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eBay Integration Annual To-Do List No Seller Should Ignore

Thomas Posted On - June 27, 2017

eBay integration
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The process of e commerce integration is never permanent and requires constant updating to be in tune with the changing moods of respective marketplaces and comparison shopping platforms especially top and rather complex shopping destinations like eBay. Therefore, to look away from the process after its initial completion can be damaging in rather unexpected ways.

Therefore, it is always wise to run an integration check preferably annually to stay on the safer side of things. This applies even if you have the best of processes like Shopify eBay integration initiated in your favor. Here are some of the tried and tested ways through which you can identify if your integration systems needs a touchup in eBay and if so, how?

  • Check if you have achieved your goals – This basically has got everything to do with how easy and effortless your operational goals have been. Are you unhappy with the level of automation? Have you faced any slack or bottlenecks lately? Has the marketplace warned you about something you have no clue of? If yes, you may have to recheck the quality and relevance of your syncing systems.
  • Are you in tune with the updates made in the marketplace – Time, tide and eBay does not wait for anyone. Updates, often damaging ones are usually introduced rather unapologetically leaving sellers crying pools and puddles. If your integration features have failed to keep you in touch with such updates, you may have to consider opting for more evolved syncing systems.
  • Is there any additional software you need to add to your operative system – Ecommerce solution developers are constantly coming up with better and more evolved support systems for eBay that are diverse in features while being compact and easy to use at the same time. These systems can cater to an extended scope of operations that may not have been possible even a few years ago.

If you feel that you have been manual with certain tasks that can be automated today, it is best to go ahead.

  • Check if you are still paying for obsolete support systems – This is one of those blunders that many eBay sellers make almost all the time. Obsolete systems usually include bulky softwares that were designed years ago and that too with scratch minimum features. If you are stuck with one of these in eBay, a change is strictly advised.

Calling integration specialists like those that offer Walmart marketplace API integrations and more can be rewarding in this respect.

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2 Woeful Walmart Marketplace Problems That Can Be Solved With End To End Integration

Daniel Posted On - April 5, 2017

Inventory Management
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Ever since started entertaining third party sellers, the world of new age e commerce is seen to get into a race with respect to wining a place in this promising platform. However, as has been witnessed over the past two years, creating and maintaining a growth based presence in this marketplace can get really tough if not approached with due seriousness.

Integration is one of the critically important keys to maintaining a successful presence in this marketplace in every respect whether in terms of basic operational processes or in terms of secondary matters like review generation, tracking performance records etc. Multichannel / shopping cart syncing like Magento Amazon Walmart integration etc. can solve a host of otherwise bothersome issues that can raise their heads when least expected.

Two extremely debilitating problems that end to end Walmart marketplace integration can solve can be mentioned as follows…

Inventory order management –

Walmart online marketplace is very particular about the quality, smoothness and effectiveness of inventory and order management. At all times, the pressure is extremely high on top performing Amazon sellers that have managed to gain entry to this marketplace especially in terms of maintaining order defect rates at 0% to less than 1%.

End to end integration can help sellers stay in tune with the synchronized inflow and outflow of stock on a real time basis that can be a life saver in all respects. Seeking assistance of professionals in Walmart API syncing can instantly lighten the burden in this respect in the part of the sellers to a significant extent.

Price management –

The problem of favorable pricing in has been named among the top horrors of the platform faced mainly by Amazon sellers. Walmart has been very clear about the fact that they expect their sellers to offer the ‘lowest prices’ for all products listed in this marketplace in a very literal sense.

This means that Amazon sellers performing in this will have to list their products at a lower price in this marketplace as compared with Amazon which again can put them in a seriously wrong foot. An easy solution to this problem is to list the same product at the lowest price in both the marketplaces.

However, when marketplace fees, commissions, other expenses like FBA costs as well as minute by minute repricing is taken into consideration, maintaining a flat lowest cost may lead to high visibility but any sale resulting from the same will only contribute to losses.

End to end price management integration on the other hand can offer a worthy relief from this otherwise obstructive problem. Pricing integration is always supported by advanced price management tools that can be literal life savers in this respect.

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