Email Marketing to be backed by Responsive Design by the Retailers

Steve Burns Posted On - August 22, 2013

Email Marketing to be backed by Responsive Design by the Retailers
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With the incessant use of mobile devices and smartphones by the users, checking a mail no longer means waiting to turn on the PC or the chance to open your laptop. The mobile devices have stepped in and that too, with a bang. The recent survey conducted by Google shows that the users check the smartphones on an average of six times a day. It has also been revealed the true picture of mails being discarded with the frequency of mails popping up in the inbox almost speeding up insurmountably. The challenge for the e-sellers is not only to frame their sales pitch in a well-defined way for gaining success in e-mail marketing, responsive web design is the need of the hour.

Optimizing the E-Mail Marketing Campaign

The web merchants need to ensure they engage in optimizing the e-mails so that it can easily be read on smartphones. It is responsive design which is in high demand. Instead of sending one fixed e-mail that does not reassure that it will offer readability in all the mobile devices or smartphones as the screen sizes differ, responsive design can chip in with its role. Responsive design makes thing less time-consuming as it automatically adapts to the screen sizes of the devices in which the e-mails show up.

How the Retailers are empowered?

The business merchants get the privilege of modifying the different elements of the messages that they are delivering via email including the height, font, size and the like. Keeping in mind desktops, laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices whether it is trimming, chopping off or light moderation of the sales pitch, all can be managed essentially.

Some of the Top Tips for the E-Sellers on using Responsive Design for E-Mail

  • The marketers should think in a strategic way about their e-mail content. It can be considered as a grid made up of movable parts, which need to make an impact in different layouts
  • As the layout changes based on the screen size of a device, thinking about content management and rearrangement is essential
  • The purpose of the business message has to be well-defined and having a vision of how you want the recipients to interact with it is crucial
  • It has been proved that most e-mails for smartphones got the steady nods when displayed in a single column
  • The font size should be kept at a minimum of 22 pixels for headlines. For body copy it can be 14 if using HTML. It is said that small fonts are scaled up by smartphones, which is reflected on the layout. Playing with fonts should be done carefully as too thick, italic or curvy fonts can hamper the readability on small screens
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