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eBay Integration Annual To-Do List No Seller Should Ignore

Thomas Posted On - June 27, 2017

eBay integration
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The process of e commerce integration is never permanent and requires constant updating to be in tune with the changing moods of respective marketplaces and comparison shopping platforms especially top and rather complex shopping destinations like eBay. Therefore, to look away from the process after its initial completion can be damaging in rather unexpected ways.

Therefore, it is always wise to run an integration check preferably annually to stay on the safer side of things. This applies even if you have the best of processes like Shopify eBay integration initiated in your favor. Here are some of the tried and tested ways through which you can identify if your integration systems needs a touchup in eBay and if so, how?

  • Check if you have achieved your goals – This basically has got everything to do with how easy and effortless your operational goals have been. Are you unhappy with the level of automation? Have you faced any slack or bottlenecks lately? Has the marketplace warned you about something you have no clue of? If yes, you may have to recheck the quality and relevance of your syncing systems.
  • Are you in tune with the updates made in the marketplace – Time, tide and eBay does not wait for anyone. Updates, often damaging ones are usually introduced rather unapologetically leaving sellers crying pools and puddles. If your integration features have failed to keep you in touch with such updates, you may have to consider opting for more evolved syncing systems.
  • Is there any additional software you need to add to your operative system – Ecommerce solution developers are constantly coming up with better and more evolved support systems for eBay that are diverse in features while being compact and easy to use at the same time. These systems can cater to an extended scope of operations that may not have been possible even a few years ago.

If you feel that you have been manual with certain tasks that can be automated today, it is best to go ahead.

  • Check if you are still paying for obsolete support systems – This is one of those blunders that many eBay sellers make almost all the time. Obsolete systems usually include bulky softwares that were designed years ago and that too with scratch minimum features. If you are stuck with one of these in eBay, a change is strictly advised.

Calling integration specialists like those that offer Walmart marketplace API integrations and more can be rewarding in this respect.

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4 Steps To Maintain Walmart Amazon Selling Harmony Perfectly

Stephen Posted On - March 6, 2017

Walmart Amazon Selling
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Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) and Amazon are serious competitors and neither of the platforms is in the mood to relax their strategies towards the other. At this very moment, is in the process of inviting top sellers of Amazon to perform to perform under their wing; with something like ‘Will knock you out with your own weapon’ attitude. While sellers have a whole lot to gain from their presence in both of these speeding marketplaces, there could be certain lethal obstacles that can make them trip and fall disastrously. Maintaining Walmart Amazon selling harmony is thus very important at all times. Referring to these 4 steps can be very helpful in this respect.

Learn about the inevitable hurdles of Amazon Walmart selling at the onset

If you are an Amazon seller all set to start in, please read up about the hurdles you can face while performing simultaneously in these two marketplaces at the very onset. You need to be informed about everything that could go wrong so that you can take the right steps at the right time to prevent mishaps like loss of ranking, visibility or even warnings for suspension from both marketplaces.

Integration is the first step to harmonized selling endeavors in both marketplaces

You cannot succeed in Amazon Walmart selling without initiating proper integration of the two marketplaces. Walmart API integration as well as multichannel integration involving this marketplace has been made very easy with the platform partnering with some of the most reputable ecommerce solution developers of this decade. The process is affordable as well.

Using intelligent pricing tools and softwares is imperative

By now, all ecommerce sellers are aware about the price battles that are taking place between Walmart and Amazon. While has universally established the ‘lowest price policy’, Amazon would not want its sellers to sell their products at lower prices in other marketplaces. The consequences could involve immediate suspension from the marketplace.

Using intelligent automated pricing tools can help sellers stay in tune with the price changes taking place in the respective marketplaces and manage any irregularities at the right time.

It is ok to not introduce the entirety of Amazon product list to Walmart

Lastly, it is ok to not introduce the entirety of Amazon product list to Introducing popular and compatible products can help sellers gain more purchase motivated traffic while not having to battle it out with Amazon for every single item in the list. In simple words, it saves a lot of time and energy while not compromising on profits.

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7 eBay store design tips to derive more sales EASILY

Thomas Posted On - March 1, 2017

ebay store
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The better the experience you offer to your audience – from any and every dimension – better will be the overall sales. So if you own an eBay store, while you may have a striking collection of products and you have also spent a ridiculous amount of money on marketing, if your store itself isn’t offering a satisfying shopping experience, a shopper might not only NOT return back to the store but even abandon his/her current sales.
The overall design and layout of your eBay store plays a major role in deriving sales; more than what you think. So have you been reluctant to how your store looks and performs, you better pull things together immediately.

