Free Shipping is a Drawing Influence for Taking the Buying Action

Steve Burns Posted On - March 11, 2013

Free Shipping is a Drawing Influence for Taking the Buying Action
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The potential buyers think twice before using their purchasing power to pick up their choicest products. The global economic scenario is making the buyers to fasten their financial belt more firmly. Online shopping is gaining momentum with the flood of steady traffic and higher conversion rate impressing the e-merchants. It is the way the hot sales news and the exciting business propositions are pronounced by the e-sellers which make way for higher revenue generation.The Psychological Attraction.The smart shoppers do realize that there is no big deal in offering the free shipping services that the merchants spell out as the actual cost of shipping is anyway included in the cost of the merchandise. However, it is the strong drawing influence of the word “free” which gains a psychological advantage making people to engage in buying more and more. The buyers tend to spend more when they are lured with the lucrative offers on free shipping. Most of the retailers spell out the minimum amount that a buyer needs to shell out to avail the service of free shipping. It has a psychological advantage as it works on their impulse making the purchasers not only to enjoy the free shipping service but also to avail the discounts and money-saving deals.Effective ways how Retailers can offer more in the Free Shipping Service.

Do you really want to do away with shopping cart abandonment and want to drive more sales and earn more revenue? Try out the following free shipping tactics by spoiling your customers more:

  • Utilize Saturdays more effectively as residential customers have a higher chances of being in-house to receive a package
  • Focus on time-definite, day-definite delivery of shipping goods. Customers who are in a haste to receive the products that they buy or want it within a specific time period can be sated. Exercising the option of appointment delivery where, as a seller, you promise the exact day, time and place of reaching the goods. It can automatically pave the way for more loyalists of your brand
  • Vouch for offering fast order delivery service to appease your client base and add more valuable clients. This way a retailer can gain competitive advantage over his rivals
  • If you can make provision for rerouting the delivery at no extra cost, your customers will shower you with praises. If you are in need of order fulfillment to offer a hassle-free experience to the shoppers after the check-out process you can bank on ChannelSale.
  • As a seller, you must communicate lucidly the details about the return policy to your customers to built a stellar reputation
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