Fashion Retailer ASOS Foraying into China’s Lucrative e-Commerce Market

Steve Burns Posted On - August 23, 2013

Fashion Retailer ASOS Foraying into China
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Are you in vogue? It must be the first question that you ask yourself when checking yourself out before stepping out of your home! As days are going by, revamping the wardrobe is becoming a necessity for the fashion fiestas, more than a fashionable option.  The UK online clothes retailer ASOS is a name to reckon with in the online business domain and it has been satiating its loyalists not only in the UK, but on a global platform. This clothes retailer is making plans of market penetration and it is pushing into China to start a business venture with an e-commerce platform provider Hybris. The mission is to launch a new e-retail business, grab the number of eyeballs of the target audience and build on to its loyalists.

The booming e-commerce market in China

When it comes to keeping an eye on China’s e-commerce market, surveys reveal that the people in China are much more net savvy and they have the inclination to collectively spend an estimated $296 billion spanning through the whole of 2013. The statistics is quite shocking as when compared to the US online buyers. It is estimated that they will end up spending $252 billion. Another fact which must meet the eyes is that over 60 percent of sales of ASOS are contributed by the global customers, that is, customers outside the UK. ASOS is just making its business expansion plans fruitful by expanding into China.

Evening out its path

ASOS has sought help from a third party company, a resourceful omni-channel platform. It acts as an active support for the new e-commerce business so that it gains speed at the growing stage and pull high quality traffic. The size of the Chinese market is huge and making a mark as a standalone business is not easy. ASOS needed a strong source to collaborate with local, native-speaking implementation partners so that soaking in the essence of the business culture in China, business ethics and norms in the operating domain becomes easier. ASOS wants to heat things up in the fashion domain and its new mission of venturing into China is expected to prove beneficial. The strategic tie-up with Hybris for making market space in China is expected to keep the hopes of ASOS alive of doing great business.

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Fashion Retailer ASOS Foraying into China’s Lucrative e-Commerce Market, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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