Here are 7 eBay store design tips that can easily boost your sales in the long-run-

1. Don’t just pick eBay template from anywhere

There are so many websites where you can download some rather beautiful and highly functional eBay templates that are completely free. However, you must be cautious using any of these third-party templates that come from unknown source. There could be security issues; to that, it might not necessarily offer you exact features that you’re looking for. It is best you hire professionals to come up with a personalized eBay template.

2. Keep the page mobile responsive

Since more and more buyers are using hand-held devices, this is nothing short of essential. Have responsive, mobile-friendly pages and people will have a definite reason to lurk around your store for longer; hence, also increasing the chances of sales.

3. Ensure the store is easily navigable

A store, that’s disorganized, with no categories and sub-categories, confuse the shoppers. And guess what happens next? They leave your store quicker than you have any idea that someone was here. So ensure your products are sorted well into right categories. If there are too many products, sort them into multiple levels (three max, though).

4. Keep the interface clean

Keeping your eBay store busy, whether with too many features and pages or with unappealing colors and designs, is a recipe to shy away your audience. So make sure the interface is clean, smooth and fast. Get rid of anything that’s additional and unnecessary. Spend some time deciding on the color variations of the store; light colors are usually the best options.

5. Consistency is the key

Maintaining a consistency throughout your store is very important. More so, if you have multiple storefronts on eBay and other shopping sites; say you’re also a Walmart marketplace seller. It creates your brand’s individuality and helps it stand out the crowd. It is something, that if done correctly, can build your recognition and help your target audience identify you easily.

6. Optimize your images

Of course, for online sellers, product images are the most important part. So have high quality images on your eBay store; ensure it’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). But also be careful of the pictures’ size. The big ones can cause your pages load slowly. So optimize the images.

7. Look at your competitors

This doesn’t have to do anything with your store’s design- not directly, at least. But looking at the stores of your successful competitors can give you some really good ideas about your own design. See what’s working for them and what isn’t and decide accordingly to ensure the design of your store is the best.

These are 7 eBay store design tips that can help you boost your sales easily. Combine these tasks with your marketing efforts and post-sale services and see your sales quadruple in no time.

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Prepare Your Product Feed For In 4 Simple Steps

Thomas Posted On - March 1, 2017

Walmart marketplace integration
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How you present your products in or any other e commerce marketplace for that matter, determines how visible you will be to your target buyers. The buyers that frequent are usually those that are looking for good quality everyday utility items at the lowest prices. At all times, the marketplace expects sellers to maintain the desired standards in product listing, which goes a very long way in improving ranking and visibility in the part of the sellers.

Third party sellers that have just landed their presence in this marketplace can refer to these 4 simple steps to create visible and profitable listing in…

In, price is the King – expects sellers to maintain the lowest prices in comparison with all other functional marketplaces. It does not matter if you are making profits or not; if your list price is even a penny higher compared with the same product selling in other platforms, you can be rest assured that your visibility will be scrapped.

Keep product titles simple and optimized –

Just like Google product feed requirements which happens to be one of the toughest to crack; sellers are required to carry out proper feed optimization in as well. It has been observed that proper optimization attempts always caters to better conversions and profits in this marketplace. Keeping the titles simple and rich with relevant keywords is expected.

Walmart marketplace integration in important –

This is applicable all the more for sellers that are present in multiple platforms of sale, especially Amazon. Proper integration allows sellers to stay in tune with the changes that are taking place elsewhere with respect to prices and associated factors, thus, being in greater control of the process of listing management per se. has partnered with some of the leading ecommerce solution developers of today which has made it infinitely easy for sellers to approach the process confidently and that too with the assurance of flawlessness.

Tools and software solutions are success essentials –

Using the right tools and software solutions is the key to striking a winning deal in listing management in While it is true that at present, the competition levels of is low compared with other marketplaces. But this should not be a reason to take things easy and opt for manual modes of basic operation management especially when high quality tools are available with many promising ecommerce solution developers of today at affordable prices.

