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Newegg Selling– Simple Steps to Glory

Thomas Posted On - June 28, 2017

newegg selling
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Newegg as an online marketplace may not be a top player in the world of ecommerce but it is certainly a very worthy option to consider in terms of profit and growth maximization in the part of motivated selling entities. This holds special relevance for multichannel enthusiasts that are in need of expanding their scope to hassle free marketplaces.

Newegg however, is very particular about the seriousness of the sellers as far as maintaining the principles and performance standards are concerned. For those that fail to live up to the expectations of Newegg, the marketplace can get a little difficult to handle. Following are a few essential tips for sellers that wish to make the most of this platform without hassles or operational hiccups…

Listing and inventory management

Keeping Newegg inventory and listing in perfect shape is one of the best ways to gain visibility, traffic as well as the trust of the marketplace. If you are a seller of electronics, you can expect better levels of sale all through the year because most Newegg frequenters are those that look for the best of electronics at the best of deals.

Be wary of the 72 hour void deadline

After assessing the authenticity of the orders and sending it to the respective sellers, Newegg gives a 72 hour deadline to have order processed and shipped. If the seller fails the deadline, the order will be automatically cancelled which reflects very poorly on the performance records of the latter.

Failing 72 hour void deadline can cost the sellers their ranking and visibility in this marketplace. it can also fetch nasty reviews from customers for experiencing unnecessary order cancellations and associated delays in reordering.

Customer reviews and ratings are important

On an average, sellers need to maintain an average of 3 eggs in terms of average ratings as posted by customers. Newegg also takes reviews very seriously, and can question or warn sellers on receiving poor reviews on a regular basis. Therefore, if sellers feel that certain reviews are inauthentic, they must abide by the stated processes to have the feedback removed.

Integrate well and reap revenues!

It does not matter if you ask how do I sell on or how do I sell on Amazon or Newegg; if you have not given the process of integration its due respect, the rest of the strategies are bound to crumble. Therefore, whether multichannel integration or syncing with shopping carts, the process has to be addressed at the onset.

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Speed Up Amazon Selling With These Super Tools

Thomas Posted On - February 16, 2017

Amazon selling tool
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In Kung-fu, speed determines everything… and this applies to Amazon selling as well. It is amply evident in the history of evolution of this marketplace that taking it slow and easy when it comes to completing orders can be more than just devastating. It does not matter whether you are a small seller, midsized entity or a very large business, the rules of pace maintenance applies to each and all equally. For newer entities that still feel that they have the luxury to experience a honeymoon period, it is time to face grim facts which has got everything to do with being in pace from the first day on.

Keeping all this in mind, Amazon sellers from the word over have found it wise to give the word ‘manual’ a fond farewell while introducing the usage of intelligent Amazon selling tools for the sake of maintaining a profitable presence in this marketplace for long.

And yes; these tools usually cover way more than basic operational integrations. Here is a list of tools that sellers in Amazon (irrespective of their volumes) usually swear by…

Profit calculation tools – You have to offer attractive prices to your Amazon customers and there are no two ways about it. However, you will also have to maintain your profit margins to compatible levels while counting in expenses like marketplace fees, commissions, FBA charges etc. Using profit calculation tools can help you achieve this tiring and time consuming task in seconds.

Listing and inventory tools – All basic integrations whether Walmart integration, or or eBay or multichannel integration services for that matter, come with specific listing and inventory support solutions. However, when you are functioning in a marketplace like Amazon, it always pays to introduce Amazon specific listing and inventory solutions. This way, you will have a more focused business improvement than a more generalized approach.

Shipping and supplies tools – The quality of shipping and supplies tools you own can make a massive difference in the speed of your Amazon efforts. Using high quality label printers, tape dispensers, packing bags and sheets, barcode scanners and even sticker peelers for that matter, has been infinitely beneficial for thousands of growth based endeavors.

Cash back tools – This only adds to the happiness of the sellers when they are making their bulk purchases. Cash back tools can be activated at the time of making the transaction and the outcome could be anything from saving hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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Sears, Walmart sellers- 5 simple ways to multiply your sales EASILY

Stephen Posted On - February 1, 2017

sell on sears
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With thousands of stores crowding Walmart and Sears, competition on these marketplaces is super-high. And often the new sellers, in particular, have to be at the receiving end of this highly competitive market where toeing with the successful and resource-equipped rivals if difficult. For them, sales remain low—and so does the revenue.

