eBay FBA In A Nutshell For Interested Beginners

Thomas Posted On - April 1, 2017

eBay FBA
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There are multiple advantages of choosing FBA as your order completion solution for eBay, which is perhaps the reason why many eBay sellers are often seen to prefer this to any other order fulfillment systems whatsoever. Some of the inherent advantages of eBay FBA include…

  • Zero worries about packing and shipping
  • Assurance of flawlessness in the process right from packing to delivery
  • A list of happy customers and
  • Easy and effective handling of returns if any

While it is true that the advantages of fulfillment by Amazon for eBay orders are way too many, it is also true that there are certain inherent challenges in the process that needs to be taken care of at the very onset. Here is a list of some of the most common challenges that users of FBA in eBay often face…

  • Loss of control on FBA inventory –This is a very common problem that has been reported not just by eBay sellers using FBA but Amazon sellers as well once the inventory is shipped to FBA warehouses.
  • FBA does not cover all products –FBA is applicable only for a certain section of product categories. Say for example, certain items in the section of beauty and cosmetics are not covered by FBA. This can cause massive troubles for sellers that sell both
    FBA applicable and non applicable products.
  • Fees can get even more confusing and burdensome –eBay FBA can make the process of calculating fees very difficult. This may also add to the burden of expenses.

    Lastly, eBay customers can often get confused on receiving a package from Amazon when they actually ordered from eBay.

Overall seller verdict on eBay FBA –

eBay sellers that are using FBA these days are well aware of the drawbacks associated with the same. They are also aware of the fact that using proper tools and software solutions while approaching end to end integration can mend the shortcomings effectively and productively. FBA calculators for example, can help ease the matter of determining and managing costs.

Approaching professionals for enhanced integrations especially multichannel integrations involving top marketplaces and shopping carts like Shopify, Magento, Walmart, Amazon etc can make the entirety of the operational processes simpler and error free. With a variety of affordable support systems available these days with a number of innovative solution developers, eBay sellers are seen to gain more faith in FBA to enhance and improve the scope of their businesses.

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eBay FBA In A Nutshell For Interested Beginners, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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