Everything You Wanted To Know About eBay Amazon integration

Stephen Posted On - September 13, 2017

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One of the smartest things successful online sellers do is they integrate their various marketplaces, webstores and comparison together on a centralized platform. This eases their work load of manually handling everything, make them more efficient and productive. Combined, all these, ultimately boost their sales.

So if you’re looking to enjoy their success, it is imperative that you sign up to a reliable multi-channel e-commerce software solution.

Do you sell on eBay and Amazon?

eBay Amazon integration is easier than ever. With a third-party solution, in few simple clicks, you can sync up your these 2 stores even when you aren’t proficient at the technical end.

Why Integrate?

There are plenty of reasons, in fact.

It saves you a lot of time by bringing the back end of Amazon and eBay stores on one single platform.

You get to control everything under a single roof, right from products listing to inventory management to order fulfillment.

The interface is much simpler, powerful and interactive as compared to the sellers’ dashboards of marketplaces.

If you’re planning to expand your business to new platforms (which you should), it can even integrate those channels, bringing much more convenience to your life. So you can easily sell products on Walmart.com, Jet.com and more.

Higher convenience, more time in hand—you can now focus on important tasks like marketing, pricing and post-sales follow up.

These reasons are sufficient in themselves why you should find a nice multiple channel e-commerce solution right away.

How to integrate?

Of course, we have given that away already. You do that by using the right third-party solution. The real question is how you find a nice, reliable, reputed and, most important, affordable, e-commerce solutions. Here how:

  • Ask other online sellers. Talk to them and see how they are operating.
  • Check the review websites. You’ll likely find many good names there.
  • When with few names at hand, check out their features and pricing.
  • Also, check their pricing policy. Avoid ones who have many hidden charges and are asking for a big portion of your profit. Go with someone who charges a fixed amount upfront.
  • Talk to their customer support executives. Ask questions and see if you’re satisfied with their response.
  • If possible, check out the demo of the interface. See if it has what you want and that if you’re comfortable using it.

It’s a big commitment. So you might want to do all your research before selecting anyone.
Be careful and strategic. When with the right e-commerce solution, your eBay and Amazon stores will get on the track and reward you with big returns.

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