Expansion of Search Marketing Efforts is Essential for the E-Sellers

Steve Burns Posted On - April 6, 2013

Expansion of Search Marketing Efforts is Essential for the E-Sellers
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This era of business promotion is about creating brand awareness and putting in greater promotional efforts so that a business gets the required visibility. It is expansion of the search marketing efforts, finding out new avenues beyond Google, Bing and Yahoo or the staple search engines, which is in vogue as the customer are becoming smart enough to take the best buying moves. The potential buyers in need of specific are searching in a number of places as they are informed buyers taking effective purchasing decisions. It has been reported recently that 30% of the e-shoppers when indulging in shopping, straight away hit Amazon, the giant retailer, and it was 19% of the interested online buyers who began with Google.

Making the Marketing Dollars to Dance to the Tunes of the Purchasers’ Behavior

Amazon is the open product search engine and the effort, money that the e-sellers are putting in the advertising campaigns must follow where consumers are searching. The e-sellers are strategizing their multi-channel marketing campaigns by banking on companies of repute like ChannelSale so that a company gets the required exposure. The e-sellers make a strong chain of network with the top online marketplaces so that they are able to engage in product listing and hog attention of the potential buyers. Google who was regarded as the gatekeeper of internet is definitely there reigning the web world, but the online shoppers are making good researches directly approaching the giant retailers, visiting the CSEs, so that they do not regret their buying decisions later on. The comparison shopping engines are helping the prospective customers to find out the best deals, compare the prices before engaging in buying.

Amazon: The Gatekeeper of e-Commerce?

Amazon’s search engine, A9 has created a buzz by showcasing results of product sold on Amazon as well as at other places through the paid ads in its shopping path. There is no limitation whatsoever in the way the search results are displayed now where the potential buyers get information on the products sold by the retailers as well as the availability of the products at external website.

The Other Players

Ebay with its voluminous client base in a on-and -off relationship with third-party ads as the statistics of the last few years reveal. Ebay has taken the plunge also with the inclusion of some cost-per-click ads from Shopping.com, which happens to be its subsidiary. It also gets banner ads rolling occasionally. For the e-sellers, finding out newer modes of search traffic will help them to depend less on Google. It is the not only the search engine optimization industry which is facing the wrath of Google by its gamut of algorithm updates, with Google Product Search becoming Google Shopping, a paid model, it is making the online retailers to pay for product listing. It is a masterstroke on the part of Google to push up its whopping sales figure to great measures. With the prospective buyers directly approaching the online marketplaces to look for their products, the e-sellers must think of innovative search marketing efforts to appease the buyers.

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Expansion of Search Marketing Efforts is Essential for the E-Sellers, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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