Do you sell on sears? Are you an online seller?

Give your 2017 a great start; make this year when you write grand success stories for your online stores. Here are 5 simple ways to multiply your sales rather easily-

  • Get on other marketplaces

  • The calculation is simple- if you want more revenue, you must be on multiple platforms to reach out more of your target customers. So if you’re just on Sears and Walmart, get on other marketplaces as well; open new storefronts. Of course it really depends on what suits your business model, but eBay, Amazon and BestBuy are some top names that boasts huge monthly traffic that can easily boost your sales.

  • Leverage on Social media platforms

  • Optimizing your stores to rank better on the internal search engine of the marketplaces is important. However, you need to make additional marketing efforts to reach more of your potential customers—efforts that has low customer acquisition cost. Social media platforms are usually your best option. With a large pool of consumers and heaps of targeting tools, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can easily help you reach, communicate and convert your potential customers.

  • Be more careful when pricing

  • Pricing is more than just about the profit margin you want to cut—something many new online sellers often overlook. A host of factors come into play when pricing your products and offering additional discounts; like buying behavior of your audience, the market competition, your product type, season, the economy at-large and so forth. So spend more of your time and resource to map a decent pricing strategy.

  • Make use of multi-channel Ecommerce solution

  • Multi-channel ecommerce solution not only helps you handle all the backend tasks of your storefronts at one place (like inventory management, product setup, order fulfillment and more) with its seamless integration including that of Magneto Walmart and eBay-Sears, but the top ones also provide to boost your performance with their regular sales report. Detailed and easy-to-read, the calculus reports can help you analyze different metrics of your sales and marketing, and make informed decisions accordingly.

  • Strive to deliver top-notch after-sales service

  • While it varies from niche to niche, repeated customers hold a major chunk of revenue for the online vendors. No wonder top brands and sellers spend a significant amount of their resource in customer retention. So have you been neglecting your old customers, stop! Have a good post-sales follow up that communicates and engage your customers and encourage them to make another purchase. This will not only increase your sales but also build customer loyalty, which can trigger word-of-mouth marketing.

    So, if you sell on sears and/or Walmart, these are 5 simple ways to multiply your sales quickly. Say goodbye to the marginal profit margin and stop complaining about high market competition as well. Give your online stores a fresh start this year with fresh and smart strategy.

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    What’s Hot And What’s Not For New Walmart Marketplace Sellers

    Stephen Posted On - November 28, 2016

    walmart marketplace
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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has gained sudden heights which e commerce sellers at large are not being able to ignore. Backed by the reputation and standing of the largest retail chain in the world, this marketplace is more than just promising in terms of growth and profits in favor of the latter. For enthusiasts who are motivated to setup their presence in at the earliest, here is a small list of what’s hot and what’s not for sellers per se…

    What’s hot

    Easy setup and integration has partnered with some of the leading e commerce solution developers of this decade to help sellers avail the quickest and the most effective set up and integration process and that too at affordable costs.

    Lower levels of competition

    Even though more and more sellers are winning entry to this marketplace, category-wise competition is still low as compared with other top marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

    Accessing very high volume of purchase motivated buyers

    Walmart buyers are often those that are looking for quality everyday products at the lowest prices, which is also the largest group of buyers that currently throng markets at large. Thus, Walmart marketplace sellers are assured to experience high traffic all through the year.

    Selling assistance as good as Amazon

    From comprehensive API integration to extended seller support, has worked practically on all aspects that can make the process of selling easy and error free.

    What’s not

    You need to be a brand owner or category leader

    If you are not a brand owner or category leader, may not entertain your request to be a part of this marketplace.

    Lowest Price

    This mainly goes out to sellers who sell on eBay / Amazon as well. at all times, would want you to post your listing bearing the lowest prices which may at times interfere with seller interest with respect to their presence in other top performing marketplaces.

    Amazon sellers need to tread on a double edged sword

    The list of requirements as mentioned by for Amazon sellers is extremely stringent. Not everyone can qualify the criteria.


    Go ahead anyway! Success in terms of enhanced growth and profits is possible in in the long / short run with proper selling approach. Integration and automation activated in favor of sellers can combat the possible hurdles that can arise often unexpectedly.

