Delayed Shipping Annoys Prime And Other Shipping Club Members

Shrikar Khare Posted On - May 25, 2015

Delayed Shipping service
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There is a very clear cut reason why shoppers express their interest in joining shipping clubs especially those belonging to the top E commerce platforms like Amazon. Assurance of quick and hassle free delivery in lieu of a certain membership fees does sound logical and reasonable to a chunk of e shoppers. Amazon’s Prime is one of those shipping programs which had attracted a massive number of members, owing mostly to the fact that this program was offered by Amazon, one of the most trusted e commerce platform that always hosted the best e-commerce marketing strategies. While most of the members are still in the trial period, the fact that this shipping solution did receive a thumbs up cannot be denied at all.

However, it has not taken very long for the Prime shipping club members to express their annoyance over deliveries delayed for a period of time. This has been the case with other shipping club members as well with Barnes and Nobles following very closely. According to an intensive research carried out to get to the base of things, it has been discovered that only about 23% of the total membership strength including the trial members, have reported late deliveries as their reason for annoyance, which the rest of the 77% citing other causes for the same.

Irrespective of the percentage and other associated factors that may be delaying deliveries, inability to address the issue may lead to Amazon and other platforms as such that offer shipping club memberships to lose out on their conversions. In fact, it has already been taken for granted that a chunk of the members in trial period will not renew their membership and the figures can get close to about 73% of the total members using the trial services. On the other hand, 31% of full members have expressed that they will not renew their membership at all.

The solution to this disaster has been laid out by Amazon in the form of extending the trial period by another month on receiving complaints of late deliveries. While this may come as a soothing balm to retain the members, there is also a possibility of this facility being misused.

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