Get Discovered In Amazon In These Simple Ways

Shrikar Khare Posted On - May 20, 2015

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Everyone wants to be in Amazon, and the reason for this craze is but obvious. With millions of sellers offering over a billion products that are catering to the interests of millions of buyers across the world, this is the ultimate e commerce platform to be in. The fact to consider is, with the ever rising number of sellers, the aspect of conspicuousness of individual merchants is facing thorough compromise.

This is perhaps, one of the reasons why the pitch to enhance ‘discoverability’ and ‘buyability’ is receiving undivided attention from all sellers in Amazon. For those who may be new to the terms, discoverability means enhancing the chances of being located by target buyers and buyability means converting the target audience into buyers. Discoverability and buyability are the 2 invaluable forces that can be employed to crack the codes of success in Amazon and should thus be considered with utmost importance by all Amazon sellers.

The moral of the story however, rests in the fact that unless sellers / retailers manage to generate traffic towards their endeavors (discoverability), the ambitions of achieving maximum conversions (buyability) can only be forgotten as a distant dream. At present, Sponsored products are receiving a whole lot of attention from the sellers when it comes to the matter of increasing discoverability in Amazon. The idea basically dwells upon featuring product specific ads in favor of the sellers thus increasing product exposure by leaps.

The benefit of sponsored products lies in the fact that they are in tune with relevancy of search based on target keywords and other similar associated factors. So, sellers can actually take it for granted that their efforts will be sling shot towards the right direction as far as being fished out from among the millions of other competitors is concerned.

The only hurdle may appear in the fact that this highly potent CPC program tool is presently available to only a certain set of sellers who are essentially Buy Box eligible. At the same time, the advantage is available at the moment only in hand counted countries and that too in 30 product categories.

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