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    A Short Guide To Amazon Sellers Performing In Walmart

    Thomas Posted On - November 16, 2016

    walmart marketplace
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    Over the past few months, e commerce sellers have developed a sudden liking towards Walmart online marketplace that has been showing a lot of promise in terms of seller growth and profits in the long and short run. Sellers in top performing marketplaces, especially Amazon have taken note of the fact that presence in Walmart marketplace can actually be the best possible decision they could take in favor of their multichannel ventures.

    Walmart online marketplace on the other hand, has laid out a very stringent set of rules for Amazon entities when it comes to qualifying for Walmart presence. From excellent reviews and ratings to order defect rates as low as 1% or less; the requirements often seem unbearably demanding. However, accepted applications can be considered as half the task successfully achieved.

    For the rest of the integrated journey, here is a list of guidelines that can assist Amazon sellers in to perform smoothly and flawlessly…

    Integrate well has partnered with handpicked ecommerce solution developers who are known for offering high quality set up and integration services that can help sellers commence operations at the earliest and that too at a healthy pace. The cost for integration is maintained at comfortable affordability which has motivated almost all Walmart sellers to approach the same.

    Maintain your pricing strategies

    Walmart offers the lowest price guarantee in all its products to its buyers and Amazon has never been tolerant of sellers that offer lower prices in other platforms while maintaining higher tags in Amazon. There could be some friction here that can be easily tackled by using proper pricing strategies along with tools and software solutions that are designed to address this issue.

    Use tools and support solutions at the very onset

    The applicability of tools and seller support solutions in Walmart marketplace often exceeds the scope of pricing. Tools and support solutions are called for in terms of multichannel order management, inventory control, systematic listing management, payment harmonization and many more. Proper and all inclusive integration services approached at the very onset can take care of all of these matters and more.

    It is ok to spend a little now to reap good profits later

    Integration, setup and performance optimization may call for some initial investment which is often worth the capital parted with. Being selective about the approach to performance optimization with the assistance of tools and support solutions can often lead sellers to lose their profitability in both marketplaces.

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    How To Boost Sale In In 5 Simple Steps

    Stephen Posted On - November 3, 2016

    how do I sell on’
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    Being the largest and the most renowned retailer in the world, Walmart casts an instant spell of dependability among buyers at large. Even though the ecommerce side of Walmart is rather new and unfolding, the pace that it has gained over the past few months speaks miles about the peaks it will climb by the end of the decade. With Walmart’s ‘Pangaea’ slowly taking shape, sellers will be better off creating and maximizing their presence in this marketplace as early as possible.

    For sellers who have received good answers to their question of ‘how do I sell on’, here are 5 simple steps to succeed in the next level that is boosting sale in this marketplace right from the very onset…

    Choose popular products to begin with

    Make a quick search on what sells best in Walmart per se, within your category of products. You need to remember that invites sellers looking for the cheapest deals in quality products especially every day household things besides affordable fashion and accessories, electronic devices, grocery etc. If you sell in these categories, profits may come sooner to you than later.

    Don’t invite your entire listing all at once

    While it is entirely upon you to bring the entirety of your listing especially Amazon listing to Walmart, it is considered wise to start only with the best sellers in your list. This way you will not only manage to reduce costs in Walmart but also gain easier control on listing management especially pricing in comparison with Amazon, per se.

    Pricing is the king when it comes to bagging sale

    Walmart assures the lowest prices to its buyers. Therefore, you will have to conduct a thorough comparative search to determine if your product prices are the lowest or not. Amazon product feed needs to be infallibly harmonized with, if you are a seller in both of these platforms. If your prices are indeed the best, Walmart will ensure offering you better search ranking so that you gain access to more traffic and more possible conversions.

    Abiding by the selling policies is imperative

    Hacks and tricks are never welcomed in Amazon and they don’t work in Walmart as well. You will need to conduct your operations in complete compliance with the marketplace so that you remain in the good books of the same and that too with a healthy search ranking.

    Aim for Walmart Buy Box

    Lastly, aiming for the Walmart buy box by following the guiding principles will help boosting your sale many times over.

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    4 Ways Walmart Is Just As Good As Amazon For Sellers

    Thomas Posted On - October 17, 2016

    Walmart marketplace
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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has risen to become one of the most promising platforms of online sale that sellers must consider as a part and parcel of their multichannel e commerce ventures. For those who have devoted 100% faith in Amazon and none others also have good reasons to establish their setup in this growing e commerce marketplace, 4 of which can be mentioned as follows…

      Firstly, everyone knows Walmart simply because it is the largest retail chain in the world and has risen in popularity through decades. Therefore, gaining trust from buyers while performing in the online branch of this retail giant will never be an issue.

