eBay Feedback Importance And Seller Reactions In A Nutshell

Stephen Posted On - September 8, 2016

eBay Feedback system
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Being a performance based marketplace that assures best purchase experience for buyers, eBay takes the matter of reviews and ratings very seriously. For any seller to gain optimum exposure in the platform and reasonable ranking in the search engine, it is imperative to maintain reviews and ratings to a certain specified level of excellence. Say for example, getting 99% positive feedback can be a very important milestone as far as gaining power seller status in eBay is concerned. Any lesser, and the concerned seller may have to wait for years in the queue of opportunities.

eBay Feedback system

Of late, the latest rollout of reviews on eBay estimated delivery requested by the platform from buyers has raised significant debate over which way is eBay trying to walk? This review generally asks buyers whether the ordered product reached on or before the estimated due date. The buyers can answer by very easily by clicking on ‘yes’ or ‘no’ which hardly takes them any time or effort. Simple as this sounds sellers at large have risen to question why exactly does eBay need this rollout considering the fact that it can already keep a track of deliveries through the established eBay systems.

While eBay is yet to offer a proper answer to why they introduced this new feedback rollout, sellers have already started to apprehend facing turbulence as far as maintaining their ranking and seller status is concerned. This fear among the sellers is backed by the fact that there had been many such instances in the past where sellers lost their all and even had to leave the platform after changes were introduced not just in the eBay feedback system but also but also in terms of search engine alterations and many more.

While not many can predict what difference this recent rollout would make, sellers that are prompt in order completions and deliveries don’t have much to fear about. This too, has a number of factors and considerations that can stand on the way as obstacles mainly because there are certain aspects in the sphere of making timely deliveries that are out of the concerned seller’s control. Say for example, issues faced by delivery partners can result in delays. However, the review posted against the untimely delivery will affect the seller directly.

Certain eBay veterans and gurus have pointed that it may be important to maximize purchase experience in the part of buyers, but there has to strike a balance with seller interest as well. As of now, eBay feedback system is yet to receive a thumbs-up from its seller community. What lies in the future can be perceived in the forthcoming introductions.

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eBay Feedback Importance And Seller Reactions In A Nutshell, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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