eBay Amazon Software Myths No Sellers Should Fall For

Thomas Posted On - September 17, 2017

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Ecommerce sellers these days, especially Amazon eBay entities, that are making all possible endeavors to grow in terms of volume, scope and profits, are perpetually looking forward to accessing the best tools and software solutions that can offer end to end support to their businesses. Very sadly though, there are many new sellers that have limited understanding about seller support solutions and are often seen to believe in myths that eventually make the process of selection faulty.

Following are some of these myths that are best when busted at the earliest…

  • Amazon eBay softwares are all inclusive – Putting it in very simple words… No, they are not. To make softwares all inclusive in terms of support features is an impossibility for at least, a hundred valid reasons. You should rather choose softwares that contain features that are most relevant to your business.
  • They will never get obsolete – If you think that post installation, your software will last for ages to come; think again. considering the pace at which e commerce is evolving, you will have to ensure updating your softwares regularly in order to stay in pace with the changing ecommerce landscape.
  • Star features for free – The best of things come at a cost. Never be fooled by offers made by shady providers, that involve top features available free or at dirt cheap prices.
  • Same software applies to all – This never happens. Almost all softwares these days are marketplace specific, which is the reason why you cannot use Amazon solutions for eBay and vice versa. Softwares may also differ for multi channel operations like Amazon Shopify Walmart integration and other similar platform combinations.
  • 100% automation – This is one of those lies that even moderately enlightened sellers refuse to believe any more. You can extend automation to as much as 90% by involving a set of evolved softwares. But at no time can it be 100% for the simple reason that AI has not taken over the human race yet. It is imperative for sellers to be prepared to put in personal efforts in the direction of core operations even if it involves only an hour a day.

How to choose eBay Amazon software that is worth your money?

  • Open your eyes to the true scope of these solutions – Doing a little homework about ecommerce support softwares goes a long way in making worthy slecetions.
  • Approaching dependable providers can help you gain best benefits in tune with your expenses.
  • Paid softwares can offer greater advantages in comparison with free options.

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eBay Amazon Software Myths No Sellers Should Fall For, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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