    The fact that Walmart marketplace sellers already receive over 90 million visitors every month which is growing by the passing days is suggestive of the successful future that this platform is assured to witness.

    At present, there are a handful of entities that have expressed gaining more sale and profits in than in Amazon.

    Secondly, product categories are just as vast in as in Amazon. Being the largest retail chain in the world, this level of expansiveness is only expected. The categories that are active in Amazon are also active in making it compatible with all types of sellers. While it is true that the latter usually prefers brand owners in comparison with retailers, the marketplace allows equal opportunities for growth and profits to all.

    Thirdly, as far as commissions and fee structures are concerned, there is not much difference between and Amazon. A percent or two may differ from category to category, but the general layout seems to be similar.

    Fourthly, sellers in as well as in Amazon can reap order completion benefits through FBA. This is an added bonus to sellers who perform in both the platforms together.

    The advantages of can be further fortified with the assistance of third party e commerce solution providers especially at the time of set up and integration. These are also the entities that help sellers deal with hurdles like handling / maintaining price parity, listing import and export, synchronizing inventory movement of with other platforms of sale and many more almost flawlessly.

    In fact, multichannel integration through third party services allows Walmart sellers to sell on eBay Amazon or any other platform for that matter with a professional level of smoothness from the very onset of business.

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    How Rising Competition Impacts Amazon Selling

    Thomas Posted On - October 17, 2016

    Amazon Selling
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    The world of ecommerce appears to have gathered together to dethrone Amazon from its present unprecedented position as the King of Online shopping platforms. can be mentioned as one of those shining examples that have based their very structure on this purpose and seems to have done remarkably well from the very first year of its establishment. Offering the lowest price guarantee, improving the shipping advantages in favor of buyers who spend 35$ or more and fulfillment facilities to match the likes of Amazon is only the beginning of the march to ultimate glory. too has commenced its endeavors to pull Amazon down and has embraced the price policy as its first line of attack. Acquiring has also been named as a phenomenal push to success in this direction. In the mean while, with so much going around it and often against it, the fast and continuous pace of Amazon selling still seems to be getting bigger and better by the day. It somehow appears that Amazon is only resting and relaxing through the drama. To all who still don’t understand how Amazon is managing to stay in place with this dramatic rise in competition, here are a few factors that should be reflected upon…

  • To begin with, playing the price game may not always work favorably for sellers especially those who are present in Amazon as well as in competing platforms. Basically, Amazon does not entertain sellers that list products at a higher price in comparison with competing marketplaces. An act as this can invite suspensions from Amazon almost instantly. So, when invites Amazon sellers and expects them to drive customers from Amazon to, the process can be a bed of nails for the sellers which again will not work in favor of Walmart. Same applies with
  • Secondly, no sellers can deny the fact that Amazon has bagged the faith of millions of buyers at a global level. Competing platforms are yet to gain the same levels of trust from global customers. This again puts Amazon very high on competition level which cannot currently be matched with seller invitations or price games.
  • Besides this, the nature and quality of integrations and other e commerce support solutions designed in favor of Amazon far supersedes competing platforms. Although it is true that high quality integrations like Magento Walmart, Shopify etc have made significant marks in the recent ecommerce history, things still appear stunted when compared with Amazon.

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    Walmart Selling Myths All Sellers Must Be Cautious Of

    Thomas Posted On - October 17, 2016

    Walmart Selling
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    Myths and rumors are not uncommon in the world of e commerce especially when new and rather unexplored marketplaces make themselves available to willful and cynical sellers alike. Irrespective of the level of truth in these myths, people who lend their ears to these fragments of information need to be very cautious while making their decisions based on the same., which seems to have risen very suddenly to fame has also been shrouded with rumors for a while which may have been reflecting the platform in a very different aura.

    Here are some of these rumors that need to be dispelled so as to help sellers make a more informed decision while creating their presence in this marketplace…

    Walmart is not compatible with Amazon sellers

    This is one of those ongoing myths that are on the verge of getting perpetuated. The aspect of price parity can be mentioned as the primary reason behind this belief. Basically, assures lowest prices to its buyer and expects sellers to maintain their pricing accordingly. On the other hand, multichannel sellers who price their products higher in Amazon in comparison with other marketplaces they are present in are dealt with iron hands.

