Facebook belts out Verified Pages

Steve Burns Posted On - July 15, 2013

Facebook belts out Verified Pages
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Social media is resonating in the virtual world. With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and the like participating in the race, the game field has become more vibrant.  When Facebook’s fans and followers were creating a buzz with the cover photo, Twitter wanted to make it big with the header photo. Now it is time for Facebook to walk on the footsteps of Twitter and it has rolled out the Verified pages. The game of stepping ahead from one another has been so rampant among the different social networking channels, that it has only helped the different channels to offer only the best to the social networking buffs. Whether it is adding of new features, redesigning, and coming up with innovative concepts and apps, social media has been successful in creating a rippling effect.

The Mechanism behind the Verified Pages

Twitter has already impressed its users with the long-verified high-profile users’ accounts. Facebook is walking on the path that Twitter blatantly showed. Facebook has put on its thinking cap about the big shots in the different industries and the business owners. The verified pages will enable the consumers to move to a brand’s official page, directly or find their star’s profile at once.  In order to avoid the confusion among the closely-related brand owners or celebs in Facebook in the same niche, the verified pages can help a lot. The multiple consumer-created pages can get the targeted customers in confusion.

How Do you Understand a Verified Page?

Again taking a cue from Twitter, Facebook denotes verified accounts with a small blue icon capped with a checkmark. This is how you identify a verified page. You can locate the icon next to the page or can find it aptly beside the username or its timeline. It can also at times pop up in the search results page or anywhere else.

Facebook is holding the Reins on its Hands

It is not the business owners or the high-profile celebs trying to find a foothold in the social domain, can opt for tagging their brands with verified pages. It has to be Facebook’s call once it understands the need of a brand to have a separate identity, before its get lost in the pool of sameness. In order to avoid the risk of duplication and save a brand from identity crisis, Facebook takes charge and bestows the brand with the verified page. In order to strengthen their base and safeguard their business against the imposters, the business owners can report the pages that they suspect to be of the imposters.

Tapping the Potential of Social Media

With social media promising a lot to the business owners, the web merchants must realize the business juice that they can derive from the different social media networking channels. With the verified pages, social media profile management has become easier for the various brands. The different businesses indirectly enjoy the filtration process of the steam of traffic flowing to their site. Facebook has come a long way in terms of revamping itself in sync with the different marketing trends and needs. As a resourceful business platform, for building brand image and popularity, the social signals go a long way along with the importance of the links specified time and again. With the verified pages, this social networking giant has played a masterstroke.

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Facebook belts out Verified Pages, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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