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5 Opportunities That Contribute To Third Party Seller Success In

Thomas Posted On - February 16, 2017

Walmart market place
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As per ecommerce gurus and successful selling entities, is the place to be in 2017. Even though the online marketplace of this retail giant has experienced a very slow start, things have begun to gain pace after the platform was opened to worthy third party sellers. The wait is usually long and not all applying entities are allowed entry into this marketplace; but for those who make it, a world of opportunities opens up almost instantly. Here is a list of 5 such opportunities that contribute to seller success almost instantly…

Exposure before a very different section of buyers –

Any seller Amazon who may have won a place in would understand the difference. invites a very different section of buyers who look for specific items at the lowest prices which is very different from the type of buyers that frequent Amazon. So, sellers performing in and Amazon at the same time can gain visibility before two different sets of buyers that do not overlap.

Integration support –

Unlike many other top performing e commerce marketplaces, has already partnered with some of the best ecommerce integration solution developers that can offer flawless optimized solutions to sellers almost instantly. This saves a whole lot of time in the part of the latter that could otherwise have been lost to trial and error.

Buy box competition –

Yes. There is a Buy Box in If you can make your way to this window of opportunities, you can experience a steep improvement graph in terms of sale and profits in the shortest possible time. By far, the law of maintaining the lowest prices in Walmart market place listing in comparison with all ecommerce marketplaces in the world is considered to be a good start. This should be followed by maintaining order completion standards to levels of excellence.

Walmart ads –

Third party display ads are available in and no, they do not direct buyers to the official website of the concerned sellers. On clicking, the ads direct buyers to product pages in itself which goes a very long way in enhancing traffic in favor of the latter in this platform.

Optimized security and seller protection –

The optimal security and seller protection offered by to its sellers whether third party or otherwise is commendable. For example, if Walmart detects fraud in certain placed order, the order is not forwarded to the sellers and is immediately cancelled while notifying the involved parties.

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5 Things That Can Catch You on the Wrong Foot in

Steve Burns Posted On - January 8, 2017

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Walmart marketplace has laid out a set of very simple and comprehensive requirements for sellers that wish to perform under their umbrella. However, there are times when even the simplest of requirements can become unthinkably burdensome and often bring sellers face to face with warnings or suspensions. This applies mostly to sellers that are performing in other top marketplaces Walmart considers its direct competitors.

For sellers that wish to stay aware and awakened about everything that can catch them on the wrong foot while selling on, here is a small list of 5 things that should be considered immediately…

Order completion flaws

Walmart marketplace wants its buyers to have the best purchase experience. Mismanaged order completions can come in the way as far as achieving this goal is concerned. Sellers who keep experiencing order completion flaws are usually warned by the marketplace or their listings are pushed to invisibility. Establishing proper Walmart API integrations can help sellers avoid such problems.

Not offering the lowest prices has made it very clear that sellers will have to offer the lowest prices in their products. This means that your listing in should not go up even by a penny in comparison with any other marketplaces. If this happens, sellers can be rest assured that their listing will be pushed to invisibility. If this continues, sellers may face warnings and suspensions as well.

Value mismatch with other platforms

Besides prices, Walmart expects sellers to offer best value for their products. This has everything to do with free shipping, no handling charges, longer return and refund period, quick response to buyer issues etc. Sellers who cannot live up to buyer expectations in will not be allowed visibility in the short or long run.

Order defect rates

This is one of the primary qualifying factors that have been slapped on Amazon sellers particularly. Walmart despises order defections and expects sellers to maintain the same at 0%. As far as Amazon sellers are concerned ensuring perfect integration from shopping cart to multichannel is expected to keep such issues at bay. For example, a Shopify powered Amazon seller performing in will have to carry out Shopify Amazon Walmart integration for faultless performance.

Poor reviews

Not receiving poor reviews from angry buyers is something that you need to ascertain at all times because can take up pitchforks against you if you manage a couple or more.

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The Future Of Your Walmart Presence Depends Upon These 4 Factors

Stephen Posted On - December 14, 2016

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Opportunities in in favor of sellers are actually infinite whether in terms of brand building or growth and profits. However, to experience the wealth of advantages that this retail giant has in store for you, there is a list of factors that needs to be taken into account from the very first day itself. Here are some of the most crucial aspects upon which the future of your efforts in Walmart marketplace can depend…

Retailer, reseller or a brand owner –

If you are a promising brand owner selling products that Walmart customers usually look for; this platform can become a practical gold mine in your favor sooner than you may have expected. If you are a reseller or retailer, the progress graph may show a more gradual or nearly horizontal slope; and that too, if your requests get approved in the first place.