    In very simple words, if you wish to make it big in Amazon, sell products at the lowest prices; and this will never be digested well by The truth is, using professional assistance to maintain variable pricing can help alleviate this circle of misfortune. And yes, this is as easy as it sounds.

    API integration can claim your sleep offers its own API integration which may have been a little tricky for inexperienced sellers a while ago. However, with the assistance of third party e commerce solution developers, the process can be very easy, hassle free and flawless as well. If someone says that Walmart API integration will claim your sleep, not believing them is the best thing to do.

    Competition is very low

    It is true that was experiencing a really slow phase of growth in the early years of this decade. It is also true that the number of sellers performing in this platform is nowhere close to Amazon. However, to believe that competition is blissfully low in this marketplace so as to give you an instant edge right from the very beginning of your setup, would be a little too much to expect. has been in news for inviting a flood of sellers over the past two years that has given a massive boost to the growth of the platform. At this very moment, competition is active at a healthy pace and sellers will need to work hard to gain visibility and trust in this marketplace. By the end of the next year, competition can literally reach cut throat levels and every performing member must be prepared to face the same.

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    How To Become A Walmart Marketplace Retailer In 4 Simple Steps

    Thomas Posted On - October 17, 2016

    Walmart marketplace api
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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has been in news lately for all the right reasons. This online endeavor commenced by one of the biggest and the most noteworthy retail chains has suddenly picked up pace after almost half a decade of lull. Inviting more and more third party sellers to the platform, acquiring and partnering with some of the most reputed e commerce solution developers for making the process of set up and operations easy for sellers are reflective of the indisputably promising future of this marketplace.

    Topping it with over 90 million unique visitors thronging every single month, there is no reason why this platform should not be included as an essentially important part of multichannel e commerce ventures. As far as entities that sell on Amazon already are concerned, the process of approval and setup can get truly easy if they have good reviews and ratings posted in their favor. In more general terms, becoming a Walmart marketplace retailer can be accomplished in 4 simple steps…

    Determine your suitability with Walmart

    To begin with, it is necessary to determine your suitability with This basically refers to establishing product compatibility with the platform as well as determining your scope in competition as a retailer or brand owner. This way, sellers can stay at a safe distance from learning the odds through the trial and error process.

    Get your account

    Getting your account involves placing a request with for your own merchant account. After reviewing and signing the Walmart merchant agreement policies, you may have to wait for a couple of weeks to get authenticated. After authentication, you will have to get your merchant account activated to initiate the process of setup.

    Get your listing approved by Walmart

    Post activation of your account, you will need to get your listing approved by It may take about 3 to 4 weeks for to authenticate your product list after submission.

    Integrate and get going

    This is perhaps the most important thing to know for all enthusiastic entities who wish to learn about how to become a Walmart marketplace retailer. From API to multichannel integration, each and every step to synchronization is critical for achieving optimum productive performance. has already partnered with some of top e commerce solution developers of this decade who can be approached for assistance with the A to Z of establishing presence in

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    Best Practices To Sell On Walmart Profitably

    Stephen Posted On - September 23, 2016

    Wallmart Online Selling
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    Selling in can be very profitable for sellers who are aware of the best practices of selling in this growing e commerce marketplace. Making its way to the top 10 e commerce platforms in the USA, it is only natural for sellers to expect enhanced traffic and resultant conversions from millions of unique visitors that flow in every passing week which is worth fighting for. In short, is progressing to close in with Amazon, and sellers who establish early presence in this platform can experience ample growth and profits to enjoy in the very near future.

    However, with these unputdownable assurances, sellers are also required to understand and maintain certain standards to sell on Walmart with sizeable success. For all you know, this leading retail giant is not very welcoming of selling entities that don’t possess something worthy in terms of selling standards or reputation to show in their favor. Following is a very small list of factors that takes very seriously while inviting sellers to perform under their umbrella…

    Order defect rate

    This is the first and the most important factor that is taken into consideration and can be a deciding factor at the time of receiving acceptance from the platform. If you are an Amazon seller, your defect rate has to be less than 1%. If not, your chances to sell on will become feeble or impossible.

    Reseller V/s Brand owners is always seen to favor individual and promising brand owners over resellers. If you are counted among the latter, your attempts will not be favored over the former. If you are a brand owner with something worthy to speak of, Walmart will be more than happy to invite you in.

