Fight 5 Calamities In Amazon And eBay With Proper Inventory Management Softwares

Steve Burns Posted On - June 8, 2016

eBay Amazon inventory management
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Amazon and eBay can often become a death trap for sellers who walk in unprepared. This goes out especially to those who are a little too confident about their manual or semi automated inventory management set up. There is no time to ease sellers into the fact that bad things often happen when eBay Amazon inventory management is treated as a side issue. On hundreds of occasions, the five deadly calamities had manifested one after the other till the time the concerned sellers thought it better to bid the platform a fond farewell…

Over & Under Selling:

This can be considered as the beginning of the end. If your inventory management system is not in place in Amazon or eBay, each of which is known for functioning in lightning fast speed, it is only a while before you get into the clutches of over selling / underselling and witness your performance decline almost helplessly.

Order Cancellations:

Buyers canceling orders from their end is more tolerable to eBay and Amazon than sellers doing the same. Overselling is one of the key causes of buyers having to cancel orders after they have been placed. Neither of these two top performing marketplaces holds back their red cards after identifying such issues.

Bad Reviews:

Sellers that compromise purchase experience in the part of buyers are often subjected to really nasty reviews from the latter. Unlike many other marketplaces that don’t affect seller ranking on the basis of reviews, eBay and Amazon can be very prompt in taking up the cause of the buyers. a handful of poor reviews down the line and sellers can expect a series of warnings from eBay and Amazon.

Product Loses Ranking:

Bad reviews and rating can also impact other buyers as they make their purchase. Say for example, if a certain product has been used by a certified buyer and the buyers says that the services of the seller has been abominable including late delivery, damaged goods and poor quality product. Later, when another buyer goes through the details of the same product and reads the review, he / she may not make their purchase. Eventually, when buyers stop putting the product in their cart, the product will lose its search ranking resulting in gradual loss of the concerned seller.

Eventual Suspension:

Clubbing mismanaged inventory, poor performance, bad reviews and loss of product ranking together, it is only a while that the sellers lose their footing in Amazon and eBay and get suspended. Using eBay and Amazon inventory management systems is the easiest way to fight these ills and remain in the good books of the platform forever.

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Fight 5 Calamities In Amazon And eBay With Proper Inventory Management Softwares, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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