Checking out the New YouTube Feature with Greater e-Commerce Potential

Steve Burns Posted On - June 12, 2013

Checking out the New YouTube Feature with Greater e-Commerce Potential
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Are you a Google fan? It can be easily stated that among the popular products that Google has offered to its ever-growing client base, YouTube has added a different meaning to video viewing and marketing. Whether it is checking out the latest movie clips, songs, uploading your own video or a plethora of multimedia activities, YouTube has come of age and chipping in its role for the online business owners to get into the minds of the target audience via effective video marketing. You cannot afford to miss out videos as a part of your marketing strategy.

It has been tested, tried and proved that it is the visual medium which bleeds better than words. This is also the success story behind the popularity of the new kid on the block in the social media arena, which is Pinterest, with the kind of visual impact it is making.

YouTube’s Masterstroke

Coming back to YouTube, the e-commerce merchants are using this platform so that the target mass get glued to the respective brands, products and turn into potential buyers. YouTube has come up with a new feature which, in a way, completes the online buying journey in a jiffy for the potential buyers. It has often been observed that when combing through the wide variety of products in a resourceful platform, the desire of the potential customers to use their spending power to pick up the choicest products at that time gets elevated. Now is the time for the e-commerce merchants to cash in this aspect of YouTube.

What’s the News?

So YouTube will not let you to lock the product that you like only on your mind, but you can freeze it online also with immediate effect! YouTube has come up with the new feature where it has added the “Buy Now” button, empowering the customers to directly buy from the retailers of their choice while browsing this platform. This is one of the boons for the e-commerce merchants and can be considered as one of the crucial factors that will definitely contribute in terms of increasing the sales volume of the e-commerce merchants.

TREsemme Campaign

Coming forward in this domain is the top-notch brand, TREsemme, which has successfully created a buzz with its wide array of hair care and hair stylizing products. The fashion fiestas, who want to make heads turn with their gorgeous stresses, can not only flock to YouTube to check out the products or brands of their choice, but can promptly take the buying action. If you want your online business to grow in a speedy way, you can not only market your products in YouTube to ensure higher visibility, you can actually add to your sales figures or revamp your revenue generation graph with ease. The revenue that you as an e-seller earn from the video marketing is surely going to double up, as earlier it was traffic that made your day, now it is about generating leads with a higher level of convenience.

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Checking out the New YouTube Feature with Greater e-Commerce Potential, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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