Choose the right packaging to improve customer satisfaction

Steve Burns Posted On - December 13, 2012

Choosing the right packaging to improve customer satisfaction
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Buyers expect to receive their consignments in top condition when they order online. This is one of the most important aspects of the customer experience. All your investments and efforts in attracting the buyer, convincing him to order etc will be wasted if the customer has problems with the packaging while the product is being delivered.

To ensure that the customer experience is always delightful, follow the following caveats while packing products for shipment to the customer:

•    Select the right box:

If you ship your products yourself (i.e. you are not using Fulfillment by Amazon) ensure that you pack your products in strong corrugated cardboard boxes. Check the bottom of the box to ascertain the weight limit. Avoid having an outer covering because it will get torn in transit and will lend the packaging a sorry appearance. Torn off outer wrapping can also cause your consignment to be delayed or lost in transit.

•     Invest in the right packaging materials

Use packing peanuts, and bubble cushioning, especially if you are sending something that is fragile in nature. Wrap the items with double cushioning if required.

•     Have special packaging for high value items

Ship expensive jewellery, watches and other items in a special manner befitting their order value. For small items choose a box no more than 7 by 4 by 2 inches. Use a signature confirmation service to confirm receipt of the material. Nobody wants to have an expensive item shipped and never arrived! Also, avoid revealing the value of the item shipped by attaching anything outside the box.

Good packaging and shipping practices are an important aspect of the overall buyer’s experience and demands enough attention to detail.

Happy Selling!

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