Few Facts About Multichannel FBA All Drowning Newbies Must Know

Robin Smith Posted On - July 10, 2015

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Fulfillment by Amazon is a facility that needs to be exalted and celebrated by e commerce vendors especially those that are new in the trade. The sole aim of this service is to ensure that you as a newbie get to focus more on the core areas of your business while not having to worry even the slightest about the 3 commencement hassles namely storage, packing and shipping.

In very simple words, besides offering a platform that is guaranteed to augment your traffic and resultant sale, Amazon also helps you handle this increased load with its order fulfillment program / system. Here are a few facts that you must know about FBA and that which should convince you to act on it with immediate effect.

The basics – The basics are simple; all you need to do is ship your products to Amazon fulfillment center from where, this mega platform will shoulder all the responsibility of packing and shipping your products to your clients.

The benefits Even being a few days old in your business, you can offer for super facilities to your clients like overnight delivery and many more. You can be certain about minimizing errors in order fulfillment process winning greater trust from clients. You can also save tons of money by not having to establish packing units, shipping units and delivery units.

The advantage of multichannel FBA – The advantage of fulfillment by Amazon is not restricted to Amazon orders only. You can also integrate every other platform where you may be present with FBA and enjoy a wealth of advantages there as well. E Bay, Rakuten, as well as Sears FBA have upped the performance of thousands of e commerce sellers globally.

Proper integration needed – In order to enjoy multi-channel FBA, you will need to focus on the process of integrating your multi-channel business with the FBA system in the first place. If you are not very technically enlightened, it will benefit to call in professionals.

Make use of FBA softwares – Yes. These options are available aplenty in the world of e commerce solutions. Installation of carefully chosen softwares and that too from trusted providers can help automate the process like a walk on the clouds.

The expense – All things bright and beautiful don’t usually come for free. FBA will cost you a bit, but nothing that will tear you apart. Basically, you will have to pay in terms of storage, picking, packing and delivery of your products. You may also have to dish out a little more for the increased exposure you will receive with the help of FBA. If promotional rates are offered, jump ahead and take it because you will get to enjoy the better of FBA at half the cost for a good few weeks!

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