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Thomas Posted On - August 20, 2016

ebay duplicate listing
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So, what exactly is duplicate listing in eBay? To answer in very simple words and as has been expressed by infinite sellers over the months, this is one of those little fire crackers that eBay keeps introducing to make the life of performing merchants a little more difficult than before. Duplicate listings basically refer to multiple listing of the same generic product that has minimal or no difference in attributes. In the eyes of eBay, these products are somehow the same and do not deserve a separate platform of visibility. So, when you have generic products with different listing, eBay will be more than happy to entertain one and dismiss the rest as duplicate.

So, what will the result of such course of events be? Duplicate eBay listing is usually awarded by being pushed to the back ground in terms of visibility. The search rankings are likely to lick dust once eBay establishes that you are giving in to this temptation. This applies not just for fixed price listing but for auction based listing as well. As far as the latter is concerned, eBay will wait for the first listing to get a bid. Once it does, it will bring the next item to the forefront. Say for example, if have listed 5 items that qualifies as duplicate, eBay will make the second item visible once the first receives a bid and not all together.

Duplicate listing policy of eBay has been breaking many hearts mainly because of the fact that sellers cannot outsmart eBay as far as using hacks and tricks are concerned. Somehow, this marketplace seems to have gained some form of evolved intelligence that manages to locate sellers with the dressiest duplicate listing and make them pay a heavy price for it. Imagine having to pay per listing, while none but one gets to experience visibility? It is a drain on budget and patience at the same time.

The next question is, what next? Learning the rules is important in all respects. Basically, sellers will benefit with one fixed price listing, one fixed price listing with variations of multi quantity and one Buy it Now auction listing. Rest will be considered offensive to eBay’s policy. For sellers who feel lost in all this can always seek assistance from professionals for advanced listing solutions specific to eBay. This may cost a little, but it will be worth the results that follow.

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eBay Policy For Duplicate Listing – Bolt In The Blue For Sellers, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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