Ebay brings out a New Search Site Tool

Steve Burns Posted On - August 2, 2013

US Sales on eBay Observes a Surge of 19% in Q4
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Ebay is going great guns as the online marketplace is bringing about one update after the other. It has come up with a new search engine which is exclusive for all the North American users called the Cassini. It is definitely a great helping hand for the online sellers who can expect and get more visibility of the wide arch of products that they showcase as part of the listing to nab the attention of the customers. The e-shoppers also get a broader view of the marketplace and get to find out the variety of offerings of the web merchants.

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Ebay kept it a Low Profile Affair for Two Years

Ebay was hatching the master plan for almost 2 years. Cassini has been thought upon for two years so that the e-sellers are able to take advantage of this new site search engine to the best possible extent. Cassini has been churned out to aid in effective product data management and it is expected to offer the best solutions that would enable the sellers to higher their online revenue graph. Improved product recommendations and indexing is possible when you have a sorted out listing organized in a catalog format. It would group the products in a category format to have higher visibility.

How the Old eBay Search Engine could not suffice

Ebay’s old search engine which is bereft of the much technological accomplishments and have PHP programming language could not effectively engage in the product data feed optimization and management role in the most appropriate way. Cassini is built in tune with today’s generation with internet applications like Hadoop, open-source software which can effectively deal with structured and unstructured data. It is the delay in the indexing process which is observed, which can cost the-sellers a few bucks and a delay on the visibility of the products. The terms were earlier indexed only in the title, not in the description. However, with Cassini, more e-sellers can put the best foot forward in their business with the title of the products also getting indexed.

The effect of this change is still to be traced out, it has to be accepted that Ebay always puts on the thinking cap to offer some effective solution to the e-sellers so that they are able to increase sales and productivity.

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Ebay brings out a New Search Site Tool, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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