error free. With a variety of affordable support systems available these days with a number of innovative solution developers, eBay sellers are seen to gain more faith in FBA to enhance and improve the scope of their businesses.

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