eBay’s efforts appear stunted following Sales Growth In Amazon

Daniel Posted On - April 29, 2015

Amazon vs Ebay
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Amazon has proved yet again that miracles are in fact possible. Whether you choose watch in awe or refer to the impeccably calculated statistics, this giant e-commerce platform has shown that it is possible to beat and surpass competition like it was never expected. A 27% growth as compared to the 6.8% of eBay actually left a chunk of e-commerce platforms wondering what exactly Amazon did differently to achieve this herculean success.

Beating competitors is not all that this one of a kind revolutionary all inclusive platform for online sale has achieved. It has also broken its own record of 21.8% growth in December 2014. eBay too has shown a rise from the 5.8% they recorded in December 2014, but it is nothing compared to the rocket propelled success that Amazon has won.

It is true that Amazon had undergone a phase when such herculean developments were not featured in the larger picture. A part of this can also be contributed to the dissatisfaction expressed by the members of Amazon Prime concerning late deliveries and resultant reluctance in paying membership fees or refusing to join after the trial period. However, irrespective of odds, Amazon has managed to forge ahead with innovative e-commerce marketing services, plans and ideas to capture the ever curious market.

All’s well that ends well, but what truly matters is how you start the next episode. eBay, though a winner in its own terms, is still lagging way behind Amazon in many essential aspects of e marketing. This is perhaps the main reason that is fueling this otherwise successful venture to construct its strategies around the strategies so introduced and implemented by Amazon. The E Bay Now app can be mentioned as an example where orders from the app is taken and acted upon personally by a professional and delivered at the very door step.

Could this be a plan to challenge the Amazon Locker that Amazon is working upon to make a more direct approach towards customers? While statistics would show it all by the end of 2015 or before, this information could be a food for thought in the waiting period.

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