ChannelSale Attends IRCE 2018—Pledges To Redefine Online Retail Industry

Stephen Posted On - June 13, 2018

irce 2018
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In recent times, annually held IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition) has become a hallmark of excellence and inventiveness in the e-commerce industry that online sellers around the world participate in. Just concluded, spanning over 4-days from June 5 to June 8, IRCE 2018 was another incredible edition in its storied book, taking place at Chicago’s McCormick Place. Nearly 10,000 of the top leaders, executives and marketers attended the event.

irce marketers attended the event

The four-day sessions were jam-packed with presentations and workshops, unveiling not just the insights and key findings with the market players, but also outlining a distinct roadmap for online merchants to effectively leverage market trends and blend their aspiring business goals with distinct reality.

While the first day of the event was centric to Amazon with ‘Amazon & Me Workshop’ among others, the second day was more about the operation ends of running a successful business. It included sessions that discussed strategies for top executives, fulfillment, operations and customer service, marketing, and omnichannel leadership.

The third day included several conferences of some of the top names, discoursing on managing technology, merchandising, brand building, marketing,andmarketplaces. The fourth and final day of the event finished things off on a bang with exciting search workshop, design & usability workshop, as well as a B2B workshop.

The IRCE 2018 also had an exhibit hall that featured hundreds of top solutions providers from around the world with an aim to help business owners find their match and grow their business. ChannelSale, too, was invited to be a part of the exhibit hall. We met countless prospects, discussed innovative ideas and underwrote many initiatives to push the e-commerce industry to its optimum best for the vendors, as well as, of course, the customers.

Here are some of the pictures, capturing our moments with our Channel Partners visiting our booth – leaders from Walmart, Sears, and Newegg among several others that echoed win win collaborations.




IRCE has always had a mass appeal in the industry for its distinct identity to not only include experts divulging in interesting speeches but also taking a practical direction to help sellers with hands-on acumens and actions. It is one of many things that separates it from countless other conferences.

At best, IRCE 2018 was educational and a big leap forward towards a tech-advanced and effectual e-commerce industry. The next year’s event is already set now from June 25-29, 2019, taking place at McCormick Place South, Chicago, promising to be even grander and glamorous. And as always, with a commitment to redefine the industry, we, here at ChannelSale, are more than excited and hyped for such upcoming conferences.

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ChannelSale Attends IRCE 2018—Pledges To Redefine Online Retail Industry, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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