eBay Store Management For Beginners – 4 Question You Need To Ask

Stephen Posted On - January 18, 2018

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There are infinite advantages of opening a store in eBay that ranges from gaining an instant competitive edge to reducing overall operational costs. eBay stores usually come with a long list of features like end to end store building and promotional tools, marketing support, tracking solutions, exclusive search engines and more that can take sellers from rags to riches within days. What matters though is the quality of eBay store management practices that eventually contributes to adding or subtracting productivity from the entire deal.

Following is a list of 4 questions that all eBay store beginners must ask so that they can create and maintain healthy and productive store endeavors in eBay…

Do you need a store at all?

Stores are usually more relevant options for high volume sellers that bag at least 50 sales per month or more. You should also, at the same time, meet the necessary performance standards as specified by the marketplace that usually includes low or no record of order defect, top rated seller badge and more. The requirements for eBay stores are usually such that hobby sellers and other smaller entities may not be able to qualify for the same.

Do you need to optimize?

Respective of all the inherent advantages that eBay stores come with, it is imperative to carry out end to end optimization to ensure better visibility and competitive advantage over fellow performing store owners. More often than, regular eBay Amazon listing software does not come with the kind of optimization advantage that is required for impeccably productive store management. Approaching proper professional tools and professional assistance at the onset though, can offer an instant head start to store owners.

How much do I pay and for what?

eBay stores are available at 3 different packages namely Basic package, Premium package and Anchor package, each of which comes with a specified monthly subscription fees. Basic package can cost around 25$, premium package can cost around 75$ and Anchor being literally all inclusive, comes at around 350$ per month. You can choose the store package depending upon your monthly sale and the revenues you earn from the same. you can also choose to spend on added tools and software solutions for enhanced productivity and to maximize faultless automation in favor of your endeavors.

How do I maximize my store presence?

This is one of those questions that you need to keep asking over and over again to stay updated with the trends and flow of this ever evolving marketplace. Maximizing store presence depends upon innumerable factors that starts with abiding by the selling principles specified by the platform and ends with updating tools, automation softwares, optimization and selling strategies at frequent intervals.

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