Integration and setup quality –

It is true that integrating with Walmart API is far easier that API integrations that are carried out in many other marketplaces like However, to make a quicker and error free start, it is expected that the sellers carry out professionally assisted integration and set up at the very onset of their ventures in Walmart marketplace. This effort can go a very long way in favor of sellers in terms of speedy growth in this platform.

Your approach to profitable pricing v/s lowest prices –

If you wish to gain visibility in, you will have to ensure offering the lowest prices in your listing. If you are an Amazon store owner / seller, this critical factor can raise its head as an obstacle in harmonious multichannel performance including both of these platforms. At the same time, the lowest price requirement may often pose a threat to your profit margins, which, on many occasions, have taken a turn for recurring losses for many sellers.

Using sophisticated tools and software solutions for pricing management is thus advised at all times.

Maintaining high service quality –

You cannot go far in if your service quality is found lacking. From order processing and completion to addressing buyer grievances at the earliest, everything matters for a brighter future in this platform.

Your dedication towards this marketplace and making it your priority over all other platforms of presence –

Basically, in this respect, you don’t actually have an option. If you are in, it has to be your top priority. If you are an Amazon seller as well, may The Almighty be with you in your efforts to establish harmony between the two platforms.

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Walmart’s List Of Expectation From Amazon Sellers

Stephen Posted On - December 8, 2016

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There is everything good about till the time you realize you are a seller in Amazon as well, and Walmart has taken note of this fact very comprehensively. In an offline scale, Amazon poses no threat to Walmart at all. However, in the world of e commerce, the latter considers Amazon its biggest competitor and has been very vocal about doing everything in its capacity to topple this online giant within the forthcoming years.

This is the main reasons why Walmart has presented a very carefully charted and rather stringent list of expectations dedicated to all Amazon sellers who wish to sell in this platform as well. Here are some of these expectations that have to a large extent, de-motivated many sellers in Amazon from approaching Walmart in the first place…

You have to be a crowd puller –

Walmart looks forward to inviting nothing short of power performers in Amazon. You will thus, have to be a medium to large seller attracting traffic by the thousands and fetching high levels of revenues every single month. If not, it is very likely that Walmart will keep your request pending for an indefinite period of time.

High reviews and ratings is mandatory –

If you have a very long product history with 99% 4 to 5 star ratings along with a host of very positive reviews, featuring in at the earliest will not be an issue at all. Sellers in Amazon that are yet to generate such levels of ratings and reviews may not find a place in marketplace Walmart.

Order completion system should be nothing less than perfection –

Considering the fact that Amazon is the biggest competitor of, the latter intends to match its service quality to the likeness of the former or make it even better. Perfection in order completion forms the backbone of purchase experience in the part of buyers, thus making it critically important for sellers in Amazon to maintain the same quality in Walmart.

Order defect rates should be less than 1% –

Interested Amazon sellers need to show and maintain their order defect rates at less than 1%. Any increase in this figure and sellers can be assured to lose all hopes for growth, visibility or even their presence in

Pricing should always favor Walmart over Amazon –

This is perhaps the most trying aspect of Amazon Walmart integrated selling. While insists on the lowest prices Amazon cannot tolerate their sellers selling the same products in some other platform at prices that can be counterproductive to its interests. Neither of the two platforms would budge at their price policies making things tough and demanding for the sellers in general.

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5 Things To remember When You Become Walmart Marketplace Seller

Stephen Posted On - December 1, 2016

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He who maintains best selling approach in, is he who has the last laugh. This is perhaps the easiest way to sum up the questions queued up enthusiasts before they make their debut in this marketplace of opportunities. More often than not, sellers that are way too thrilled about the benevolence of in their favor tend to forget or deliberately ignore the flip side of the deal.

As has been expressed by those who have had firsthand experience in this matter, it is more important to ask how to manage selling in this platform than how to become a Walmart marketplace retailer. This is mainly because the process of becoming a seller in Walmart is far easier than managing presence in this marketplace profitably. Following is a very list of critical essentials that have been summed for immediate seller advantage…

You have to put Walmart first

This applies to multichannel sellers to the last word especially those who have presence in Amazon as well. Walmart prefers that all sellers performing within the platform would consider Walmart with primary interest which should reflect in their listing, pricing patterns and associated matters.

You have to establish faultless order management

Just like Amazon and eBay, also displays a no nonsense approach to order control in this platform. Quality of order handling and completion determines the quality of buyer experience to a great extent and no top marketplace would want to leave it to chance. usually checks approach of sellers towards order control before giving them a go-ahead in the marketplace.