    Your existing feedback and rating

    Walmart wants to know what buyers have to say about you. Ratings and feedbacks are thus taken very seriously by this platform. If your rating and feedback is less than average, you may not be preferred in and this applies mainly to existing Amazon sellers.

    Best price assurance

    Walmart has always adhered to offering the lowest prices to its buyers in its brick and mortar establishments and ants to ensure the same in its e commerce endeavors as well. So, if you are an Amazon seller, the platform may insist on taking a look at your approach to buy box and your performance in the same.

    In order to save time and stay in the safer side of things, it is best to seek assistance from ecommerce professionals especially those who are of significant standing. Choosing providers who have offered successful integrations like Shopify, Amazon Magento etc can be considered.

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    Why You Should Sell On

    Robin Smith Posted On - September 20, 2016

    walmart marketplace online
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    It has been a few good years since Walmart decided to embrace e commerce as potent platform for further growth. But as time would tell, this otherwise glorious retail chain has managed to pull very little in this endeavor. As has been the case with maximum e commerce marketplaces, the primary competitor, Amazon, still rules the arena and leaves very little scope for any other marketplace to gain any significant edge. Say for example, back in 2014, scored a 12.2 billion dollars worth of online sales in comparison with the whopping 89 billion dollars that made.

    These figures stating Walmart Amazon difference is striking and often intimidating. This is also reflective of the fact that if sellers wish to make a difference in their e commerce future for the better, Amazon still is the most viable option that they must consider. The question that demands some answering thus, is whether sellers who are in the process of expanding their multichannel efforts should or should not include in their list. As has been expressed by a number of ecommerce gurus, the idea to include would not be unwise after all and here are a few reasons that back this thought…

  • Firstly, is busy powering up its services that will help sealing the gaps that gapes in comparison with Amazon. Attempts to bring life to the idea of Shopper’s Club that would offer free delivery to the buyers all through the year for a small yearly fee, can be mentioned as an example. The Shopper’s Club is very similar to Amazon Prime, and to many it appears to be an inspired idea.
  • Secondly, the rising numbers of unique visitors is a clear indication that Walmart Amazon gap can close sooner than expected. at this very moment, the number of unique visitors in this marketplace is touching 90 million per week with more and more curious ones dropping in to experience something new.
  • is taking progressive approaches to push their e commerce efforts like never before. Choosing to partner with certain very high quality e commerce solution developers as official integration partners is an example of their dedication. These ecommerce integration partners are recognized for sophisticated solutions like eBay syncing etc. With this effort, sellers will find it easier to practice in the marketplace while offering A+ services to the buyers, which will in turn convince the buyers to come back for more.
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    Selling on Walmart – Fortified Seller Support With ChannelSale

    Robin Smith Posted On - September 16, 2016

    Wallmart Online Selling
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    With a little over 90 million visitors flooding its ecommerce establishment every passing week, is ever ready to a push the pedals of growth beyond expectations. An endeavor that started as recently as 2009, this rather nascent ecommerce marketplace has already entered the list of top 10 most frequented shopping sites in the USA. The Internet Retailer 2016 Top 500 Guide has ranked in the 4th place, even though the rate of growth experienced over the past few years has been very slow.

    This can be owed to the fact that as compared to the 2 million retailers performing in Amazon and a far higher number of merchants selling through eBay marketplaces, is still juggling with a few hundred sellers that are barely enough to cover the demand it is expecting to create in the marketplace by 2020. As has been expressed by the Senior Vice President of this endeavor, the immediate aim of is thus, to invite more and more sellers to perform under its umbrella with maximum ease and efficiency.

    Tying up with ChannelSale as one of the official integration partners for earlier this year has been a massive step taken towards this direction. The immediate impact of the tie up is expected to boost seller motivation to make a healthier and smoother start without failing or faltering. Hassle free and error free set up in the platform is the first and the most important benefit that the latter is expected to achieve with the assistance of ChannelSale. Sellers in can further make the most of…

    – Quick and easy management of all basic operational processes like granular level category mapping to aid impeccable listing under the right categories; evolved order management, productive inventory systemization etc.

    – Easy integration with online shopping cart, pre configured third party platforms like FBA, eBay Global Shipping, OrderMotion, ShipWorks as well as numerous shopping cart solutions and other platforms of sale.

