Does It Make Sense To Sell On Jet And Walmart Together?

Stephen Posted On - July 10, 2017

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Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) and Walmart online marketplace have scores of similarities that often make it very difficult for sellers to decide which platform to include in their ecommerce endeavors and which to stay away from. For example, both marketplaces are very particular about maintaining lowest prices in all listed products to attract the best of purchase motivated traffic while expecting sellers to maintain very high levels of performance in the platform, especially in comparison with top competing marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

On the flip side, similarities between marketplaces can often clash making it very difficult for sellers to maintain harmonious presence in both. The question that often goes unanswered is, does it at all, make sense to sell in Walmart and Jet marketplace together? If you take a close look, the answer may be in the affirmative and that too for some very valid reasons…

Firstly, Walmart and attract similar types of buyers, which may make your marketing efforts slightly easier considering the fact that you will not have to go out of the way to strategize differently for different buyer categories.

Secondly, both Walmart and are traffic magnets at their own levels. Walmart online marketplace, after opening its doors to third party sellers, attracts over 90 million unique visitors per month while with its start a little over 2 years ago, attracts over 400,000 unique buyers. The overlap ratio of the unique traffic of these two marketplaces is very little making profitable exposure before purchase motivated traffic easy for the sellers.

Thirdly, integrating the two marketplaces is very easy and often affordable, all thanks to the fact that there are a number of e commerce solution developers that are ready with applicable solutions that are tailor made to suit individual business requirements. Complex syncing processes like Walmart Magento integration and more are also handled very comprehensively by these professionals.

Making an integrated approach to Walmart often solves otherwise trying issues like pricing mismanagement, order syncing, listing / inventory hiccups and more. In short, selling in and Walmart online marketplace can be very profitable for multichannel ecommerce entities if they know how to approach the process right.

Gaining and maintaining visibility and ranking in both platforms is also very easy considering low competition levels that are existent in these marketplaces. This goes a long way in propelling sale and conversions at levels that are often more than that experienced in Amazon or eBay.

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