Maintain good approach to generating positive reviews and ratings

You have to bring in good reviews and ratings and your efforts to generate the same has to commence from the first day on. Walmart bases its seller ranking on the direct experience of buyers which means that a considerable lot of seller success depends upon good reviews and ratings.

Optimization is imperative

Competition may be running at a lower scale in, but this does not mean that optimization of feed is not essential. It will be a matter of months before the number of third party sellers in this platform rises to thousands and sellers with poor or no optimization will get pushed to the background.

Be a traffic attractor

Last but not the least, sellers who have gained entry to need to be major traffic attractors. This is perhaps the reason why this marketplace prefers Brand owners and category leaders than startup small scale retailers.

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eBay Stores Are Far From Perfection – Here’s How You Can Make The Most Of It Anyway

Daniel Posted On - November 30, 2016

eBay Shopping
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Of late, a number of eBay enthusiasts have been seen raising concerns about owning a store in this top performing marketplace. These concerns have surfaced mainly after the sudden roll out of Cassini about a couple of years ago, when a considerably large number of power sellers and store owners lost their visibility and ranking with the blink an eye. However, to rule out eBay stores as a potent one route to brand establishment would amount to making a mistake that is best when avoided.

Most eBay sellers or e commerce sellers in general, often forget the fact that no e marketplaces are perfect and all inclusive. There are pros and cons literally everywhere that sellers need to weigh and address accordingly. As far as store creation in eBay are concerned, here’s how certain common shortcomings can be addressed easily…

Imperfection 1) eBay stores can get very expensive

There is a reason why it is always advised to approach creating stores if you are a midsized business owner or large. Sellers with power seller badge are considered more store compatible than any others. In simple words, it means that you should open a store only if you are confident that you will be able to make profits even after paying up the necessary fees. Using fee and profit calculation tools can go a very long way in addressing cost issues.

Imperfection 2) Designs are not ample

Till date, many store owners have complained about the absence of design flexibility in favor of their store fronts. In fact, to avail extended options, store owners may have to pay hundreds of additional dollars to access limited benefits in this respect. The solution however, lies in using third party softwares and tools that can add infinite design features at minimal costs. Proper integration with these tools may be necessary, and they may also come with an impactful price tag, but the expenses are usually one time and worth it.

Imperfection 3) Changes in search engines can pull visibility to negative

This is one side of truth that many ecommerce store owners have experienced but it does not have to be this way. If your optimization is ok and your value of service is high, you will continue to maintain ranking through thick and thin. This is applicable not just for eBay but other platforms as well be it Amazon, marketplace Walmart, Rakuten,, Sears or any others for that matter.

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What’s Hot And What’s Not For New Walmart Marketplace Sellers

Stephen Posted On - November 28, 2016

walmart marketplace
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Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has gained sudden heights which e commerce sellers at large are not being able to ignore. Backed by the reputation and standing of the largest retail chain in the world, this marketplace is more than just promising in terms of growth and profits in favor of the latter. For enthusiasts who are motivated to setup their presence in at the earliest, here is a small list of what’s hot and what’s not for sellers per se…

What’s hot

Easy setup and integration has partnered with some of the leading e commerce solution developers of this decade to help sellers avail the quickest and the most effective set up and integration process and that too at affordable costs.

Lower levels of competition

Even though more and more sellers are winning entry to this marketplace, category-wise competition is still low as compared with other top marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

Accessing very high volume of purchase motivated buyers

Walmart buyers are often those that are looking for quality everyday products at the lowest prices, which is also the largest group of buyers that currently throng markets at large. Thus, Walmart marketplace sellers are assured to experience high traffic all through the year.

Selling assistance as good as Amazon

From comprehensive API integration to extended seller support, has worked practically on all aspects that can make the process of selling easy and error free.

What’s not

You need to be a brand owner or category leader

If you are not a brand owner or category leader, may not entertain your request to be a part of this marketplace.

Lowest Price

This mainly goes out to sellers who sell on eBay / Amazon as well. at all times, would want you to post your listing bearing the lowest prices which may at times interfere with seller interest with respect to their presence in other top performing marketplaces.

Amazon sellers need to tread on a double edged sword

The list of requirements as mentioned by for Amazon sellers is extremely stringent. Not everyone can qualify the criteria.


Go ahead anyway! Success in terms of enhanced growth and profits is possible in in the long / short run with proper selling approach. Integration and automation activated in favor of sellers can combat the possible hurdles that can arise often unexpectedly.

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