eCrater Joins eBay in Restricting the Sale of Coupons

Steve Burns Posted On - August 30, 2013

eCrater Joins eBay in Restricting the Sale of Coupons
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It is a known fact how the web merchants are improvising sales strategies and their online marketing campaign to make their business get the required boost. The use of coupons is not a very modern concept on the part of the e-sellers for attracting customers or upping their sales figure. However, it is the lenient use of the coupons to grab the attention of more buyers, which is making some of the top names in the online marketplace not to raise a thumbs-up on this tactic. eBay has been very outright in the way it placed restriction on the sale of coupons. When talking about one of the big names in the online shopping sphere, it is eCrater which is following in the footsteps of eBay.

What eBay has to say?

eBay spokesperson, Ryan Moore, has stated that  their new policy “reflects our commitment to keeping eBay a safe and trusted marketplace and our support for manufacturers and retailers’ efforts to ensure consumer compliance with coupon redemption rules. As per the new policy, the users are allowed to sell up to $100 or 25 valid, original, valid coupons on a monthly basis. It does not allow the sale of coupons for free items.

eCrater’s Stance

The spokesperson on eCrater’s behalf, Dimitar Slavov, has come up with the fact that previously it had faced issues revolving around expired or invalid coupons. It is found that coupons are not allowed if the norms of Google’s merchant center policies are kept on mind.

In order to fight cases of frauds and counterfeits, this is a big step that the top names in the online domain are swearing by. Customers can no longer be disillusioned or made to fall in the trap of dishonest practices where they will be lured by the fake coupons. The integrity attached to the coupons can best be derived when they are protected duly in the online shopping spree.

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eCrater Joins eBay in Restricting the Sale of Coupons, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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