eBay Listing Productivity Tips For Small Sellers

Stephen Posted On - November 20, 2017

eBay listing management
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Listing is one of the most important among all core processes in all ecommerce endeavors and holds special relevance in top marketplaces like Amazon and eBay where the level of competition is way too high. As far as eBay is concerned, things can be a little more difficult all thanks to the fact that just about any seller of any nature and volume can sell all kinds of products in any condition whatsoever, be it used, unused, opened but unused, boxed, unboxed, a little damaged so on and so forth.

This is perhaps the reason why eBay listing management can be real challenge that is not for sellers with weak guts to handle. Productivity rules and strategies for eBay listing is thus very different from other marketplaces and calls for special attention from selling entities that aim to make the most of the same. Following are a few tried and tested tips especially for smaller sellers that can increase productivity to appreciable levels…

Maintaining basics always helps –

This basically refers to optimizing listing with proper keywords in titles, adding proper images that best describe the product, pricing the products competitively so that prospective buyers would want to make the purchase and more. Abiding by the listing rules in Bay is also very important because any tricks or hacks for unfair edge in competition can be dealt very severely by this marketplace.

Add product identifiers –

You have to add product identifiers in your listing and there are no two ways about it. Product identifiers not only help search engines to fish out your listing more easily, they also contribute to easier product location in warehouses.

Complete integration with shopping carts and all marketplaces of presence –

End to end integration like eBay Walmart Magento integration etc. can help tremendously, with respect to faultless listing management. With integration in place, sellers can stay in tune with their product performance by every individual listing and that too in real time.

Don’t cheap out in deals, discounts and reviews –

Lastly, offering attractive deals and discounts including purchase advantages like free shipping etc can play a vital role in keeping your listing in best visibility in eBay. Inviting positive reviews and ratings from buyers is also a very productive practice that prevents your listing from becoming stale or stagnated.

There days, there are many tools and software solutions dedicated to review management that can help sellers multiply responses from buyers through completely organic means.

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