    – Manage multi variation products and variable pricing in

    – Continued support for better performance which has always been directly influential in improving purchase experience in the part of buyers.

    …while working with ChannelSale as their integration partners.

    ChannelSale and coming together has increased the expectations of sellers to perform more profitably while accessing scope of early growth. The top leadership of this online marketplace however, believes that this integration partnership will be the first step taken to close-in existing gaps with competitors like Amazon and eBay. The tie up has also been a very successful attempt to redefine purchase experience in favor of buyers who can expect quick and efficient order completion and delivery. Driving conversions with the best deals to win loyalty from online shoppers has been a possibility with ChannelSale.

    As has been predicted by ecommerce experts, it will not be long before marches shoulder to shoulder with Amazon in the sphere of e commerce. Early birds with constructive approach towards Walmart integration are assured to experience opportunities of a lifetime.

    For More info Visit:


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    Webinar: Selling on Walmart Marketplace

    Stephen Posted On - July 25, 2016

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    Keynote Speakers:

    Correy Bravo – Sr. Manager, Business Development, Walmart eCommerce
    Chris Januszewski – Manager Business Development, Walmart eCommerce

    Here’s what you can expect to know from the Webinar:

    • How Walmart marketplace operates
    • Best suited sellers
    • How to activate selling on Walmart via ChannelSale

    To participate in the Webinar & to get started with selling on Walmart marketplace with assurance of a promising growth and profit based future, please register on link:

    walmart channelsale

    About ChannelSale

    Since year 2007, ChannelSale has been enabling online merchants to reach more customers globally across 200+ online marketplaces, comparison shopping engines and affiliate networks by way of automating sync for product listings, orders, inventory across multiple shopping channels via a single software interface.

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    Walmart Integrated with ChannelSale

    Robin Smith Posted On - July 22, 2016

    Channelsale walmart
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    – Another Revolutionary Step Towards Seller Success

    Walmart ChannelSale integration features:

    • The Walmart ChannelSale integration provides features to automatically create new or update existing product listings on Walmart marketplace. Synchronize product listings data with ChannelSale’s pre-configured shopping cart solutions Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Volusion, 3D Cart, Americommerce and many more. Create listings on Walmart via your product feed import into ChannelSale in any file formats, be it API-XML, TXT, CSV or XLS.
    • ChannelSale supports centralized management of Walmart orders alongwith other marketplaces with complete and all inclusive shipping tracking details in a single and comprehensive interface. Automation of order exporting & shipping tracking retrieval is supported via ChannelSale’s pre-configured third party platforms such as Fulfilled By Amazon, eBay Global Shipping, Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, ShipStation, ShipWorks, ShipRush, OrderMotion, OrderLogix, StoneEdge amongst several others.
    • Inventory management synchronization in Walmart along-with the other shopping sites becomes a one click-affair with ChannelSale as your integration partner. With real time inventory updates from all warehouses to tracking individual product performance, ChannelSale supports each and all with assured freedom from error. Third party inventory management platforms such asFulfilled By Amazon, SKU Vault, SOS Inventory, Finale Inventory, StoneEdgeor via separate files on FTP / HTTP are all supported to avoid over-selling or under-selling issues.
    • ChannelSale is infallibly equipped to handle multi variation products. Therefore, if you have the same product in different sizes, colors, quantity and materials, you can access smooth listing solutions for all and more. The listing process is further fortified with enhanced product mapping that is in complete sync with Walmart.
    • ChannelSale supports feature for variable pricing in Walmart in comparison with other shopping platforms that you may be present in. The features tomarkup or markdown pricing are available in the ChannelSale user interface. Also, supports pricing retrieval from any third party repricer or via Amazon oreBay or via separate files on FTP or HTTP locations.
    • Business rules available to easily suppress products that are to be excluded from being sent to specific shopping sites.
      Add on custom automated business rules to modify product data such as merge fields, add new content, markup pricing over cost, handle inventory across bundled kits, and many more business rules.
    • Granular level category mappings per Walmart’s taxonomy structure carried out by our team of specialized category mappers to ensure your products get listed in the most appropriate matching category to get maximum visibility.
    • Fully assisted deployment services from our specialized team members to help complete the Walmart setup tasks including providing validation reports for products listing synchronization success.

    If you are ready to get started with selling on Walmart marketplace with assurance of a promising growth and profit based future, please reach out to our Client Service Executives via email on or phone +1-866-709-9495 or visit our website at

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